Bất ngờ với cách H'hen Nie xài tiền | How H'hen Nie spends money may shock you

Bất ngờ với cách H'hen Nie xài tiền | How H'hen Nie spends money may shock you
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    Hi H'Hen, there is a topic asking what have you done for your parents before 30?
    So what are your achievements?
    Before 30, now I'm 26 years old, so I still have 4 years left. Let's choose before 26.
    I did
    What has H'Hen Niê done for parent before 30?
    I think I have filial piety for parent.
    It does not mean we have to serve, take care of our parent.
    It does mean when you choose to live happily, your parent knows we are happy.
    that's how we show our filial piety to parents.
    For material aspect, I just paid off debt for my family.
    And I'm going to renovate our house to make it more convenient.
    These are things I am supporting my family.
    Is it a big amount of debt?
    For farmers, an amount of hundreds of millions VND is huge.
    As you know if you are hired for occasions, the fee is just 90.000-120.000VND.
    Or even tough jobs, they are paid only 150.000VND.
    With that low earnings, the debt of hundreds of millions is huge.
    How long did you pay?
    When I began my model career, my family has not borrowed anymore.
    And every earnings was used to buy fertilizer and food, and make ends meet.
    After I won the crown, I focused on pay off debt and support my family's living.
    People tend to go travel with parents, or buy expensive food for them. Do you think of them?
    I thought of them but they are not suitable for my family which has lots of children.
    I have lots of siblings that I have to take care of.
    As I talked to my parent, 'You took care of me then it's my turn to take care back to my siblings'.
    It may be costly not simple.
    However, if in the future, there is something necessary and my parent likes it, I will buy for them.
    My dad just likes normal things such as bikes, which cost 2-3 millions VND only.
    But I would like to buy bike costing tens of millions.
    Since I wish to and I want my dad have a safe bike.
    This is the bike that H'hen bought for her dad.
    which he rides every evenings around the town.
    until twilight.
    For travel, I also wish to go to Europe for example.
    for them to see snow.
    When I was a student, my biggest dream was bringing them to see beaches.
    I did it!
    And now i want them to see snow.
    I also hope them will be healthy to travel with me around the world.
    What is the most expensive gift you bought for your parent?
    For my dad, they are cellphone and bike.
    For mom, it is a necklace.
    What you would like to do for them in the future?
    I want a lot.
    Like I mentioned, I want to renovate our house.
    A convenient house.
    I see a lot convenient things in Ho Chi Minh city.
    such as washer, fridge, a kitchen, very functioning.
    I want I can do that for them to make them comfortable.
    No more being busy to find firewood but having a cooker to make meals.
    Or have a cozy house.
    Not a house that they are living in which wind can go through every corners.
    With a limited time for parent, what do you do for them when you are holding a special role?
    We are able to balance it.
    When my mom missed me, it was not really wanting to see me.
    I was living far from my family 7-8 years ago.
    So everytime they don't want to stay at home, they will themselves go to Ho Chi Minh city to see me.
    Then I have time for my family,
    And I spent a lot time to speak to them via Facetime.
    It makes me feel I am home, I hear and see clearly what my parents are doing.
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