How does John describe the new Jerusalem?

How does John describe the new Jerusalem?
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    Ankerberg: Yes.
    I find it interesting that God says He's going to create a new heavens and a new earth;
    we've got a new Jerusalem.
    Now, this new Jerusalem, I think John ran out of ways to try to describe what he was
    looking at, okay?
    I mean, tells us about it.
    Hindson: Golden, well, golden streets that were transparent like glass you could see
    He tries to describe the gates of the city like gigantic pearls.
    That way, if they're natural, that'd be a huge oyster.
    Ankerberg: Yes.
    Hindson: And God could do that, I suppose, but… and the walls are made of precious
    The other thing that's interesting to me, John, is that the gates of the city are named
    for the twelve tribes of Israel, and yet the foundations of this city are named for the
    twelve apostles.
    And what you have in heaven, in eternity, the entire family of God: Old Testament saints,
    New Testament saints, the tribulation and millennial believers.
    All genuine believers of all time are together in this wonderful place.
    Rhodes: And you know what else?
    You know, you mentioned the transparent gold and the jewels all over the city.
    Try to picture it.
    The God of glory is the light that lamps up the city.
    You see, God's glory is something that's magnificent.
    And if you can imagine that light penetrating the transparent gold, and then refracting
    through the multiple precious stones there.
    You know, John was using the best language that he could, that he could figure out.
    But even what he described it's going to be better than that, because no mind can even
    conceive of how great it's going to be, and no eye has seen, no ear has heard.
    So as good as John did in describing it, it's even better.
    Ankerberg: Yes.
    Hindson: The challenge of trying to describe the indescribable....
    Rhodes: That's right.
    Hindson: …at times in the book of Revelation.
    And as best we can understand it in our fallible way of thinking, it's beyond your imagination.
    It's so wonderful.
    You don't want to miss this.
    Hitchcock: This heavenly city that John describes, it's really, it's a 1400-mile cube.
    To me, what I see in this passage, there's two things here.
    There's a new heaven and a new earth.
    This present earth and the heavens are taken apart by God and made new.
    So there's a new earth, there's a new universe.
    But then the heavenly city, the new Jerusalem comes down out of heaven from God and sits
    on the new earth.
    It's kind of like the metropolis or the capital city, really, of all of eternity.
    And that heavenly city, the new Jerusalem, is this big 1400-mile cube.
    And some have pointed out that in the tabernacle in the wilderness was a 15 foot cube, the
    holy of holies.
    And in Solomon's temple it was a 30 foot cube.
    And here you have this 1400-mile cube that, really, this heavenly city, the new Jerusalem
    where God's throne is, where He dwells, is just one huge holy of holies where God
    And so man, excluded from God's presence back in the garden, will be brought back into
    the presence of God.
    Really back to what some have called like an Edenic temple city.
    It would be like the Garden of Eden in this huge temple city, this huge holy of holies
    where we fellowship with our Creator.
    Ankerberg: Yes.
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