How to Make Candy Wafers | How It's Made

How to Make Candy Wafers | How It's Made
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    These candy wafers come in eight different flavors, the original roll has a random assortment of 38 pieces
    Part of the fun is seeing how many of your favorite flavors you get
    This factory makes one flavor at a time the first step is to add food coloring and flavoring to pulverized sugar
    This pink color and mint flavoring produces a winter green taste
    Corn syrup comes next along with a binding solution of vegetable gums and gelatin dissolved in water
    Mixing for about eight minutes the candy dough's consistency is checked
    Workers divide the dough into chunks then feed them into a dough sheeter
    They're pushed through a slot forming a dough sheet that's 20 inches wide by about an inch thick a
    Steady sprinkle of cornstarch prevents the sheet from sticking to the equipment
    Rollers compress and stretch the dough forward flattening the sheet to an inch thick
    The next station stamps on the company logo then cuts out the wafers
    The conveyor belt moves the wafers to a multi-level tunnel dryer
    They pass through the dryer 13 times over the course of an hour
    Once out of the dryer the wafers pile up in trays without sticking
    Workers stack the trays in a drying room. It's heated and humidified with steam
    The candy wafers stay here until their moisture level drops to between 0.75 and 1%
    The factory tests a few samples using a device called a pen a trauma tur
    It measures the force required to penetrate the candy wafer to the point of breaking it
    This ensures the candies are the correct consistency
    When the trays come out of the drying room workers send the candies to the packaging line
    The colors are mixed together ensuring every roll of candy has a random assortment of flavors
    Workers grabbed about two rolls worth then fill two channels of a feeder that takes them to the wrapping station
    Another worker fills in the gaps ensuring each roll has 38 pieces
    The wrapping machine cuts printed translucent paper wrapping and applies a bead of glue to one edge
    In a matter of seconds, the Machine lifts the roll into the wrapper seals the edges and twist the ends closed
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