How To Lower Ping In Fortnite (How I Went From 100 To 0 Ping)

How To Lower Ping In Fortnite (How I Went From 100 To 0 Ping)
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    hey guys in this video I'm going to be explaining how you can dramatically
    reduce your ping in fortnight before I carried out these methods are used to
    get a minimum of 60 ping this sometimes went up to 100 plus but now I get
    consistently low ping the max I get is around 30 which some people would love
    and most games I play on under 10 pay
    before we get into the video make sure you smash the hell out of that like
    button subscribe to the channel and turn on my post notification so you don't
    miss any of my future uploads it also helps me and the channel out a lot I
    hope you guys enjoy the video so you guys that have clicked the video
    probably already know why you would like low ping and that is because it can
    offer a competitive advantage when playing games like fortnight you will
    see this in the following clip so as you can see when on low ping you will be
    able to block everyone's bullets when they are trying to shoot you through a
    wall this is basically because you either have the same or better ping than
    your opponent but as you can see in the next example when you have a much higher
    ping than your opponent bullets can actually glitch for your walk
    so before we get into the tips let me explain to you the two types of lag
    we have fps and network lag FPS lag is where the game appears laggy because you
    are getting low frames / fps I actually have another video on my channel on how
    to dramatically increase FPS so I will link that down in the description for
    you guys that are struggling with fps related lag Network lag is where there
    is a problem with the network for example if you're playing on North
    American servers and you're from Europe your latency often referred to as your
    ping time maybe high latency is the time it takes for your computer to
    communicate with the server lag often refers to the delay caused by
    consistently high latency or you can also feel like when your ping jumps from
    low it's a high in a matter of seconds you can also experience lag spikes where
    everyone else in the game appears to pause in place followed by their
    characters teleporting or racing to new locations as the game receives updates
    in any game you only do not want lag because it affects your competitiveness
    you will struggle to play well with such high ping as there will be delays and if
    you are coming up against someone with much lower ping they have a massive
    advantage on you even if you are the better player so guys let's jump into
    the tips so my first tip guys is to definitely try and go down the wired /
    Ethernet cable route rather than Wi-Fi this is because it is much better than
    Wi-Fi and it can offer up to 10 gigabits per second more if you have a cat 6 plus
    Ethernet cable so I actually have a category 7 Ethernet cable and this is
    what I feel has improved my connection the most because I used to play on Wi-Fi
    and it never used to be that stable but literally this cat 7 is one of the best
    Ethernet cables you can get and you're having the wired connection so it's the
    like two pros so you could get these cheapo families in this is actually the
    ethernet cable I have and here we have the ethernet cables with all the
    categories in a comparison picture as you can see category 7 is the best one
    out of all the cables so that's why I chose to buy that one and there's not
    actually that much of a price difference in these you might think category sevens
    way more expensive but all these Ethernet cables are pretty cheap and
    affordable so the cons of the ethernet the only con I can really think of is it
    does look messy especially if you're like myself I actually gain from my
    bedroom and my rotor is downstairs so there would have to be a cable your
    ethernet cable going from upstairs all the way to downstairs so what I've
    actually done is I've made the cable go underneath all my carpet you can
    actually do this by just pulling up your carpet you might not want to do this you
    might want to pay someone to do it or get a family member to do it but all you
    want to do is just pull up the carpet and basically pin the wire to the floor
    and basically it goes from under my carpet and then I clipped it onto the
    bottom of my stair railing so it's invisible and then once it gets
    downstairs it's also then goes under the carpet again and then into the back on
    my router so you can actually hide this if you want to or you could put it
    through like the walls and stuff but that's like a much bigger job yeah so if
    you want an easier solution just to hide the wire definitely think about putting
    it under your carpet as it looks clean but and you're getting a much better
    signal but there are a lot of more cons for Wi-Fi basically there's dropped
    signals occasionally Wi-Fi will lose the signal and have to reacquire it this may
    not be a big deal for daily browsing or even streaming videos which gets
    buffered on the local device because the reacquisition happens quickly but if you
    play online games it can get pretty irritating
    there's also high latency increase interference can mean high latency has
    also lowered speeds more interference also means lower signal quality which
    results in lower connection speeds in summary with Wi-Fi there's a bit more of
    a delay when signals travel back and forth between a Wi-Fi device and your
    wireless router with a wired to Ethernet connection there is much less latency so
    guys if you are told you can't have Ethernet or there is other reasons for
    not one to net the best if an out alternative would probably be power
    lines these can be picked up for quite cheap at many stores these are a sort of
    wireless wired hybrid I know that sounds weird but bear with me this is basically
    a combination of both you basically plug both receivers into wall sockets one
    near the router and one in your room then you get the two ethernet cables
    plug one into the router and the powerline and then do the same thing in
    your room powerline - PC the powerline uses the
    copper wire in your house to transmit the signal to the other powerline I've
    never actually used it personally but I read reviews before going down the
    ethernet route and there were some really good reviews so guys if you are
    going to go down the white fo route make sure you are as close to the rotor slash
    modem device as possible things such as wolves and doors that stand between you
    and your rotor are obstacles that interfere with the Wi-Fi signal which
    was perhaps why when I used to play on Wi-Fi I saw an improvement in ping when
    I used to play with my door open opposed to shut so guys these tips are going to
    be more PC specific but for the console players and other players stay tuned
    because there will be more tips for you later in the video so all you want to do
    is go to your search menu and search for CMD and run as administrator and then
    all you want to do is type the things that I'm displaying on screen and I've
    included a live example of this in the video to help you guys out further
    to do this next step you're gonna have to go to your epics games launcher and
    go to the settings and then there will be an option like uninstall or cancel
    beta what this will do this will take you back to the old epics games launcher
    and this is only because I don't know how to do I need a new epic game
    launcher so as you see you've got the big green buttons then launch you then
    just want to go to the COG wheel and then they'll be a drop-down then you
    just want to go to the settings and then you'll see this box here and then all
    you want to type is - limit client tix so the next tip is pretty
    self-explanatory but some people may have changed this setting by accident
    and may this may be what is causing them to get high paying so it is to make sure
    your matchmaking region on fortnight is set correctly for example if you're from
    UK like myself make sure you are on any servers if you're on the east coast of
    America make sure you're on an AE servers and if you are on the west coast
    to make sure you are on na W servers so the next tip I have for you guys is to
    disable your windows updates these normally download automatically in the
    background and take up the majority of your bandwidth leaving you with high
    paying these updates can happen free or more times a week which may be the
    reason you start lagging out of nowhere to turn this off just type in Windows
    updates in the search bar go to Windows Update settings and then go to advanced
    settings and then choose your preferred settings as I cannot decide what you
    want for your updates you can see the settings I have chosen on screen so the
    next tip some people turn on their PC and starts a game straight away and as
    many of you are aware on PC there's always lots of black grounds
    applications running or applications that are running due to them being
    automatically started up when starting your PC for example steam and discords
    if these are unneeded you can easily turn these off from your task manager
    task manager also shows what is taken up your network on the far right column so
    guys she may have tried most of these tips and sometimes the problem lays with
    your internet provider and not from anything you have done wrong so go to and see your ping download and upload speed and compare these to
    the ones you are guaranteed by your internet provider if your internet is
    underperforming you should contact them as they are obligated to provide you the
    minimum speed of the package
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