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    what's going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video today we
    got another killer video for you guys full of information today we're gonna be
    looking at somebody bought a hundred and thirty three thousand Bitcoin we're
    gonna be looking at that as well as coinbase added a new all coin and tons
    of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space but guys before we
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    interesting to you guys go ahead and check that out now let's get started
    with some news guys the first article I have for you guys is from JP Morgan
    again so they are big believers in aetherium this is interesting because
    you guys remember Jamie Dimon the CEO of JP Morgan continuously bashes Bitcoin
    all the time he is called anything from a scam to a fraud
    saying it's worth nothing then saying he doesn't care about it saying that he
    doesn't want to comment on it to which then he comments on it and we talked
    about it all the time the hilarious little dance that JP Morgan and ordinay
    Diamond is doing when it comes to Bitcoin but now officially JP Morgan has
    said that they are big believers in aetherium so the interesting part here
    is maybe there was a real reason as to why Jamie Dimon was bashing Bitcoin
    maybe it's because secretly they are trying to take over the etherium market
    and try to make that the new bakeware make that overtake it I've always said
    this every time these guys are every time you know jamie dimon says stuff
    like that every time a anybody says anything in that big of a space when
    they have that much influence there's usually something going on behind it
    there's usually a deeper meaning to it and this looks like it might be the
    deeper meaning maybe I'm just reading into it too much but it does sound a
    little bit fishy that he would go on to you know bash Bitcoin so much and then
    we get news saying that JPMorgan is looking to tokenize gold bars using
    aetherium backed blockchain and that they are big believers in aetherium so
    something doesn't sit right with me when it comes to that I think maybe he might
    be taking this opportunity to bash Bitcoin to try and help etherium get on
    top but again we're gonna have to wait and see how everything plays out now
    40,000 users have joined by Nancy Uganda in its first week so adoption already
    taking over when it comes to finance you gotta you guys remember finance is
    trying to bring its services everywhere and so the first thing that it did or
    not the first thing but one of the things that they have recently done was
    to launch the cryptocurrency exchange in Uganda so they now have - Uganda which
    is interesting to see that 40,000 users already joined I didn't know there was
    so much adoption and that there was gonna be so much adoption so fast but
    again cryptocurrency has the possibility to change lives all over the world so I
    think it's fascinating I think it's amazing what finance is doing in order
    to again to help a majority of the world obviously we have a lot of adoption
    going on it was ort of a lot of adoption going on
    in the US there's still a few things that could be better we have countries
    like Malta doing fantastic things adopting it a ton in several other
    countries doing the same while several other countries again like China for
    example who are trying to ban in India who are trying to ban it so we have
    mixed results overall but I do think it does have the opportunity to change a
    lot of lives in in the world and this is a fantastic job for finance and again a
    fascinating amount of users joining in the first week I thought mainly we
    talked about buying US you can delay I didn't think we're going to talk about
    it much otherwise but 40,000 users in the first week is ABS
    lutely insane so we talked a little bit about when we talked about JPMorgan
    already in this video we talked about the fact that maybe there's some
    underlying things going on when it comes to you know every time somebody says
    something and I think we might be seeing the same thing here with a bit Mex CEO
    so Arthur Hays you guys know here's the bit Mex CEO for those of you guys who
    don't know about bit Mex if you are new to the cryptocurrency space or if you
    don't know about leverage trading bit Mex allows you to trade Bitcoin I think
    it's aetherium it has X RP as I owed I think I had Tron a few a few all coins
    and Bitcoin it allows you to leverage right it allows you to trade with a
    leverage you can go up to 100 X on there meaning you can long and short Bitcoin
    now he came out and said that he thinks a Bitcoin might drop to $2,000 that's
    his new priced target Bitcoin at $2,000 now again there might be something more
    to this than just what we're looking at on top obviously I think we all
    understand that Bitcoin still might see another bit of a drop personally I don't
    think we're gonna drop much lower than $5,000 that according to my technical
    analysis is about how far I think we could drop roughly a little bit under
    $5,000 I think is the minimum minimum we could drop to if we do break below
    $6,000 obviously first we have to break below that it's looking like we're
    holding pretty strong but he's saying $2,000 Bitcoin price target now again on
    his platform you can long and short Bitcoin now what happens if you short
    Bitcoin and the price of Bitcoin goes up if it hits your liquidation price they
    keep your money right that's how bit Mex makes a profit they keep your money so
    if you take one Bitcoin right you short one Bitcoin say you're gambling or going
    to hunt your next leverage you sure one Bitcoin say I think Bitcoin is gonna go
    down to $2,000 because Arthur Hayes said so I'm going to short it right so you
    short it with a hundred X leverage now with a hundred X leverage you're gonna
    have a very small window to make it air so say it's at 6500 your liquidations
    gonna be like six thousand five hundred and thirty six thousand five hundred and
    forty which for a big coin we all know could do it very easy but for the sake
    of the example I think this works perfectly so now let's say you short it
    100x you're you know you have a 30 $40 price
    window and Bitcoin goes up right you have a huge opportunity to make a ton of
    money if Bitcoin does go down is your 100x leveraging one Bitcoin you're
    basically trading with an amount worth a hundred Bitcoin but it goes up and then
    a hit you liquidation price you lose your Bitcoin bit mix keeps your Bitcoin
    bit makes is happy so again may be more to it when it comes to this I don't
    think from a technical and I I don't think this price target was made from a
    technical analysis standpoint just because it does it I don't see this
    being a possibility but again I may be wrong we're gonna have to wait and see
    what happens but now let's talk about the whale that bought or somebody who
    bought a hundred and thirty three thousand Bitcoin in the last four weeks
    so there are five wallets that actually do this and if you guys don't believe it
    I actually went on and looked for each individual one now what this looks like
    it is it is at the over-the-counter market this is this does not affect the
    market price which is why we haven't seen a huge increase in price because of
    someone buying in obviously that would have wiped out a lot of sell orders and
    the prices would have gone up if this if this was done on a normal exchange if it
    was done if it was done on coin based Pro for example or something like that
    that would have caused the price to go up but it didn't happen
    why because it was on over-the-counter meaning that doesn't have an effect on
    the price now this shows that there are still people with a lot of Bitcoin
    looking to unload thankfully they're not doing it on the actual market because
    then if you drop behind if you sell 133,000 Bitcoin at one time yeah we
    might see we might see a little bit of a fluctuation we might see a little bit of
    a dip in the market but I went through and opened up all five Bitcoin wallets
    simply because I wanted to hurt my feelings and show that there are some
    people out there that just have way more money than I do when it comes to
    cryptocurrency now look at this one account just uh
    if we actually go down here 71 million dollars guys a hot 11250 Bitcoin uh yeah
    that happened that happened it's a lot it's a lot of Bitcoin that's one of the
    wallets moving on we have a hundred and forty million dollars for the twenty
    2,100 Bitcoin yeah 140 million 300,000 how dare I forget the 300,000 there -
    this wallet which was balanced of its balances at 93 million US dollars
    received fourteen thousand six hundred and twenty seven Bitcoin this one over
    here for a hundred and ninety million dollars with almost 30 thousand Bitcoin
    and then lastly thirty eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight Bitcoin
    this was actually has a lot of Bitcoin going in there's a lot of Bitcoin going
    in um yeah absolutely insane totaling 36 three 331 I say three hundred and
    sixty-six million US dollars guys there's some people out there with a lot
    of money that's what it looks like to be a will I'd be fun to open up the wallet
    addresses since we can kind of cool part about cryptocurrency we can open up
    there was and see what's going on there and Wow Wow do I feel bad Wow does it
    hurt to know that I have a tiny fraction of that right a tiny fragment and most
    people on YouTube yeah we we don't have that money I know a lot of people
    believe that a lot of youtubers are whales in this market no new new new
    nobody has no one has this let me tell you that nobody has that maybe actually
    uh alright either way that's not the point of the video point is we have a
    lot of interest and this looks like maybe this could be Wall Street buying
    into Bitcoin this could be a whale buying into maybe it's a billionaire
    buying into big wave you would have to be to pick up numbers like this maybe
    it's a whale buying into Vic when there's a lot of possibilities on what
    it could be this did raise concerns from people saying maybe Wall Street is
    trying to buy up as much Bitcoin as they can so that they can officially
    manipulate it they can destroy it whatever it may be guys even though this
    again preaches this is comes down to exactly what I've always talked about
    which is patience in the market yes this was done over-the-counter unfortunately
    that didn't have a direct effect on the price but I think this is good this is
    gonna teach people that we shouldn't be looking or they just gonna
    teach people that they shouldn't be looking for the short-term good feeling
    that short-term gain which you know Bitcoin fluctuations the volatility
    hopefully will come back that's not what we should be looking for we should be
    looking at the long run of things and so even though this was picked up
    over-the-counter let's say it was by a billionaire investor well he's expecting
    the price to go up that is why he has put money into this if it was an
    institution they put money into this because they're expecting the price to
    go they want to make a positive return in this they see the volatility they see
    the risk involved so for them they want to make a huge return on this for it to
    be worth the risk so for them to put money in this even though it didn't have
    a direct effect on the price does show a lot of interest it does still show that
    there is demand and that we are growing in adoption for this so some very good
    news in my opinion over here again we don't know exactly who bought it what
    the reason was so we're gonna have to wait and see exactly how that does play
    out but overall very very happy to see what would suck imagine they buy all
    this and they go to the exchange and they just dump it all on the exchanges
    because they want to see Bitcoin price crash that'd be unfortunate but so far
    in the four weeks that they've been accumulating this we haven't seen that
    happen so hopefully again we can knock on wood that's not going to be the
    reason they bought it now anyways if you look at the overall market guess what if
    you were guessing that we haven't had much price action you would be correct
    right at two hundred and six billion dollars in market cap 53.4% big point
    dominance again bitcoins up 0.19 percent fractions of a percent aetherium is up
    even less at zero point zero seven percent but there are still some gainers
    basic attention token which we're going to be talking about in just a little bit
    wax stellar bronze can be talking about in a bit
    covering two of the three top gainers and if we look at the biggest losers
    next to those down Ravin coin is down drop will continues to fall Stratus
    horizon a on komodo a lot of crypto currencies also in the red so it looks
    like we might have a little more red than green today 60% red 40% green kind
    of looking around those numbers meaning it is officially a red day in the market
    but again doesn't really count the market is basically trading sideways now
    why is basic attention up so much well I told you guys I was picking up basic
    attention token for a reason coin base officially is adding support
    for basic attention token on coinbase prose so that's fantastic news again a
    lot of people are speculating which of the all coins we're going to be picked
    up next you by coin basis they've added a few now this is added to coinbase pro
    but again very happy to see basic attention token getting adopted I picked
    up a while ago I've been talking about it for some time actually picking it up
    in pieces and pieces got some at the lowest of the lows which I'm very happy
    with and again continue to pick some up on in pieces as we went up and I've been
    talking to you guys about how I thought if coinbase was going to add one there
    were very few select ones that I thought were going to be the case basic
    attention token was on there it was part of the reason I was picking some up also
    because it actually has a working product it has real world use you know
    the brave browser and everything I think that's a very very very overlooked
    project one that I still think and have some very very nice games but of course
    up this much I do believe we might have a pullback if the market doesn't overall
    go up if it doesn't allow these type of gains similar to what we saw with 0x if
    it doesn't allow those type of games to maintain you're probably gonna see a
    pull back for baat similar to like we did in 0x and then of course I'm gonna
    be able to pick some more up at cheaper prices now stellar also has some good
    news stellar is another one that I was talking about so basic attention token
    and stellar I think were the two ones that I thought had the highest chance of
    getting added to coin based and obviously the people have the talk of
    XRP card on Oh Tron all those are also very viable options but stellar and
    basic attention token were the two that I've been saying I thought had the
    highest chance and two of my favorite crypto currencies as well so that
    someone predicted a one dollar price prediction for stellar lumens so xlm now
    we're currently at 23 cents so it's gonna be a little over a 4x a 4x on the
    price which is again insane result in any other market Forex is absolutely
    insane I do think stellar is going to get to
    one dog price prediction just because of the adoption they're having the
    developments there having the growth they're having how good of a project
    that is I'm backing it I think a dollar and Beyond is something we are going to
    be seeing for stellar and again I think it's going to be added on coinbase
    eventually you know it's competing with XRP on some things which again is a big
    task XRP is still significantly larger in terms of market cap yeah right yeah
    so that's significantly large it has a few a few X's in front of it in terms of
    market cap however I think we're gonna see stellar get added to coin base first
    and from there hopefully it continues to get grow good to use to grow because
    these have more and more adoption again continues to come out with the huge
    range of products that they've been coming out with so far but guys that's
    gonna be for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don't forget
    to leave your thumbs up and leave a comment down below in order to enter a
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    go ahead and claim it but guys thank you so much for watching I'll see you guys
    tomorrow for another video
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