F1 Bingo Versus 2019 - Update 1

F1 Bingo Versus 2019 - Update 1
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    It's already time to have a look over this year's Bingo cards and get our first idea
    of the state of play It's only just turned April but since we
    made these predictions, oh-so-confidently, we've had two weeks on winter testing and
    two whole race weekends. And wow do you learn a lot in such a short
    space of time. It's amazing how quickly our ideas about how the season would play
    out seem so naive, ignorant or just plain foolish.
    Let's dive right in, shall we? First let's look at the squares we can definitely
    tick off or discount. And we're going to try and take these in chronological order
    as (ideally) the first person to get a line wins. So:
    First up, I immediately get a losing square as Williams did not launch with a red and
    white livery. Though the livery does feature red and white in parts, you'd have to say
    it's still a blue and white livery. It's by far my least favourite design of all the
    2019 cars and now it's cost me a Bingo square as well. Tha nks, Williams.
    It's kind of annoying as it's blanked out a horizontal, vertical and diagonal line
    so I'll be gutted when George Russell inevitably outscores Lando Norris.
    Hazel gets the first successful square with 'Red Bull having a special launch livery'.
    Red Bull first showed us its 2019 model in a funky geometric skin but changed the livery
    back to a more conventional before testing which fulfills the criteria laid out by Sean.
    If Hazel wants to get a line with this square, the horizontal one is a better bet than the
    vertical, with a Dutch GP not looking super likely for next year.
    Next up - a win for Sean after Haas once again botched a pit stop in Australia. Grosjean's
    pit stop resulted in a badly fitted left-front tyre, which eventually detached and caused
    the Frenchman to retire. Despite Grosjean being able to run for 13 laps before disaster,
    the prediction 'Pit stop wheelie disaster' has been fulfilled.
    This is a nice corner square for Sean with lots of opportunities for lines here. His
    horizontal requires amazing wins from both Nico Hulkenberg and Pierre Gasly! While Hulkenberg's
    Renault doesn't quite look there yet, stranger things have happened. Meanwhile, Pierre is
    having a to ugh start to the season, though could well have the car under him to take
    a sneaky win further down the season. Back to Hazel's board, then. This time it's
    for a loss. Hazel's own prediction let her down in the cruellest of ways. She foresaw
    a first-time winner in Bahrain and we were so, so close to seeing this happen. Sure,
    Charles Leclerc was upset at losing the win, but that's nothing compared to having an
    F1 Bingo square so tantalisingly close only to be whipped away at the last minute.
    It's not the worst square to lose though as it ran through a tricky horizontal line.
    We'll come to see if this loss comes back to bite her.
    Similarly, the results in Bahrain were a kick in the shin for Jonty who lost the square
    'Lando Nottis scores in his fifth race'. To win this square Jonty needed Lando to remain
    on zero points until Spain, but an excellent drive to 6th place at Sakhir gave Jonty 8
    reasons to curse the rookie's fine form. This knocks out one of Jonty's diagonals
    (which arguably was looking very, very tricky anyway). His vertical, though, was one of
    the better ones and he'll be gutted to have lost it.
    So those are all the 'definite' squares so far. If we don't get any lines by the
    season end we just go on total squares 'won' - so that's Sean and Hazel with one a piece
    each. Let's have a quick look around the boards
    though, based on what we know so far, starting with my board
    Hamilton's looking pretty OK at the moment for title number 6. What with being beaten
    in Australia by Bottas (albeit with damage) and the Ferrari's showing they can bring
    a lot of pace in Bahrain and winter testing, this title is far from certain so far. We
    really have to see if Ferrari are going to keep throwing points away and if Sebastian
    can actually bring it this year. He's definitely not at full Vettel. Though, I wonder if that
    moustache is the giveaway that he's actually Sebastian Vettel's evil twin, Hans Vettel,
    who's slightly worse at driving. Honda is looking OK at the moment, so prediction
    based around their inevitable failure, like this one, are looking very dodgy right now.
    But let's see what happens when Toro Rosso are used as guinea pigs to test new upgrades.
    When it comes to driver changes at Toro Rosso or Red Bull I think we were sort of looking
    at Kvyat's eventual dismissal but - man - Gasly really needs to watch his back. I
    know that car's probably a lot trickier than Verstappen's making it look but we
    know Red Bull really like to paint a target on their drivers' backs so… that's something
    to be wary of, rightly or wrongly. We really don't have to worry about this
    square do we? Unless Williams discover something magical at some point, this square is as good
    as dead isn't it? Thanks a bunch, Hazel. Glancing at Sean's board - a lot of people
    messaged me about the sponsorship square here. Australia came down hard on Philip Morris
    and British American Tobacco trying to sneak some subversive sponsorship onto the Ferrari
    and McLaren cars respectively. While they weren't strictly tobacco logos, Australia
    weren't having it and it became a bit of a legal mess, leading to the withdrawal of
    those logos. Is this an investigation into fraud? My gut
    reaction is … no, for now. But when I do a catch up video with the others we can debate
    this square properly so I'm going to flag this for later. I'm sure Sean will have
    things to say here! Charles Leclerc didn't win in Bahrain but
    if he keeps up this level of performance and if Ferrari can bring it consistently… he
    still could win seven races. It's a shame for Sean that he lost this opportunity, really.
    If he wins six races this year that really will be… well, I'll be laughing.
    There are 5 drivers yet to score a point so far, including both Williams drivers. Williams
    are so far behind it's going to take a miracle for both of them to score points at this rate,
    let alone 5 of them each. This square is looking very, very dodgy for Sean.
    And could Lando Norris get on the podium? Maybe. Again, it will take a bit of a twist
    of fortune but you just need things to get a bit crazy like Vettel spinning of his own
    accord or Leclerc having engine problems and suddenly podium positions start opening up
    to the midfield. Jonty now. Whether or not Honda have a party
    mode remains to be seen - I'll have a little dig into that.
    The new C1-C5 tyre system actually seems to be quietly doing OK so far. There's not
    too much confusion. Testing proved a little bit complicated but once the races started
    it, we just seemed to have got on with it just fine.
    The only thing I've found annoying about the new system is the Soft, Medium, Hard colour
    scheme is one removed from the system we had for the last 8 years. When someone says "Soft"
    I think "Yellow" but now I have to think "Red" and it's taking a while to re-jiggle
    my brain parts into accepting that. Can Leclerc beat Vettel in the standings.
    Signs point to yes, it's very possible. It'll still be very hard, but it's clear
    that Charles is bringing it to Seb harder than Pierre is bringing it to Max at the moment.
    Game on for this square. Bottas's seat is… looking less precarious
    than it did. His weekend overall in Australia was pretty awesome, though in Bahrain he'd
    kind of faded a little. It's too early to say what kind of consistency Bottas will bring
    this year but with Ocon in the wings and Russell testing for Mercedes post-Bahrain we know
    there's a big queue of talent waiting should Bottas waver.
    Red Bull don't seem quite ready to win races yet but Verstappen is clearly there ready
    to take advantage of any situation. A late safety car, a change in the weather, any instance
    of unreliability to the front runners and Max could clean up. We've also got Monaco,
    Hungary and Mexico as prime spots for Red Bull to take the lead so this square looks
    pretty reasonable. And finally Hazel's board. Alfa Romeo are
    currently 4th in the standings and Kimi so far looks good to keep bringing home the points.
    He's very much just hanging out at the periphery of the top 3 teams mopping up what's left.
    Once Giovinazzi gets a little more into the groove that could prove excellent for the
    old Sauber team Verstappen beating Gasly in the championship
    looks very much a sure thing, doesn't it? Gasly isn't there yet though I'd definitely
    like to see him get on top of things soon and look a little more on par with his team
    mate. I hope Red Bull support him through that.
    Charles Leclerc wouldn't have headed the championship had he won in Bahrain but he
    would have been a lot, lot closer. He would have been second behind Bottas with the potential
    to at least take the lead in China should he have a good race there. As it stands, the
    route to the top is a little more tricky but not impossible. Especially if he gets those
    seven wins. So that's my brief looks at the boards after
    Bahrain. Do get in touch if you have any strong opinions about any squares that need ticking
    or failing at any point in the season. There are 64 squares to keep track of so it's
    super useful to have your input. Also - a very cool thing - if you go to F1
    dot Bingo, a guy named Peter Fox has made a website that will generate your own 4x4
    grid from our 64 predictions and you can join leagues and compete with other people to be
    the first to cross off your squares. So do go over there and sign up if you want to play
    along! I think Sean, Jonty, Hazel and I all have leagues over there if you want to cast
    your allegiance to any of us! I'll be back with another update in a few
    races time. Then at the summer break I'll get everyone back to discuss the state of
    the boards and how they think the season is swinging. Thanks for watching!
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