How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter in 6 Steps

How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter in 6 Steps
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    You have a resume but you have no idea
    what to write in a cover letter
    People are telling you that it should be personal,
    that it should expand on who you are as a professional,
    that it should give a little more detail
    But you just don't know where to start.
    So in this video, I'm going to walk you through
    the perfect cover letter template
    and exactly what to write in it
    when I post a new video
    Let me take a guess
    You are writing a cover letter
    and it feels like a long wordy,
    sort of inappropriate, professional "diary"
    Am I right?
    Well, in this video, I'm going to walk you through
    my step-by-step approach in how I created
    the most perfect cover letter template
    that I use with all my clients
    with resounding success
    State the company and the position
    You want to make it abundantly clear
    that this cover letter has been customized
    to each and every job that you're applying to.
    Number two
    This is where you start getting into
    the expansion of your skills
    And this is also where people start to fall into the "Diary" trap
    is go take the summary section out of your resume
    Remember that?
    And expand on it
    Give a little more detail
    About who you are as a professional
    What experience you have
    Number three is where you excel
    Now, I want you think about a project that you had recently
    It could have been at your current job,
    or at a previous job
    And I want you to think of one experience that you had
    Where you really excelled
    You went above and beyond.
    You got amazing results
    And that experience ties very closely
    To the kind of company that you're applying to
    Or the kind of job that you're applying to
    or the kind of skills that you're trying to exemplify
    for that job.
    So think of an example that's relevant
    to the job that you're applying to,
    and use that experience in this section here.
    Number four is your elevator pitch
    And I personally hate that word
    Now, this is what I want you to do here
    I want you to restate your experience,
    your background, maybe educational background,
    and how your skills apply to the position in question
    Number five is seal it with your honest
    and sincere appreciation for the person
    who read your cover letter,
    made it to the end and gave you time out of their day
    And number six, comment below if you know exactly
    what I'm going to say! Format
    You want to keep the cover letter to one page.
    You want to keep the white space very clear
    so that your words are really standing out
    and they're really highlighted on that page.
    You want to use a sans font
    And the most important thing to me,
    and this is just my secret tip
    for every single thing I write,
    is make sure that the flow is visually appealing.
    You don't want all six line paragraphs
    Because no one wants to read that
    You want to create a flow that is captivating
    while still saying exactly what you need to say
    in the most clear and concise way
    Now you're ready to build a clear
    and perfect cover letter template
    Go to the links below, in the description of this video
    and I'm going to drop the link
    to get this exact cover letter template
    and my cheat sheet of the things
    that you need to watch out for
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