How dark is it on Pluto?

How dark is it on Pluto?
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    A lot of you have asked: how are the New Horizon's images of Pluto so bright, seeing as Pluto
    is so far away from the Sun?
    Surely Pluto would be pitch-black in reality, right?
    Well, the answer is, with your naked eye, if you were to look at Pluto it would indeed
    be darker than in these images, but not as dark as you may suspect.
    Thankfully we don't have to try and imagine it, because twice a day on Earth at dawn and
    dusk, the illumination of our sky matches how bright Pluto can get at high noon.
    NASA calls this pluto time, and you can check this website out to find out when it will
    happen next where you are.
    As you can see, it's Pluto time here, and my mobile phone camera can still easily take
    a video.
    Pluto is an average of 40 times further away from the Sun than the Earth, and has only
    1/1600 the sunlight.
    Direct sunlight on Earth is 100,000 lumens per square meter, so on Pluto it would be
    around 60, the equivalent to an indoor stairway or corridor lighting.
    Even if that level was a problem for our cameras, we can see darker objects by utilizing longer
    exposure times.
    Here's night-time where I am, and with a 15 second exposure, my camera can pick up
    lots of details.
    And if it still appears dark, I can always up the brightness afterwards in some editing
    So there you go!
    Why Pluto appears so bright in New Horizon's photos.
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