Pick A Card Reading:🤔💭 Do They Think About Me, How Will I Know?🤔💭

Pick A Card Reading:🤔💭 Do They Think About Me, How Will I Know?🤔💭
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    hey and welcome to a picker car my name is Heather and this is the fluffy Oracle
    Channel for those of you who are just finding my videos welcome welcome
    and won't you please consider joining our happy family and consider
    subscribing this pick a card is gonna be all about does your person think about
    you love our props in your mind first do they think about you or do you have a
    person who's completely always stuck on your mind that you can't get out of your
    head for the life of you if so then this reading is for you we're gonna find out
    if they think about you how often they think about you if it's a lot or if it's
    a little bit and then we're gonna try and find out maybe a little bit about
    what their thoughts are we're along the lines of what their thoughts might be so
    for your choices today we have attica might we have a seashell and some
    citrine we also have Creed ight and then we have aqua angel corts for your
    choices so this will be pile one pile to pile three pile four if you need any
    extra time please feel free to go ahead and pause the video while I'm speaking
    know that time stamps will be down below in the description box for your
    convenience so that you can jump to your reading of your choice and also in the
    first comment for my mobile user so that you could just click on the number for
    whichever one you chose also if you are interested in any of these decks that I
    am using tonight with these cards and you like them I will have some affiliate
    links down below for you to check them out to see what they are and maybe if
    you'd like to purchase them how much they actually are so without further ado
    we're gonna jump in with our Attica Mike already so for my loves who chose Attica
    might let's see what we get fair answer these cards are going to determine your
    yes or no answer if I do not get a clear enough answer from these cards then I
    have another deck on standby to do a yes or no question for you to get a
    definitive answer and then the rest of the oracle cards will be a look behind
    that answer and also a look into their thoughts and
    their thought process hopefully alrighty so let's jump right in and see what we
    get for if your person thinks about you we have asked for help from others and
    we have no so this person technically doesn't think about you and I'm sorry
    too if that's not the answer that you wanted we're gonna find out why so
    what'd they ask for help from others card I feel like you need some time to
    heal from this person's relationship to you and I feel like they've put you out
    of their mind for now temporarily is what I get from this and I feel like
    they also need some space and time to heal from this because I feel like it
    was drawn back to our relationship between you two so let's get some
    thought process going so we have the faithful I have faith
    so with this I feel like this person may have lost a little bit of faith in the
    relationship between you two because they didn't trust enough or there wasn't
    enough trust between the two of you is what I get and then we have the
    meaningful mean what you say and do and say what earth excuse me and say and do
    what holds meaning for you so basically I feel like because of the lack of trust
    between this relationship with you guys I feel like they didn't believe half
    like it was I believe half of what you see and half of what you hear basically
    so they didn't really have a whole lot of faith in you and a whole lot of
    relation like faith in the relationship between you two as well because they
    didn't trust everything that you were saying and anything that you were
    showing them so I feel like they felt a little empty
    in this connection because this book has like no writing in it and it's empty and
    I get an empty feeling with this so I feel like this relationship didn't
    really have a whole lot of depth for them and that might be why and I feel
    like maybe didn't hold enough strong meaning as well for some of the things
    that you thought you might have had together and I know some of this can
    sound a little bit harsh but I am doing my best to try and help you through this
    so I have some extra messages to help you heal from this as well so
    let's get to those we have focused upon divine and perfect health God in
    Archangel Michael thank you for for continuously continuously reminding me
    to focus upon perfect health and for guiding my actions so that they support
    my well-being so with this I feel like with taking this time apart and trying
    to focus on yourself I feel like there's going to be something better for you out
    there and that you don't need to worry about this person any longer
    and that you need to try and focus on putting them out of your mind
    so that you're not dwelling on the relationship and also on this person we
    have leaned on God and the angels for support dear God and angels I give this
    whatever your situation is and I give you this situation now and completely I
    step out of the way and allow divine miracles to shine through everyone and
    everything involved so with this I feel like asking your angels for help and
    guidance and as well as your friends to help take your mind off of this and this
    relationship in this person is most needed at this time so I do hope that
    this answer is going to help you though let's see some shadow aspects to this
    and see what may be lurking behind it so we have movement I feel like you two had
    drifted apart because I really feel like the movement is more of a drift feeling
    because I'm really attracted to the water and like the flow of it and then
    the fact that the horse is moving I feel like there's a drift and a parting
    between you two that caused this and then we have growth I feel like one or
    both of you in this relationship relationship felt more alone than the
    other because they felt that the other person wasn't there for them whether
    it's you not being there for them or them not being there for you
    however this resonates with you is what the answer is and you will know you're
    the only one that would know that whether this person wasn't there for you
    or you weren't there for them enough to have that faith in that trust
    to keep you two from drifting apart and then we have playful so with this I felt
    like somebody was playing more games and being serious about this relationship
    and that I feel like it's for the greatest and highest good that you guys
    actually did split because who wants to be toyed with
    I think seriously you deserve better than to be toyed with and vice-versa but
    I'm pretty sure that it's you that got toyed with and played with and had your
    heart and feelings hurt because you I sense a very deep sadness from this and
    I feel like really hurt and aggravated from it from this because this person
    really annoyed the crap out of you by doing this to you and I also feel like
    they ghosted you so you're kind of wondering do they think about you and if
    they do what are their thoughts so I feel like that's kind of why you were
    drawn to this reading I feel like this person was very selfish as well and
    these are all channeled messages that I'm getting by the way I feel like this
    person was very shot very selfish and very just self-centered and not giving
    and I feel like this person kind of wasn't there for you and like there
    wasn't enough faith and trust between the two of you because I feel like this
    person toyed with you too much in order for there to be anything and I feel like
    that's why there was such an emptiness and why it was so easy for them to walk
    away from your relationship and why they don't think about you even though you're
    stuck thinking about them and feeling like you're left holding the bag here
    which is not fair to you you deserve better than that
    so let's do it healing messages we can give you I am free to be me so know that
    you are freed up for something better and that this was definitely needed to
    happen it says I see myself as being free I am free in my mind I am free in
    my body I'm free in my life so if you have to take some time to pause this and
    take a screenshot of it so that you can use this as an affirmation to help free
    you from this person and to help focus your mind someplace else and on yourself
    as well so that you can feel free as much as you need to and so that you can
    finally move forward alrighty I am welcomed with joy wherever I am
    people love working and being with me as I express my thoughts feelings and ideas
    they are welcomed and easily comprehended by others so know that it's
    okay to express yourself to your friends and lean on them to talk to and
    especially as a support system because I feel like that's most needed for you
    right now I love and accept myself look in the mirror and say I love and accept
    myself exactly as I am when I accept all of myself I am whole and healed so with
    this I feel like you know you deserve better but you have to convince yourself
    of that because I feel like right now that you feel like very unlovable even
    though you are very lovable and I'm like I know what I want to say what I'm
    having trouble articulating it because I kind of lost it when I started reading
    this is all about self-acceptance just because this person ditched you and
    ghost you doesn't mean you aren't worthy of love because you are they're just not
    worthy of your time and your sweetness and your and your love in my opinion I
    feel like you deserve better and that there will be better coming in shortly
    for you so these are your messages I do hope that this helped know that I love
    you and I will see you next video alrighty so for my love so chose the
    citrine and the seashell I'll pull these up so you can see exactly what these
    look like this is just really pretty I like the spiral in it and then the
    citrine crystal looks like this just a hint of yellow so you can see that so
    these cards are gonna get some clarity on if this person thinks about you a
    little bit of the shadow side behind their thoughts and reasons and a little
    bit more detail that you might not have seen some extra messages to help you
    with this and to help heal from this if it's not exactly how you wanted it to go
    and also these will be the thoughts and reason behind the
    sir and these will give us a definitive yes or no if these do not give us a
    definitive yes or no I do have a backup deck to do a yes or no question with
    some playing cards so let's divert it in and see what we
    get here we have yes this person definitely thinks about you and then we
    have choose a new direction so with this I feel like this is going to give you
    some clarity and finally kind of open your mind as to what's been going on and
    why you keep thinking about this person because they keep thinking about you
    because I feel like there's a basic telepathic communication or connection
    between you two and I feel like you guys are basically if you're not twins
    you're definitely strong soulmates and you have a telepathic communication
    because I'm extremely drawn to her crown chakra and the fact that she's balancing
    two orbs here one is you one is them and I feel like
    you guys are divinely connected and telepathically connected and I feel like
    your higher selves also communicate to one another and that your angels also
    help facilitate this especially in dream time so if that makes sense
    this message is definitely for you and you've come to the right place remember
    to always take whatever resonates if it does not please leave it on the floor
    for somebody else let's get some insight into their thoughts process and what's
    going on so we have the careful take good care of yourself I feel like this
    is giving you a peace of mind and that they have peace of mind and they like to
    relax and think about you in their spare time because I feel like they miss you
    and like they have a longing for you as well and I feel like they want to send
    you some messages soon because I'm really attracted to the birds then we
    have the lazy fool have confidence I feel like this person is a little bit
    lazy as to why they haven't reached out yet because they're debating in their
    mind do I really want to can't I just wait for them they're just basically
    lazy and they need a little bit of motivation hopefully that will happen
    soon and I'm pretty sure that spirits going to motivate them because I
    just heard that their spirits gonna motivate them pretty soon so know that
    you can expect some messages soon to come from them because they've been
    thinking about you and I feel like they're also gonna open up and tell you
    exactly how they've been feeling and thinking about you and it'll be a giant
    confirmation for you from them so let's get some extra messages into this and
    see what's going on behind the scenes we have lust this person may think of some
    naughty thoughts mm-hmm that worries you or both of you I feel like this
    connection is kind of weird like one of you starts thinking really lusty
    thoughts and then the other one starts getting a ping and they're like you
    basically if they start thinking less lustful thoughts then you get like kind
    of them popping up in your mind and you're just like why am i thinking about
    them all of a sudden even though you were just doing something else like work
    like doing something at work or eating or just something random and then all of
    a sudden they pop in your mind it's because they're having these lustful
    thoughts and that it's causing like this storm of emotion in them and it's
    stirring up a lot of feelings inside them because we have chaos but I'm
    really attracted to this storm causing a stir of emotions in them and causing
    their feelings to stir and then we have the fledgling I feel like they sit there
    and they also daydream about you quite a lot as well and they imagine what like
    what things would be like and how they would talk to you and have conversations
    with you in their mind already so I feel like that's also a way for them to
    communicate with you as well like if you start having thoughts it might answer
    some of your questions when you're thinking about them if they pop in your
    head randomly as well which might make a little bit of sense but that's what I'm
    getting so let's see what we got from the Archangel Michael cards we have be
    gentle with yourself Archangel Michael please guide me in treating myself with
    gentle nurturing love in everything I think speak into help me know that I do
    that I deserve this compassion I release any feelings of guilt to you so that I
    may experience lasting inner peace so with this I feel like
    you're able to finally relax and be a little bit more gentle on yourself and
    know that you're not going start crazy that this person actually does really
    think about you and that this is for a reason as to why you keep having them
    pop up in your mind we have it's time to leave the this unhealthy situation
    Archangel Michael what parts of my life do I need to focus on more closely right
    now thank you for helping me hear your answers and for giving me the courage to
    make healthy changes in my life so with this I feel like not focusing so much so
    hard is what's called for it this time and to finally relax and put your mind
    at ease and have trust and faith in the divine for them helping motivate this
    person to finally reach out to you and get off their lazy butts in order to
    reach out alrighty so let's get some extra healing messages for you and some
    extra possible guidance we have I accept all that I have created for myself I am
    a divine magnificent expression of life and I deserve the very best
    I accept miracles I accept healing I accept wholeness and most of all I
    accept myself know that you are truly worthy of this love that's coming in for
    you and that you are very deserving of love no matter what and no matter what
    anyone else says you deserve love and also I feel like being a little more
    gentle towards yourself and accepting yourself and having some more confidence
    or stuff in yourself is most needed as well I am connected with a higher power
    the wisdom and intelligence of the universe isn't mine excuse me his mind
    he use I trust in life to support me so trust the universe to do what it needs
    to do and to help you and help this person guide them back to you alright I
    treat myself with unconditional love even though it may take time for this
    person to come once you take your mind off it the time
    will go a lot faster for you so I treat myself with unconditional
    love breeds I am precious excuse me I am a precious being loved by the universe
    as I increase the love I have marked for myself so too does the universe so love
    yourself as much as you would love somebody else
    and then that love will be returned to you tenfold is when I hear with that so
    because basically how you gonna love somebody else if you can't love yourself
    is what I just heard all righty so these are your messages I do hope that this
    helped and I will see you next video
    all righty so for my loves who chose the Creed ight let's see what we get for you
    these messages right here our cards excuse me right here are gonna give us
    the yes-or-no answer if it does not give me a definitive yes or no I do have a
    backup deck to do a guess or not pull these over here are some extra messages
    for you as well as these for any healing or any Ford insight these are some
    shadow aspects that might be kind of like lurking around possibly that we
    aren't unaware of or that spirit in the universe are helping us with and then
    these over here are also a look at the person's thoughts and what they possibly
    are thinking about you or not thinking and why so we have looked for a sign and
    then we have recovery so with this I feel like you've been racking your brain
    and racking your brain trying to figure out does this person really really think
    about me why do I keep having them in my mind and it kind of dependability to you
    a little bit and keeps you from focusing on yourself and kind of recovering and
    healing yourself and getting enough energy and enough sleep because I feel
    like it keeps you up at night so let's get you a definitive answer of
    yes or no what the yes or no phone so these are just regular playing cards I'm
    gonna do a three-card pull now for yes it's gonna be read so if there's more
    red than black then the answer is yes if there's more black than obviously the
    answer is No so let's see what we get for a yes-or-no
    answer does this person think about you
    know this person does not think about you why because we have more black and
    then we have red so let's figure out their thought process and get to the
    bottom of why these people do not think about you and why they might be possibly
    on your mind so much to help give you some peace of mind so that you can get
    some extra rest and finally recover all that wasted energy upon this person so
    we have the drunken fool sober up so with this I feel like they just kind of
    like to be inebriated just gonna put that out there they just they don't want
    to be sober enough or like serious enough basically in order to stick
    around and actually put meaning into this relationship or any kind of logical
    thought into anything I feel like they just want to just goof off and that's it
    and just party all the time so that they don't have to think about the serious
    things in life and take responsibility for their actions so we have the Rekluse
    fool step away from the world and seek solitude so I feel like for you the best
    bet for you is to withdraw from this person and take it away from their
    toxicity because I feel like if they are inebriated a lot of the time that is a
    toxic substance basically it's an addiction and it's also like it lowers
    your vibration and causes some negativity and it can also cause them to
    say some things that they don't actually really mean or it can
    actually cause them to say some things that they do mean that they really
    haven't said to you while they were sober and it can cause a lot more pain
    than good and it can also really wreak havoc on your emotions so let's see what
    the shadow aspect so this is we have rigid so with this I feel like the
    reason behind this and being this way for that is so that they can put up a
    wall so that they don't have to deal with what they most need to deal with
    and then we have fun fulfilment it's blocking you from having a fulfilling
    relationship with this person and it's also stressing you out to the point
    where you really need to take and walk away and take that time for yourself and
    let them figure out their own problems and then maybe come back to you at once
    like after a time and when they've sobered up finally and are able to
    finally face their problems or issues and deal with the real world and then we
    have message so with this I feel like when you step away from them I feel like
    you'll hear from them shortly after and them apologizing to you as well because
    I feel like they'll have actually you know taking a moment to slow down and
    think oh dear I really screwed up I need to go and talk to this person and
    apologize for my actions is what I get with this so let's see what we have to
    hear from Archangel Michael about this we have the person you're asking about
    is trustworthy thank you for helping me have faith so I can open my heart wider
    in my relationships I am grateful for your protection ensuring that only
    trustworthy people are in my life so I feel like he's helping you to cut this
    person actually out of your life because you need to have more trust and faith in
    yourself instead of this person because I feel like they aren't as trustworthy
    as you think they are and that you are the more trustworthy one but I feel like
    he's basically helping you to cut this out so that you no longer have to deal
    with their toxicity and any negativity all right so it's kind of like opposite
    of exactly what the card says because that's I read intuitively and that's
    exactly what I got from it so we have energy healing work thank you for
    sending healing energy to me through me for my own blessings and for the all
    those around me thank you for connecting me to loving
    and high integrity healers and teachers of energy healing modalities so with
    this I feel like when you go with and it'll help you to regain the strength
    and peace of mind that you most need to help you get that rest instead of having
    sleepless nights worrying about this person and what's going on with them and
    actually let you take a break and step back from that because I feel like the
    more you worry about this person the more it's gonna absorb your energy and
    the more it's gonna drain you and it's gonna be a lot harder for you to recover
    from this so let's get some extra healing messages for you we have I am
    open to receptivity I believe in myself I say affirmations that reflect what I
    already excuse me what I really deserve so know that you already had these
    things and try and have that mind set so that you can have be open to receiving
    the healing that you actually really need and the energy back to you once
    you've disconnected from this person we have I follow my inner wisdom I am at
    peace with my own being I love myself and trust that I am making the right
    choices know that you're making the right decision to step away from this
    person and to let them deal with their own inner demons and actually finally
    come to reality and come to you for once and to apologize you it's mo it's what's
    most needed and it's the lesson that they need to actually really learn right
    now is what I hear I am a harmonious being everything I do say or think is in
    harmony with the truth there is perfect and continuous right action in my life
    and my affairs so trust the the actions that you're
    taking right now are the right by walking away and clearing out any old
    negative thoughts or like any negative residue or feelings from this and know
    that you're making the right choice in order to do this and that you will be at
    that much stronger for making this right choice so these are your messages I do
    hope that this helps if you need any extra help please let me know down below
    and I can try and do the best that I can to answer you and to help you out know
    that I love you and I will see you next video
    have a blessed one all righty so for my loves who chose the Aqua or Accords
    let's see what we get these cards will give us the yes-or-no answer if this
    person thinks about you some extra healing guidance along with these
    there's some Shep yeah some shadow aspects to see what may be lying
    underneath or behind the situation to bring that to light some of their
    thoughts and also the reason why they may be thinking about you if we cannot
    get a definitive yes or no from these two cards right here I also have a
    backup deck to do a yes or no poll just in case I already so we have a year from
    now and unlikely so this is a no for me I really feel a big no and that I think
    that they will look back on this a year from now and realize that they've made a
    mistake in kind of walking away from you and wasting and burning a bridge between
    you two and I feel like they are definitely going to be reaping whatever
    they have sown with you by walking away and realizing that it was a very very
    very large mistake and that they will definitely regret this is what I hear I
    hate to say it like that but I really feel like they're making a big mistake
    by walking away and burning this bridge with between you two whether this is a
    relationship or a friendship or a family member I really feel like they've made a
    very very huge mistake by burning this bridge and walking away from you even
    though they may not think of you I feel like it's a very selfish reason and I
    feel like they are a very selfish individual and that all they care about
    is me and that and then that means there's
    no room for anything else and I feel like you worry about this person a great
    deal and wonder if they are capable of thinking about anything other than just
    themselves so let's get some extra insight into
    what their thoughts process might be and what's behind this we have the forceful
    ultra power comes from spirit I feel like you've been hanging on to hope for
    a long time with this person but I feel like you're slowly giving up and losing
    your grip and getting carried away with the current is what I feel from this
    because I feel like he's hanging on for dear life but he's not being able to
    hold his grip for very much longer because I feel like this current and the
    water is way too strong for him and that's how I feel like it's feeling for
    you right now the painful face your pain I feel like this person walked away
    because they have a lot of anger and resentment about a lot of issues that
    are deep-seated and they may not all have to do with you but I feel like
    they're taking it out on you and a very very unfair way and I feel like it's
    causing you more pain than good when you think about them and worry about them
    and try to assert yourself into their life where you have no business of being
    anymore you know in their - in their mind they feel like you have no business
    being there anymore so that's why they've cut you off and walked away and
    tried to burn this bridge between the two of you by pissing you off enough to
    push you away I feel like it's most needed for you to say you know what fuck
    it I'm done wash your hands event walk away you
    deserve better you know you deserve better the energy from this actually
    really aggravates me and it makes me really like that's when I get like this
    I feel like I'm rooting for the underdog that's my mentality that's my momma
    Berenice coming out because I care for you guys and I feel like you guys
    deserve better and I feel like you need to know that so let's get some shadow
    aspects we have the moon there's a lot that you don't know about because this
    person has kept it from you they've kept a lot of hidden secrets
    they've just they've they've kept so much from you
    and there's so much you don't know and you don't understand and it's also
    driving you nuts that you don't know what's going on with this person and why
    because you don't have an answer it so that you don't have closure I feel like
    they've told a lot of lies to you and been very deceitful with you and I feel
    like they are very negative and that they've talked a lot of crap about you
    to other people and made you look in a very negative light to others and I feel
    like that's not fair to you just so that they could burn that bridge even more
    just to walk away so that they could cut you off and have everybody else kind of
    cut you up too don't let this person do that to you you're better than that
    you're not what they say loyalty they have loyalty only to themselves and this
    card proves it right here at least that's what it feels like to me but what
    I feel like you need to do is have self laurel tea to yourself as well just like
    they have loyalty only to themselves have it for yourself give yourself that
    much respect and dignity and walk away let them learn their lesson the hard way
    alright because this is what's most needed right now and I feel like there
    is going to be one major rude awakening a year from now if there isn't it's
    gonna be within the next within 2019 I feel like there's gonna be a very rude
    awakening for this person and it's going just like that and it's just gonna teach
    him that lesson and they're gonna come crying back to you and that's when you
    need to stand your ground you need to stay loyal intro to yourself
    and be like you know what you burnt that bridge you learn your lesson you made
    your bed now go sleep in it just saying
    so let's get you some extra healing guidance from Archangel Michael we have
    this is your life's purpose Archangel Michael you know that the details of my
    divine life purpose and I asked and I asked you to help me be aligned with my
    goals please clearly guide my actions so that
    I'm taking the best steps to fully manifest my wonderful and meaningful
    career so with this I feel like taking your that yourself away from this person
    and focusing on yourself and making your
    world all about you is what's most needed and that that is part of your
    life's purpose so that you can move forward and have success in your life
    right now because I feel like you are needed elsewhere
    and that it's part of your life divine purpose to be that else that place
    elsewhere alrighty so you got to let this person go it says use your
    imagination and you'll see the answer and you'll see the answer sorry dear God
    thank you for granting me the wisdom and the creativity to see your miracles
    in new and unexpected ways I am grateful and gracefully xri gratefully and
    gracefully accept and appreciate your help with this situation whatever the
    current situation is that you're going through right now open up to God and
    source and the universe or whatever it is that you believe in and accept that
    they're there to help you and ask for their help is what this cards asking you
    to do so let's get you some extra affirmation guidance and some extra love
    because we I love you guys I really do I feel like you guys deserve the best and
    nothing but I deserve good in my life yes you really do I wholeheartedly
    believe that you really deserve better in life I am willing to go beyond I'm
    willing to go beyond my own limitations I am wonderful and I deserve and accept
    all the good that life has to offer yes you do know that believe that hear it
    take a screenshot of it so that you can recite this every day is a lifelong
    affirmation to help uplift yourself and know that you do that you deserve good
    in life I am in the right place wherever I go and whoever whomever I meet I find
    my own love and my highest good waiting for me see the love in this situation
    kiss it goodbye heal it and forgive them and let them go and forgive yourself and
    know that you're headed in the right direction
    and be able to be open to the next person and the next situation that comes
    into your life because you are meant to be there to help them heal and to help
    them move forward as well as them to help you heal and move forward as it
    it's part of your divine life purpose I bless my family with love I love and
    accept each member of my wonderful family
    they in turn love and adore me all is well in my world so keep that in mind if
    this person is a family member of yours that you need to be able to release
    I feel like wish them well wish them love I wish them luck but do the same
    for you as well and be gentle and forgive yourself for
    walking away and doing what's right for you because it's what's most needed
    alrighty and know that it's okay to do this because they will learn their
    lesson the hard way and then they will come back and they will apologize and
    that is when you need to be lawyer to yourself and stand strong and be like I
    wish I could help you but you have to learn this lesson yourself and let them
    complete the lesson you can still be there for them and support them but do
    not let them overrun you and do not let them take advantage of it because if you
    just let them back in so easily it's not gonna it's gonna defeat the purpose and
    it's not gonna help them learn the lesson that they need to be learning
    right now and in that year from now all right
    the lessons are there for a reason so these are your messages I do hope that
    they resonated know that I love you very much and that you deserve nothing but
    the best I love you and have a blessed one and I will see you next video
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