How to Create Drop-Down Menus Instead of Tabs for Your BREW Link Boxes | 2018

How to Create Drop-Down Menus Instead of Tabs for Your BREW Link Boxes | 2018
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    Hello, this is Catherine Chadwick, project manager for Ballen Brands, and today I'm going
    to show you how to create a dropdown menu instead of tabs for your BREW link boxes on
    your showcase pages.
    So as you'll see, I have the locations page up for this BREW, and by default it has the
    tabbed menu options where you can go to other places and yours may have price ranges or
    features they would branch out according to what has been filled out on your showcase
    So in order to adjust those on the main locations page, you would go to your dashboard should
    already have that open here and you're gonna want to go to BREW and content settings.
    Once you're there, you want to scroll down until you see the showcase settings options.
    Then you'll see category box style override and you're going to want to open that dropdown
    and choose selectable.
    Then go up and update the page, and I'm going to just refresh the locations page that I
    have open and you'll see that now we have the dropdowns selectable option instead of
    the tabs.
    Now you do have another option as well.
    I'm going back to BREW and content settings.
    You can also choose to have them stacked, so I'll show you what that looks like, update,
    and then we will reload this page and there you can see now they're stack.
    Should you choose that you want to go back to tab, select tabbed, updated again, and
    then we will reload the page.
    You can see it's right back to tab.
    Now let's say you wanted to do this on an individual page.
    I just clicked the county page and let's say you wanted this to change.
    You would edit the showcase.
    When you're logged into your WordPress dashboard, you'll see this black bar at the top.
    Just edit the showcase and you'll see at the bottom of the page,
    once we scroll down past the content, the BREW showcase options.
    Again, you have a box here.
    It's going to be body fault.
    Oh,it's going to be by default.
    Use a WordPress customizer settings.
    That's what going to show, and then you can choose here the options and save the page
    and that will update individual pages to have the sort of many that you would like.
    So I hope you found this helpful, like she liked the videos, subscribe to our channel
    and come back again for more helpful tips for your BREW and IDX Broker.
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