How To Get More Instagram Followers Fast - REAL Hack That WORKS (2019)

How To Get More Instagram Followers Fast - REAL Hack That WORKS (2019)
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    in this video I'm gonna show you how to gain thousands more followers on
    Instagram with a really cool trick that I've recently been using my Instagram
    has absolutely exploded and don't worry I'm not gonna tell you to post
    consistently and I'm not gonna tell you to buy any followers I'm gonna explain
    everything in this video hi guys welcome back to the channel if you new here my
    name is Liam James K I'm currently on a mission to become a millionaire before
    the age of 30 I'm using this YouTube channel to document my progress and but
    I also share some tips and tricks about entrepreneurship and marketing along the
    way so if you're new here please hit the subscribe button and turn on the bell
    notifications so you don't miss out on future content so I've got a really good
    video for you today I'm going to show you how to get thousands of thousands of
    real engaged followers onto your Instagram account
    and don't worry I'm not going to tell you that you need to post consistently
    like three or four times a day like everyone else is telling you and I'm not
    going to tell you to come by loads of fake followers I'm going to show you a
    cool trick which I've been using to get real engaged followers on my Instagram
    and believe me I've tried so many different ways to grow my Instagram I've
    tried posting consistently and that didn't really work I've tried using like
    power likes where you get really big accounts to come and like engage with
    your post which is supposed to help boost your posts that didn't really work
    and that cost me thousands of dollars and I've actually found something which
    really does work and it's exploding my Instagram so now I've got over 10,000
    followers on Instagram for the first time which is absolutely amazing so I'm
    going to show you how I managed to do that in such a short space of time so
    I'm just going to jump on my laptop now I'm going to show you my Instagram
    profile I'm going to show you proof of the analytics which is proving that it's
    absolutely exploded in the last couple months and I've hit over 10,000
    followers and then I'm going to explain exactly how I did that and how you can
    do that as well so let's get into it so this is a just an analytic website
    called ninja analytics just so you can see my profile and it was kind of going
    like this and then it's kind of just started to climb finally so I've got ten
    thousand and thirty two followers I'm following 3,000 people and here's a
    really good thing I've only posted 142 posts so I'm not posting that
    consistently and still managing to get thousands of
    followers my engagement rate is higher than the average from a similar type of
    account which means that these are real engaged subscribers engaging in my
    profile and like and I'm gonna show you some proof of that in a minute wait you
    go down here just change it to three months you can see that my Instagram was
    kind of just going steadily steadily steadily and then when I discovered this
    little strategy which I'm going to show you today it's just started to climb and
    it's climbing and climbing and climbing and it's gonna continue climbing so yeah
    it really didn't work and I'll just show you my Instagram profile so you know
    it's all legit and stuff so this is the profile I'm just on a desktop version
    now obviously and so I wanted a fuck to post over 10,000 followers and I'm not
    posting that much but you can see here my engagement is crazy as well like
    1,900 likes on this post 1,500 likes 2,100 likes 1,500 like so not only am I
    getting followers I'm getting engaged followers as well with this strategy so
    it's crazy it's amazing so I'll show you how to do it so the way I'm doing it is
    I'm using an app called stim social I'll leave a link in the description box
    below to a free trial which you can try out if you need to enter your bank
    details so you can see that it really does work but I'll explain how it works
    now in this video and but yeah as I said I've tried lots of different ways I've
    spent thousands on get trying to get power lights and things like this and it
    doesn't work this is the first thing that I tried that it's actually growing
    my profile and it got me over that that ten thousand mark which is what I was
    waiting for so I could get the up swipe so basically this is how it worked and
    it's a it's an automated app which follows and on follows and also engages
    with other people and a lot of people don't follow in and following it's a bit
    of a dirty word people say it doesn't work it does work but the good thing
    about this app it's not just following it on following random people which
    means you get loads of random people on your profile that don't really care and
    then they start to unfollow the way it works actually targets people that are
    interested in your profile which is really really important and it also
    engages with them as well so my profiles all about
    entrepreneurship and making money online and I've got people coming to my profile
    following me and engaging in my post so it really just work so basically here's
    that worse you can just see my account growth so when I started using this just
    over a couple months ago I had 3,000 followers and now I've got 10,000
    followers self gained over 6700 followers just from using this this app
    in the last couple of months but the great thing about the app at the start
    it's kind of just learning the best people to follow and unfollow and as
    it's that as time goes by you start to grow a lot quicker as well and so I was
    growing crazy amounts at the start but now every 30 days I'm expected to gain
    another 5,000 394 followers just from this app so in the next two months I'm
    gonna have 20,000 followers on Instagram which is crazy
    so I'll just explain how it works here so this is why it's really cool because
    it targets people that are going to be interested in your profile so there's
    different plans you can choose from but ultimately here's that worked and I'll
    explain the plans in just a moment but you can say it to follow people like
    large Instagram accounts in your niche so these are lobby like entrepreneur
    based Instagram accounts and then what happens is this automatically follows
    their followers and starts to engage with them and then what happens their
    followers see that someone's followed them and it's engaging without their
    profile then they come over to your profile and then a lot of them follow
    you back and that's kind of how it works and then eventually you start to
    unfollow people which this is all automated inside the app and that's how
    it worked but the really cool thing about it is is you can optimize it so if
    you are targeting an account and you're following loads of people and they're
    not really following you back then you can kind of get rid of them in this
    dashboard and start to unfollow them and then what you do is you keep optimizing
    your profile and then you only really target accounts where you're getting a
    lot of engagement and a lot of people following you back which is really cool
    so the plans I'll just show you the building here the plans and so there's
    different ones so if you want to grow at a different speed there's even a nine
    dollar ninety five option which works I was using at the start and
    and it can grow and here follows home follows and it's all automated which is
    amazing well I'm currently using this manage plan which if you want to really
    accelerate I recommend you get involved with this one because it's what it does
    is a they take care of everything so where is with these plans you need to
    find the the accounts which is similar to you you need to say to follow their
    followers and if they're underperforming then you would need to kind of optimize
    it yourself and go right I'm gonna get rid of this person but with the manage
    plan that's all taken care of so they kind of find the best accounts to follow
    and unfollow so that's kind of if you want to really explode your your
    Instagram page then then this is the best plan but even that the 9.95
    and this is this is so much cheaper than like power likes and things like that
    and as I say I'm getting real engaged followers on my profile so I highly
    recommend it and yeah I say get involved it but even if you can't afford this
    check out the free trial and just test that out and you can kind of gain some
    new followers in the next like and five days I think the trial is it's
    definitely worth getting involved and but I also wanted to share with you a
    few more little tips as well to help you optimize your profile to gain even more
    followers so a cooler trick which you can use and is this here so this is my
    account name on Instagram so I've set that to affiliate marketing because I'm
    trying to target people in the affiliate marketing niche and people are
    interested in marketing so this is usually where you have your name like
    Liam K would be your name and that's your username but if you actually change
    this to a keyword in your niche so if you're into affiliate marketing changing
    to affiliate marketing if you're into Fitness you might call it fitness or
    travel or something like that and what that does it's a little hack so when
    someone searches affiliate marketing up here I come up because Instagram thinks
    that that's my name and they're gonna pump me up to the top so if you're
    called travel and someone searches travel there's a good chance of your
    profile ranking much higher with this little trick and then also you want to
    put all your keywords in here that YouTube are 60 digital marketer
    affiliate marketing and things like that that really helps boost your profile
    yeah that's kind of that's just bonus little trick just to help you get
    ranked higher with your Instagram profile but yeah the main thing that's
    helped me grow my profile is this app and to be honest I've not even been
    posting that many things so it really does work let me know in the comments
    below if you've managed to test it out let me know your results with the app
    but yeah thought I'd share that with you in this video hope you enjoyed watching
    it if you did please give it a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button if you're
    not subscribed and also in the link down below you'll be able to find a link
    where you can actually subscribe to my email list where I'm sending out daily
    marketing tips and tricks like this and lots of other things so yeah make sure
    you opt-in for that yeah thanks for watching until next time cheers guys
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