Sky View Trading is a SCAM & FRAUD

Sky View Trading is a SCAM & FRAUD
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    Why Sky View Trading is a scam. David Jaffee with you
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    answer all comments and in this video we're going to discuss why Sky View
    Trading is a scam and fraudulent company and why you should not buy any of their
    products so I haven't really followed that much because I know the Sky View
    Trading is great at marketing. I see them on Facebook all the time I see
    some of their videos their videos are very well produced, they are a lot better than
    my videos but your goal and the reason why you're watching this video right now
    is you want to make money, right? So you don't give a shit about the production
    quality in the video, you care about the information you want to make sure that
    it's packaged well then it's very easy to understand and Sky View Trading in my
    opinion does not make any money they teach you had it they're very similar to
    option alpha and that they teach you to sell iron condors and iron flies on ETFs
    and they actually have a lot less credibility than Option Alpha because I
    don't necessarily think that Option Alpha is a scam at all I think that
    Kirk Du Plessis from and Option Alpha doesn't make any money because he
    requires his students to make a lot of adjustments but I kind of believe that
    option that um rather that Sky View Trading is a little bit scammy and
    fraudulent because they don't produce any content. Like I've never seen
    any of the two guys (Eli Grelecki and Adam Thomas) actually give lessons and I've never seen them get
    like show their trading statements or show screen recordings that show that
    they actually trade I haven't seen any of their transaction history
    I mean self reporting transaction history doesn't mean shit right I mean
    anyone can do that that's why like Tim Sykes and Jason Bond and all those other
    guys like they're criminals and they self-report their trade but they don't
    trade at all but Option Alpha (I meant Sky View Trading) in my opinion from the little that I can get
    from it because they're great at marketing and they produce very high
    quality videos but they don't actually produce
    the educational content and from what I get from it they teach you to sell iron
    condors and iron flies on ETFs and that's a bad strategy right and I think
    but I'm not a hundred percent sure about this but I think that they sometimes
    encourage people to actually buy options and you should not engage in this type
    of behavior but even if they don't teach you to buy options even if they tell you
    that you should just sell iron condors and iron flies on ETFs this is an
    incredibly bad strategy because you're selling spreads and additionally you're
    selling spreads on ETFs which have about half of the premium as underlying stocks
    have because it's an ETF so therefore this less implied volatility and also
    a lot of times your call options are going to get challenged and you're going
    to have to make multiple adjustments whereas with our strategy it's much
    better you're collecting a lot more premium you're not having to adjust your
    positions and your win rate is substantially higher and overall it's
    just much higher it's just you're maximizing your probability while
    reducing your mistakes so even if I give Sky View Training ( the benefit of the
    doubt and say that they actually trade which I'm not certain that they do
    I would only put it in around 50/50 probability that they are legitimate
    traders and maybe even less than that I think that they don't trade it all and
    all they do is just teach a bullshit product but even if they trade right
    let's give them a benefit they doubt you won't make any money from learning what
    they teach so that's why I believe that Sky View Trading is a scam do I think
    that those guys are criminals no I don't I think that by teaching other people to
    sell options and sell option premium that it's way better than people who are trying to overtly defraud
    innocent people like the Ross Cameron the Ricky Gutierrez the Tim Sykes etc so
    I don't believe that these guys are criminals but I don't believe that they
    make any money so if you're looking to make money then that's not the way that
    you should go because selling spreads on ETFs is definitely not going to make you
    money all right so this is David Jaffee with
    if you have any questions let me know please like comment share subscribe to
    this video and I'd be happy to help you and answer any questions that you have
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