How To Abuse Aim Assist + Improve Your Aim PS4/Xbox Fortnite! (Fortnite Controller Aim Guide)

How To Abuse Aim Assist + Improve Your Aim PS4/Xbox Fortnite! (Fortnite Controller Aim Guide)
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    Hey what is going on guys, this video today is going to be a tip video revolved around
    improving aim, and specifically for console/controller players, abusing aim assist.
    When it comes to improving aim in Fortnite I've always tried to be super honest with
    you guys, it mostly just comes down to practice.
    However, there are definitely some important mechanical tips that I can give you guys that
    should make your overall aiming mechanics better and should help you improve your aim
    But, don't think that just watching this video will suddenly make you super accurate overnight.
    Anybody who says that in their videos or anything else is flat out misleading you.
    So, I'm gonna give it my best shot to make this video as helpful as possible, and without
    further ado let's get right into it.
    Alright, so let's start this video off by discussing one of the most important sort-of
    secrets of having good aim in Fortnite.
    And that secret is that if you play fortnite with a controller you need to learn how to
    quote unquote abuse or take advantage of aim assist to its fullest potential.
    Of course every time I mention aim assist I have to say this to try to prevent arguments
    in the comments, no aim assist is not overpowered, anybody who tries to tell you it is, they're
    Aim assist is an absolutely necessary feature for controller players and the game would
    be borderline unplayable without it.
    However, even though aim assist is a totally balanced mechanic, that doesn't mean you shouldn't
    try to take advantage of it.
    You look at the absolute best of the best controller Fortnite players when it comes
    to aim, and taking advantage of aim assist is something they've pretty much mastered.
    And the actual mechanics of abusing aim assist are fairly simple to explain, but, does require
    a bit of practice and feel for it.
    I basically think of it almost as quick-scoping in call of duty.
    Normally, when you shoot at someone in a medium/long range situation in Fortnite, you: fully aim-down
    sights, shoot at them, and then continue to track and shoot them while still aiming down-sights.
    But, what you do when you wanna abuse aim assist is aim-down-sights and shoot at the
    exact same time.
    And each time you want to take another shot you just repeat that process over and over
    And here's why this works so well.
    When you aim down sights, aim assist will pretty much attach your crosshair onto the
    enemy you're aiming at.
    The problem is, if the enemy moves at all, you'll have to manually re-adjust your crosshair
    to track and follow them if you want to hit your shot.
    And, on top of that, bloom will make it very difficult for you to land multiple shots in
    a row.
    But, if you can time it to where you're shooting as soon as you get that aim assist help, you'll
    be able to hit the enemy even if they're moving.
    And, I'll show you guys a clip right now that really is a perfect example of what I'm describing.
    I've showed this clip before on my channel, but, it's too perfect to not show again.
    So, in that clip you'll notice I was using a deagle, and this is important because a
    few months ago, abusing aim assist was legitimately overpowered, so much so that you could basically
    do it with any weapon in the game in any type of fight.
    But, with the way aim assist is now, you can't really do that anymore.
    In my opinion there are 3 weapons that abusing aim assist most works with.
    And those are: The deagle, the heavy AR, and the tac shotgun.
    It kinda works with SMGs as well, but, I personally don't really use the technique with them.
    Now, sadly the tac shotgun isn't really all that good right now, but, the best way to
    use it is by aiming down sights and shooting at the same time, and just doing that over
    and over again.
    You won't see that too much now because nobody really uses the tac, but, if it gets a significant
    buff, it'll be really deadly when combined with abusing aim assist.
    The deagle and the heavy AR on the other hand are both "meta" weapons, which makes them
    much more practical uses for aim assist abuse.
    Being able to abuse aim assist is one of the biggest reasons I prefer the deagle over any
    possible SMG in the game, and why I have the heavy AR as pretty much the best AR in the
    Because of aim assist, these 2 weapons are probably the only 2 weapons in the entire
    game, where mouse users don't have a huge aim advantage over controller users.
    Another time abusing aim assist comes in handy is in super long range engagements with any
    fully-auto AR in the game.
    In those super long range fights bloom makes it practically impossible to hit more than
    1 shot in a row.
    Therefore, you can use the technique to constantly shoot 1 super-accurate bullet at a time, and
    get in some free long-range chip damage.
    So that's pretty much the best explanation I can give of abusing aim assist.
    It definitely isn't as good as it used to be, but, it's still very powerful if done
    And, I'd really recommend paying attention to the gameplay in this video, because it's
    something you'll see me doing fairly often.
    The next tip I want to cover is the importance of keeping yourself active and mobile in close
    range shotgun fights.
    This isn't necessarily a tip that specifically deals with aiming better, but, it's super
    important because it's a tip that helps you stay alive when your aim fails you.
    And news flash, no matter how great your aim ever gets, that will still happen multiple
    times a game in literally every single game you play.
    So, I wanna show you guys a short little 10-15 second clip to give a visual example of exactly
    what I mean by that.
    Sadly it doesn't have any sound because there was music in the background and I don't want
    youtube to do bad things to me, but, it's only like 12 seconds so try to pay close attention
    specifically to my movement.
    So what you guys just watched was a really good example of the importance of staying
    active with constant movement in super close range fights.
    And as I just mentioned, my aim in that fight was not good at all.
    I missed 2 shotgun shots and a few AR shots on top of that.
    But, what really matters is the fact that I was able to get the kill without taking
    any damage.
    Now, back a few months ago when I wasn't as good at Fortnite, all of my movement in close
    range fights was basically just jumping.
    You guys probably know that I have my jump button bound to a paddle on the back of my
    controller, so, I would just jump up and down constantly, without my aim really being affected
    by it.
    But, over time I realized that constantly jumping in shotgun fights can actually be
    pretty detrimental at times, and also, I could do so much more than just jumping.
    Fortnite has a feature in their game known as "jump fatigue" which basically makes it
    so that your character starts to jump lower and lower the more times in a row you jump.
    That may not sound like a huge deal, but, it makes it very hard for you to aim while
    jumping when you aren't really sure how high your jump is actually going to go.
    That's why I now jump a considerable amount less in fights, but, incorporate a lot more
    non-jumping movement as well.
    In that clip you guys saw me do about 3-4 different things in a 10 second span.
    I jumped twice, I crouched and crouched 2-3 times, I kinda strafed a little bit from right
    to left, but that definitely wasn't the best example of strafing I'll admit that, and finally,
    I did a really good job of navigating cover to protect myself.
    Those are all techniques that you need to be sure you implement into your close range
    That is one of the biggest mistakes I see with new player, they stay way too stationary
    in those types of fights.
    That means that they get punished so much more for having lackluster aim.
    Crouching, jumping, and strafing in fights definitely isn't something that comes naturally,
    so, you really need to make a priority to focus on and learn it.
    It may feel really awkward at first like it did for me, but, it's totally worth it in
    the long run.
    And just 1 last tip regarding jumping in fights.
    If you don't play claw, have a scuf controller, or an xbox elite controller do not jump around
    in the middle of shotgun fights.
    That action will require you to take your hand off of the aiming stick, and that will
    make it almost impossible for you to hit your shots.
    The next tip of this video is the importance of tracking and specifically aiming for your
    enemies head in shotgun fights.
    This may sound like one of those super simple tips, but, trust me, even if you've heard
    it before, there's a good chance you just subconsciously don't do it in fights.
    I'll play another 10 second clip real quick that shows a great example of what this looks
    So that clip really speaks for itself, especially with the 2nd and 3rd guys I killed.
    I saw the 2nd guy running towards me through the transparent wooden wall and the ENTIRE
    time I was lining up and tracking his head.
    Then the 3rd guy kinda came out of nowhere and I kinda got screwed by the shotgun timer
    delay, but, I stayed come, and as I waited for the delay to go away I carefully lined
    up my cross-hair with the enemies head.
    And that results in a 3 man team wipe in about 7 seconds with a total of 3 shots being fired.
    The value of hitting head-shots is a simple as this.
    Hitting 3 pellets in the head is the exact same thing as hitting 6 pellets anywhere else
    on the body.
    It really is a bad habit of a lot of players to line up safe body shots when they could
    instead take a little more risk and aim for the head.
    Like I said, even if you miss a few extra pellets you'll still probably end up doing
    more damage in the end.
    You want this to be something you ingrain into your gameplay until it literally becomes
    second nature to you.
    It may take a while, but trust me it is worth it.
    So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you watched the entire thing be sure to
    let me know with a comment down in the comment section below.
    I wanna know what aspect of aiming you guys struggle with the most in Fortnite.
    I may make another video like this in sometime in the future because you guys seem to really
    enjoy them.
    So I wanna know what people really need help with specifically.
    Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment, subscribe, turn on post notifications, do
    whatever the heck you want.
    And I, will catch you guys next time.
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