How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle | 8 Tips for Beginners

How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle | 8 Tips for Beginners
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    hi guys good morning hey you are seeing me in all my glory first thing in the
    morning no makeup here's semi dirty but that's how close
    we are I don't mind today I wanted to make a
    video but a realistic one about how to get on that healthy lifestyle train all
    of us have these resolutions of getting fitter and healthier and eating cleaner
    and I find that whenever I watch those videos on YouTube it's always like such
    unrealistic recommendations for someone like me that wakes up multiple times of
    night because I have to take care of a baby or it gets up really earlier has
    like need to go to work and just like do a lot of a bunch of different things I
    wanted to basically compile like suggestions that I'm gonna take you
    through with me throughout the day so you see how I'm actually fitting them in
    and hopefully inspire you to start implementing those little goals into
    your lifestyle for yourself I wanted to say huge thank you to eight fit for
    sponsoring and collaborating with me on this video if it is a mobile app that
    lets you customize your meals and your workouts now let's get to the tips so
    first of the day is workouts you can't avoid it if you want to get healthier if
    you want to get in shape you've got to move your body especially the way we
    operate today most of us are sitting and not moving as much as we should to me
    it's unrealistic to go to the gym every single day and spending two hours with
    the commute and change and shower and this endless and and get a workout in
    once I wake up in the morning and if I had a rough night or I know that I have
    a really busy day I'm thinking about this whole like time investment and
    that's my biggest excuse that basically stops me from going and working out so
    the hack that I've been using for a while now
    is using a set if you guys watch any of my health and fitness videos it fit has
    been part of my routine for a while now I love the app and it's a very easy way
    to get that workout in for people that don't have the time and want to just get
    a workout in at home without any equipment necessary you can customize
    your workouts and your meals but that we're going to get to later my workout
    today is the time interval full-body and this is perfect because it's nine
    minutes along and you will burn 252 calories that's it you can start so
    let's get going for me it's really all about getting that effective workout in
    that will suit my lifestyle the biggest mistake that a lot of people do is that
    they commit to doing with some exercises or classes or start with the doesn't fit
    their lifestyle doesn't have room in their schedule and it's just I feel like
    stresses you out makes you feel like a failure because you haven't like
    achieved what you promised yourself you would so to make sure we avoid all of
    that just make sure that you choose a workout and a fitness routine that suits
    the way you lead your life it doesn't need to disrupt it so be mindful of that
    when planning your fitness goals
    it's very important for me to mention that you guys also need to ease into
    things I mean you don't need to go hardcore there's obviously more complex
    workouts on 8/5 but I'm just getting back into kind of my fitness journey
    after the pregnancy and I want to make sure that I don't like tell my body I
    want to make sure that I'm being mindful of the way I move so I'm starting slowly
    this is an amazing like good workout a quick one did you just squeeze in every
    morning and then once I'm gonna feel stronger and more capable I'm gonna keep
    pushing kind of my limits and try something that is a little more
    challenging for me you have to be mindful of the fact that it's a journey
    and try a lot of different things so you can try yoga you can try Tabata you
    might hate yoga you might hate something else and you might love habit I like you
    never know so you have to keep trying different things to see something that
    works for you and that's in general I find that you know some people they go
    to like a class and then they hate it and then it kind of drop their whole
    resolutions of getting fitter you have to first of all to do three times each
    class and police to see if you really hate it or it was just uncomfortable but
    it gets better with every time and try a bunch of different classes to see what
    works for you what you enjoy you have to find something that you enjoy the reason
    why I keep putting myself in ridiculous situations like signing myself up for a
    hip hop class and stuff like that is because it's just another way to move my
    body and it's something that I don't know I'm gonna enjoy but I wanted to try
    to see if I will enjoy and I loved it and I can't wait to do it again so try
    different things and fall in love with something that you're actually excited
    to do it's always gonna be challenging once you stick to it it becomes like
    this fuel for your body so that's definitely
    tip that I had to mention and now after my little workout session it's time to
    get some food in here because I'm starving
    another tip I wanted to mention that's very important is you know how like our
    bad habits like eating junk food and all those kind of things are so easy because
    you know when you want to let's say eat something and you know they're preparing
    a healthy meal is such a big fuss so you opt for kind of the bad habits
    so something that's been working for me is making healthy habits just easier so
    reducing the amount of steps you need to make to make those happen so let's say
    when you want to grab a snack instead of going grabbing those ships having like a
    bowl of fruits on your counter it's just an easier way for you just to grab and I
    think about it too much the same goes if you want to start let's
    say doing a lemon with water in the morning so before I would just get so
    lazy to cut the lemon so now before I go to sleep or even in the morning the
    first thing I'll do I'll just like put a lemon and a glass of water so it's just
    in front of me and I'm already like doing it or the same thing with lemon
    juice or even like celery juicing because I started doing that in the
    morning now to kind of test it out like I'll wash all the celery and I'll keep
    it in the fridge in a ziploc and then at night I'll just put it out or scary to
    put it out and then when I come down it's just in front of me and all I need
    to do is put it in the juicer so things like that just minimizes the amount of
    steps you need to take to make good decisions it's very good X aim thing
    goes to putting out your workout clothes or putting your running shoes at the
    front so when you come downstairs you see those running shoes you like ha I
    can go for a little walk right now why not get shoes already there palms up
    while I'm here holding my phone is something that I started doing and I'm
    still practicing I'm by no means mastered this but I think it's such an
    important habit to master and it's a digital detox it's very difficult
    especially for someone like me we're creating content is my job and content
    is everywhere all the time around me so it's very tempting to constantly have
    your phone on but honestly I've learned that detaching myself as much as
    possible and like looking at it as work or you know making sure that I have the
    time for like social scrolling or just keeping in touch with friends through
    social media but I do make sure that in the evenings I try to cut it off so
    probably around 8 p.m. I put it away at night I started getting into the habit
    of putting in a play mode and charging it in the bathroom throughout the day I
    sometimes will put my phone away in another room when I'm focusing on doing
    a certain job or tasks or shooting a video so I'm trying to find those
    pockets throughout the day where I can just take this away from me
    food is a crucial part of getting healthier and reaching your goals
    whether it's get stronger fitter or lose weight whatever it is because you know
    when exercise is super important but it's honestly I have to say 80%
    diet 20% movement and it really goes so so well together
    so with diet you want to make sure that you try to cook at home
    as much as possible I know that it's really tempting to order in or to step
    out for restaurants especially for Gary and I because that's basically our only
    time to actually spend like quiet time one-on-one but I am trying to be mindful
    cooking as many dinners and lunches as you can at home even if it means three
    or four times a week that's a good start so if you're like me and you're not a
    fan of cooking and don't know your way around the kitchen and don't understand
    how to put things together to make them taste good that's why I love using eight
    fit to really give me inspiration keep me on track
    give me some simple and very basic meals and I'm gonna show you some of the meal
    plan that I've built myself so when I go on the meals portion on the meal section
    you can customize your meals and today we have breakfast lunch snack dinner and
    you can change skip customize it which is amazing so let's say maple chia
    overnight oats too late for that so I want to change for something that is
    easier for me to do and that I have all the ingredients like this banana
    chocolate porridge this is a five minutes it's energy booster it has all
    the right things that I want after my workout to give me energy and to fill me
    up and that's what I'm gonna do so it's very easy to get inspired and also to
    plan your grocery shopping so I'm just doing the grocery shop so once you go to
    the store it's so easy to see what you need for the rest of your week and then
    once you purchase that item you just take it off and it just makes everything
    so much easier and more accurate and again
    getting a good healthy habit easier to master so now I'm gonna prepare the
    banana chocolate porridge it takes five minutes
    which is exactly my kind of recipe
    and that's how we do it so it fit has over 700 meals on their app so obviously
    your choice is humongous and you can really customize it to the goal that you
    want if it's weight loss or it's maintenance which is help if it's
    building myself things like that and you can change things so if you don't like
    the meal you can customize it for your own liking which is awesome also if
    you're vegetarian vegan paleo any of that stuff all of those diets are also
    covered in the app so you can build your meal plan on the app take into
    consideration that you're on that specific diet which is amazing okay
    finished my breakfast do a little stretching because my body will
    appreciate it oh that was my bones so just to finish
    off with a couple more tips that I think are important to keep in mind one of
    them is prioritizing sleep I'm sure you guys know sleep is so so vital for our
    bodies and it's not only sleep a source of quality sleep so that means kind of
    referring back to having a detox from your phone and other gadgets just
    keeping in mind to shut them off an hour - before you go to sleep will help you
    to get in that quality sleep help your mind to relax on your body to
    relax and you'll be able to actually get the benefits from sleeping it is
    recommended to sleep between 7 to 8 hours per night so if you can't achieve
    that you do it the best thing you can do is kind of look at yourself as a child
    and set yourself at that time there's nothing better than to get into a
    routine where you go to sleep and you wake up every morning at the same time
    it's so good for your body it's so good for your mental health it's so good for
    your energy levels it's really gonna make sure that everything in your body
    works properly so please keep in mind sleep is extremely extremely important
    the next step is something that I think is very good to people to remember
    especially now at a time where we are focusing on introducing more healthy
    habits into our lives a lot of people our initial reaction for these New
    Year's resolution is going to our cupboard throw out all the junk food
    throw out all the chocolates like go really 100% on cutting all the bad stuff
    out and I feel like that really never works for me my suggestion is using the
    method of crowding out rather than cutting out so crowding out is basically
    introducing a new healthy habit every couple of weeks into your life and make
    sure that you are consistent with it so keep with that one habit for at least 2
    3 4 weeks to make it an actual routine and then start doing that slowly with
    other healthy habits what will happen is that those habits will start taking over
    your daily routine and those bad habits which are just gonna crab out so instead
    of you limiting yourself and saying you can't have this and I can't have that I
    can't have that which kind of creates this rebellious spirit inside of us I
    feel so someone tells me you can't eat chocolate and you can't eat pizza by
    someone I mean myself all I want to do is eat that chocolate and eat that pizza
    so I'm all against those restrictions instead the method of crowd
    out is a very much a realistic thing that we are able to do and achieve and
    it's a much slower process which means that it's going to stick so remember
    there any rapid changes that you make it's not necessarily your gonna stick
    for the long term and that's what we're looking for we don't want just every
    year in January be like my resolution is to get healthier and then have those
    resolutions for like two weeks and then back to normal
    another thing that I feel like really benefited me and make me feel good about
    my body and taking care of it is introducing little wellness rituals into
    my routine so I started doing like every week on Saturdays I'll go to a sauna and
    that's my time to kind of de-stress I'll stretch in the Sun it's like my little
    ritual of taking care of my body and I really enjoy it now and then I read at
    that sauna like it's my little escape same thing goes to dry brushing I make a
    point of choosing one day a week where I have a little bit of time in the morning
    and I'll dry brush my body before I go into the shower all these things just
    kind of makes you feel like you're pampering yourself taking care of
    yourself these are inexpensive things to do I mean it's just like little tokens
    of appreciation for your body and for your health so if you guys want to kind
    of set aside a time to get to make yourself a nice fat or give yourself a
    foot massage or anything like that I'm a facial mask self care you guys so good
    for your mental and physical health so make it a habit you don't have to wait
    for something to happen to reward yourself make it a habit to you know
    once or twice a week to really kind of give that key of C to yourself
    and this is it you guys these are all my tips to how to start healthy lifestyle
    that is realistically approachable and hopefully it's something that you can
    start implementing into your life let me know if you do I wanted to say huge
    thank you again to 8/5 for sponsoring this video and collaborating with me and
    if you are interested in trying out the 8 fit app they're offering my
    subscribers a free trial of their premium version and you can find all the
    details in the description box so I want to know which points throughout this
    video you found it more helpful something that you can integrate into
    your life and let me know if there's any other tricks and hacks that you use
    especially this time of year to kind of get yourself going and motivated to stay
    on track on that healthy lifestyle thank you guys so much for watching and
    I'll see you guys next time
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