How “It’s a Wonderful Life” Could’ve Ended

How “It’s a Wonderful Life” Could’ve Ended
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    - Merry Christmas.
    Merry Christmas movie house.
    Oh, that's my house.
    Merry Christmas.
    Mary, Mary.
    There you are Mary.
    - George, George it's wonderful.
    It's wonderful Mary.
    She did it.
    She told some people you were in trouble
    and she scattered all over town
    and collected all the money.
    You got everything you need.
    It's wonderful, George.
    - To George Bailey, the richest man in town.
    ♪Should old acquaintance be forgot ♪
    ♪ And never brought to mind ♪
    - Hang on a minute.
    Wait a second.
    Wait a second.
    This is only like 413 dollars.
    - Well, how much money do you need, George?
    - 8000 dollars.
    (crowd grumbles)
    - Well, surely we can raise enough.
    How about everyone gives another dollar.
    - [Crowd] Yes, that's a great idea.
    - Hang on.
    Hey, hang on.
    that's only like 17 more dollars.
    - Well, hooray.
    We're almost there.
    - [Crowd] Hooray.
    - Hip hip.
    ♪ Should old acquaintance be forgot and never ♪
    - Shut up.
    Shut up.
    Shut up.
    - Alright.
    - Come on, couldn't you just give a little more.
    - Well, I have this 10 dollar bill.
    - [Crowd] Ohhhhh.
    - That's more like it.
    Thank you Mila.
    I'll just take 6 singles back and that's almost
    8000 dollars on the nose.
    (crowd cheering)
    - Stop taking my money.
    (mila crying)
    - Look what you've done.
    - You can't make change with this money.
    - I have an idea.
    Let's have a bake sale.
    We'll make teeny, tiny pies, charge 10 cents a pie.
    Heck, I bet we could make 100 pies even.
    I love that.
    - That's only 10 dollars.
    - Well, how do you figure?
    - Math.
    Do you people know how money works?
    - Yes, one, two, three, four, five six.
    - There you go.
    - This is a plastic nickel.
    - I brought the nickels.
    - I don't even know you.
    - I'm Cecil.
    - That's Cecil.
    - Who? - Cecil
    - George, we've met.
    - You're a stranger to me.
    - George, why don't we have Mary sell
    some of her pretty, pretty hair?
    - I... I'm not gonna do that.
    - Quiet everybody.
    A telegram from your rich friend, Sam.
    - [Crowd] Ohhhh.
    - A telegram.
    - George, stop.
    My office is instructed to advance you
    up to 25,000 dollars.
    - [Crowd] Ohhhh.
    - Stop, hee haw and merry Christmas.
    - [Crowd] Awwwwww
    - A hee haw indeed.
    ♪ Should old acquaintance be forgot. ♪
    ♪ (man barking) ♪
    - Hold on.
    Hold on.
    There's more.
    I just need you to wait 12 weeks
    for a check to clear, stop.
    Hee haw and merry Christmas.
    - [Mila] Hee haw indeed.
    - 12 weeks.
    12 weeks.
    I'm going to jail tonight.
    - Judge.
    - I'll pay 400 dollars for her hair,
    but that's twice as much as I usually pay for hair.
    - What's with the hair.
    - It's Christmas.
    We all can do whatever we like.
    - What do you do with it.
    - Sniff it and lick it.
    - Stop.
    Can't any of you small town idiots
    give me anything else?
    - Eh, ahem, I guess we gotta arrest you now.
    (tightening of handcuffs)
    - [George] Alright.
    - [Policeman] Let's go.
    - [George] Ouch, ouch.
    [Mary] Oh George.
    - It's in between my fingers.
    [Crowd] Bye George.
    - Merry Christmas George.
    - [Crowd] Merry Christmas George.
    [Cecil] Nice to meet you.
    - Hee haw.
    - I guess we should just take back
    our money, right, that's cool.
    - [Crowd] Yes.
    ♪ Should old acquaintance be forgot. ♪
    (closing orchestra music)
    - Clarence, my guardian angel.
    - Why, hear you go George.
    - Wha... what is that?
    - In heaven, we use clouds as money.
    - Clouds are worth nothing to me Clarence.
    I need 8000 dollars.
    - 8 grand, what?
    - That's what I was trying to tell you
    on the bridge you dumb angel.
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