How to Rematch Challengers in Smash Ultimate

How to Rematch Challengers in Smash Ultimate
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    What's going on boys and girls what's up world Austin John plays here and today
    I'm gonna be showing you how you can rematch a challenger in Super Smash
    Brothers ultimate so a lot of people have been asking about this and in
    addition there isn't a lot of clear information on this so as you're playing
    through the game whether you're going into smash versus battles if you're
    doing my walking strategy which is the fastest way to unlock every character in
    Super Smash Brothers ultimate OOP or if you're going into classic mode to unlock
    every single character with the list that I compiled on how to do that it was
    also in that that Boop to video up there there is a chance that when you battle a
    new challenger that well that's not gonna go so well and by that I mean
    you're gonna lose you're gonna suck you're gonna die it's fine it's totally
    cool if you do lose against the Challenger you're gonna be seeing this
    prompt right here that basically says hey at some other point in time you're
    gonna be able to challenge the Challenger and then at a later point in
    time you go into games and more in the bottom right-hand corner you're gonna
    see a challengers approach mysterious fighters will sometimes appear to
    challenge you on the field of battle win the battle to add the fighter to the
    roster if you were defeated the first time you fought a new challenger you
    could challenge them to a rematch at a meeting place called the challengers
    approach if you lose a new challenger they'll reappear after a while
    be sure to check back often the exact amount of time it takes for this
    challengers approach I have no idea literally clueless I've tried a specific
    amount of matches I've tried a specific amount of walking I've tried a specific
    amount of time it's just kind of I'm sure there's like an exact formula to it
    but I can't find it so I would just agree check back often the best part of
    the challengers approach will one say for example you cleared classic mode and
    then you lost to dr. Mario like I did and I was just trying out new characters
    I was using Roy who have never used before and
    I learned that he's much different from Marth you just go to challengers
    approach oh we're gonna be facing Yuengling apparently I lost to him to
    forget to pick my character yes thought so I do get to pick my character so the
    best part about this is you're gonna be seeing who you're going up against and
    if there's a specific character that in your opinion would be better against who
    you're gonna be battling in this case I'm gonna be battling young link I can
    choose who I'd like so Kirby's my all well-rounded sonic will get in there
    fast Bowser's real bulky let's just bring
    Bowser in here because he's a tank he's actually a much faster tank in this game
    do keep in mind that the more characters you unlock the more difficult these
    challengers are gonna be for every mode except for world of light the world of
    light difficulty is based on well the difficulty that's rated at really I'm
    gonna hang on tingle no don't kill me Thank You turtle I knew I got Lulu's
    eggs for a good reason there we go great
    so in addition to every character that you're gonna be able to challenge is
    going to be more difficult than the last I decided I was gonna go through classic
    mode and try to unlock one at a time and so say for example I started as Mario
    and then I played through until I unlocked Sonic and then I played through
    a sonic and then I got I think was Bayonetta and then I played his
    Bayonetta and I got Little Mac and then Little Mac got Ike and then I got Luigi
    and then the Ouija got Roy I'm pretty sure that's how I did it and then I just
    played his Roy and I lost up against who I was going as dr. Mario that's who I
    lost him now you're gonna notice that I have a bunch more characters than the
    ones that I said that I unlocked that's because if you do classic mode it helps
    build up toward the unlock strategy that I mentioned in my previous video so I'm
    just playing as classic mode I haven't decided who I want to main as when I'm
    doing online battles I'm having a lot of luck as little Mac if I'm on a team just
    because they're really not expecting that be and I have a lot
    time to charge it up a vote I've always loved Sonic and Bowser link is pretty
    well-rounded as swordsmen I love Kirby cuz he's really easy to use
    Bayonetta is great she's obviously not as completely overpowered as she was in
    the last game I had a lot of fun with Ike I think I might try him out better
    actually that's my highest my highest score six point seven and then as I was
    unlocking people I just left classic mode I wanted to smash I did the self
    destruct turn the game off turn it back on and then I went through the
    challenger's that way because all the running that I'm doing in classic mode
    has helped building up toward my total distance ran which is great I'm
    essentially unlocking things twice as fast while having fun as Anna as I
    mentioned in the previous video if you're having fun the strategies could
    be even faster and better there's a whole bunch of people who left comments
    that are all like oh you don't need to do the running thing yeah that's cuz you
    did other stuff I'm talking about with a fresh profile you do that running and
    you're good if you're playing in classic mode or if you're playing world of light
    then you just go into smash you do the self-destruct you start restart and
    you're good also some people are having a little bit of difficulty as far as
    that I left a comment down below in my previous video about it if you go into
    language and you change your language it kind of does like a soft reset so yeah
    that just is a much faster way of closing out the game and restarting the
    game and now I'm in Spanish so Oh Super Smash oo hermanos yeah
    that's Spanish great Kirby
    yeah Holzer account like Bowser's name in Spanish loser and boom there we go we
    get al dente de Sofia and we are in brain Dora day we fit trainer that's
    that's what it says under Wii Fit trainer again not good at Spanish I
    failed Spanish 1 for 3 years and boom done
    and then of course you can just go back and you could either close out the game
    or you could go to bow no opciones
    idioma it sounds like idiot inglis see yes and that's just a soft reset of the
    game so it's a little bit faster not much faster but yeah you could do that
    some people were having trouble with the hole so closing the game and opening up
    that's an alternative but yeah so now I can just go back in here once again
    they're yours and err I missed him oh no I lost oh no I think it's really cool
    that they decided even if you don't win your vs. battle against the computer
    you're still gonna be able to challenge fighters like good move good move
    Sakurai Oh dad just win I just won great ice climbers joins the battle so yeah
    there we go guys that is how you reach challenge challengers in Super Smash
    Brothers ultimate do I have another one who reappeared nope he net reappear yet
    he would have been there in the bottom right but he's not there that's been
    wrapping up this video if you learned something new be sure to leave a like
    down below if you new to the channel be sure to subscribe turn on notifications
    if I find out a specific strategy to get the Challenger to reappear faster it's
    gonna be an opinion comment down below if you're new to the channel be sure to
    subscribe turn on notifications until next time Austin John out
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