Happy New Year! How To Stipple

Happy New Year! How To Stipple
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    Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
    Here's your weekly dose of inspiration to build a creative habit.
    One drawing at a time.
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    Happy new Year!
    And Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
    I hope you had a festive end of the year, and that you want to kick off the new year
    with some creativity.
    Let's do a bit of hand lettering today.
    It can be a simple message to post on social media or send to friends.
    I like to create a frame for my lettering, so I have some kind of context to work in,
    and I can align my text inside of the frame.
    I'd like it to be a fun message so I make my frame a text bubble.
    Of course, you can also make a different shaped frame - a rectangle, a square, a circle…
    well anything you'd like to experiment with.
    As long as your message fits in.
    I'm doing this straight with pen, but you can also first set your letters up in pencil.
    Then you'll be able to adjust and align the letters - but I don't want to slow myself
    down with any perfectionism, and will just try to wing it, and adjust as I go, if needed.
    If I wanted my letters all to be aligned at the bottom, I would definitely draw a thin
    guideline with pencil, but I am drawing my letters free style - trying to sort of fit
    them into each others' whitespaces.
    I'm also alternating fonts, for variety.
    Be bold, draw big letters - and draw them, rather than writing them.
    You can look for examples in Google fonts, and mimic the shapes that you like.
    There are so many fun fonts out there, so you'll never run out of examples or ideas.
    Now, by filling parts of the letters with some simple stippling, you can create amazing
    effects to your letters.
    The closer you put the dots to each other, the denser the filling becomes.
    That way you can create a fun, sort of bubbly effect to your letters, like they were filled
    with Champagne!
    Let's beef up these letters, they look weird so we'll have to fake it till we make it.
    Just make them bolder as if they were supposed to look a bit awkward and wonky.
    Let's not judge or label anything as a 'mistake', but instead be happy about anything we make.
    For variation, I'll add some lines to the letters at the bottom.
    And now for a moment of stippling-meditation… stipple all around your frame to create sort
    of a shadow, or just a fun and playful and festive effect.
    I can't wait to see what you make, so if you care to share, please do!
    Share it on any social media channel, using the hashtag #DTTInAction so we can see what
    you made!
    It'll be another year full of creativity - starting today!
    See you next week!
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