[라온아빠tv][Engsub] 신생아 목욕시키기ft. 왕초보 부모 (How to bath the baby with beginner parents)

[라온아빠tv][Engsub] 신생아 목욕시키기ft. 왕초보 부모 (How to bath the baby with beginner parents)
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    Hello all my youtube friends
    we are going to show how to do the baby bath
    here is Raon
    we are going to do the bath but we need materials first
    baby shampoo, bath tub, towel and most important thing is a warm water
    water temperature ....
    you have to check with thermometer
    son, lets begin the bath
    say hi first
    hello youtube
    face first
    don't be mad please
    it's ok son doing well, keep your eyes closed
    lift him please
    so warm right baby ?
    this isn't time to cry yet
    don't cry yet..... face done
    shampoo his hair please
    just little bit of shampoo
    - did you rub hard here? - sorry son
    dad is sorry
    back of the head
    feel good right?
    love it right?
    should we move him up little?
    lets cover your private part
    do we have to dry his hair?
    ok dry it first
    with this one right?
    i know you love it son
    time to wash other parts
    lift your arm please
    let me hurry up .....arm pit
    I will do as fast as I can
    - look he got fat... - let me wipe belly..... chest
    other arm.... and arm pit again
    it must be warm he seems happy
    all done good good..... now legs
    son left leg
    bottom of your foot
    beside the private part
    good now other side I will do it faster
    wait a second please
    really really fast
    are we even in the camera?
    all done ~
    I will wash you back this time
    wash the neck well
    feel so good
    - feel good - lets hold him up little
    - should i hold him and you wash him? - ok ....he might be cold
    say hi son
    we have to wipe your butt cuz you pooped
    put him down he is cold
    lets wipe your butt in the water
    hide your private
    his private please
    aw....my cute son
    - done !! - lets rinse him
    nonono come on
    move him up little
    after the soap we have to use clean water to rinse off
    - hold him one more time - okay
    arm pit
    do we have to do it on hair ?
    nono we already did it
    okay done .... than say hi to camera
    - he is cold - hello
    so his bath time is over right Raon?
    so cold
    your dad.....
    is not good at it yet....
    make sure...... you guys mom and dad have to do it together
    - right son? you not crying today - cuz we are beginner
    you cried last time... I guess you feel good today
    lovely son
    wait I will bring the baby powder
    look at you you are smiling
    should we just do private part and butt?
    feeling good
    let me just do entire body
    all right time for diaper and we are done
    oh no.... cold cold
    and your cloth
    let me pull up little bit
    honey he must be cold hurry up
    son, I might get yelled at her if I do slow
    look at his fat belly
    a fat pig
    you love eating just like your mom
    diaper done
    here my ugly son
    my ugly son
    your hair is so clean now
    so uncomfortable ..... almost done
    wait a second please
    are you okay Raon?
    - Am I bothering you son? not really right? - u ok??
    take your hand out please
    u ok Raon?
    please take your hand out
    - poor boy being Jiun's son - please son
    come on...
    alright other side
    forget it ..... we dont have to be perfect right son?
    for the last the button
    all donee ~~~
    come here baby say good bye now
    thank you for watching the video today
    please come back for the next video agian
    please don't forget to click like, subscribe, and set the alarm
    bye bye ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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