How A Fashion Influencer Packs 29 Looks For Holiday Travel | Hauliday VR | Refinery29

How A Fashion Influencer Packs 29 Looks For Holiday Travel | Hauliday VR | Refinery29
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    Hey guys, it's Alyssa here and I'm really excited to show you
    how I pack to go home for the holidays.
    But get this.
    We actually shot this in virtual reality.
    So if you really want to feel like you're here just hit the icon in the play bar,
    pop this headset on and boom it's like you're in my room.
    3D realness.
    I love to travel and I'm down to check out a new place just about every weekend.
    But it's not all the time I get to go home and see my family and hang with my parents,
    so I have a few essentials I like to bring to make sure I'm warm and cozy on the plane.
    First and foremost, this is an essential.
    It's a giant blanket scarf.
    Bundle up, like this, and you're good to go.
    I even top it off with a cute little sleep mask.
    To just go full nap mode.
    Good night everyone.
    I'll catch you in Florida.
    There are those days when you just wake up and you don't even know what you want to wear.
    I like to start packing with a few basic essentials.
    These are my personal favorites right now.
    They're just a nice, classic, dark wash jeans and then you just pair those with the classic white t-shirt.
    The final basic item that I like to bring is a classic black leather jacket.
    I tend to be really vintage inspired but it also feels really modern at the same time.
    It's just like a classic outfit, no matter the decade.
    So even though I'm from Florida where it's literally warm all year round, I still like
    to bring some cozy essentials home to lounge around in and that usually starts with the
    comfiest pants that I own which are these cashmere sweatpants.
    This is a life of luxury, people.
    Honestly I don't even know why I'm back in the rest of this.
    I'm probably gonna wear these the entire time.
    And some comfy sweaters, some comfy knits.
    It's like, it's pumpkin spice season.
    Just get cuddly, get cozy.
    You'll probably find me in one of these cozy festive sweaters just baking cookies, sitting by
    the Christmas tree, taking selfies and you know if there happens to be an impromptu family
    photo shoot they'll still look cute and festive.
    You also have to bring some pajamas home for the holidays.
    Step it up a notch with some silky PJ's.
    We got this little lip print.
    And you're probably going to stay in these literally all day long until someone forces
    you to change for dinner.
    I am notoriously an over packer, but I try to avoid that by packing some really versatile
    fashion pieces.
    This outfit does itself.
    This one actually has a matching skirt or you can mix it up wear the shirt open over
    the T-shirt.
    I love this little T-shirt pillow dress because it's casual but I could wear this to like
    the grocery store with my mom and then you can never have too many layer-able items like a
    fun turtleneck that can be thrown on.
    You don't really get to wear corduroy any other time of year.
    So I love to pack a classic pair of corduroys.
    I really love these elastic-waist pants because there is gonna be a lot of eating happening
    and you know who needs restrictive clothing over the holidays.
    I happen to love these white combat boots because they're super comfy.
    I also love a more festive heel.
    I'm going to bring them home where I can wear them on the couch when I count down to New Years.
    I have two more trusty pairs, a classic white sneaker,
    also I've got some sparkly booties and these are good for going out with friends, maybe
    a little nightlife.
    There's no nightlife in Florida, I don't know what I'm saying.
    I want to see some people, do some things and these will be good for that.
    I'm clearly a bit of a shoe over packer.
    What do you guys over pack the most?
    Let me know in the comments below.
    Let's not forget accessories.
    And lucky me I get to hit the beach.
    So I'm gonna bring one bathing suit.
    There could be a hot tub.
    There could be like a slip inside.
    I love fanny packs.
    Ultimate Florida outfit, right here.
    New Year's.
    I think I'm going to go more of the metallic route this New Year's.
    This dress is amazing.
    I've been waiting for an occasion to wear this.
    So it's definitely gonna come home with me for that big New Year's Eve night.
    In case I don't want to do the dress, I have this little metallic mini or a classic little
    slip skirt.
    These are really easy pieces to kind of just throw on and feel dressed up because they're
    shiny and fun.
    I can't thank you guys enough for helping me through this whole packing situation.
    But before we go I want to leave you with three solid tips for packing your suitcase
    Tip number one:
    Definitely keep it cozy.
    Tip number two:
    Don't forget those festive pieces.
    Tip number three:
    For everything else just make sure you keep it versatile and just a hot tip since now
    I have to figure out how to get all of this into a suitcase.
    I tend to roll things in my suitcase, instead of just piling them in.
    I gotta go figure the situation out but I'll see you next time.
    And happy holidays.
    Thank you guys so much for helping me pack.
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    Now I got a plane to catch so I gotta to go.
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