Steps To Build Confidence

Steps To Build Confidence
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    Trying to build your confidence? Can't figure it out? I got 3 magical steps.
    And they're so doable. You could boost your confidence literally within minutes
    after watching this training.
    Lacking motivation? I know what you need. You need some confidence, right? What is
    this confidence thing? Like, how...? Because you hear people say, "I wish I had more
    confidence." Or maybe they're trying to say, "Courage or hope." But they just they
    feel like they they need something. lLike they're lacking something. Like they're
    low on something. We're going to call it confidence. But boy, could you put a whole
    bunch of other words in there? But what you agree it's the... You feel low on
    something. It's kind of like your internal gas tank is saying, "You're close
    to empty." When you're close to empty, you don't feel like going and trying things
    or trying to do things or try to finish things. And you might be interpret that
    as confidence. So, we're going to call it confidence. And I'm going to share with you
    what I do and what I see a lot of other people do to build confidence. And 3
    steps. 3 steps to be able to build this confidence. But it takes all
    3. Not just one. Because it touches on different parts of your life that have
    become disjointed and that's why you feel low. So, you can build your
    confidence first step is about you and your self care. Now, self care... There's a
    couple different categories inside self care. Number 1 is sleep. You know when
    you don't get enough sleep, your confidence levels can drop. Because when
    you're tired, how are you supposed to feel more confident? There's no way
    you're going to feel more confident with less sleep. Just doesn't go together.
    So, if you're somebody with a big, fast schedule and you got a lot of things
    you're doing, here's a tip for you to be able to get deeper sleep in shorter
    number of hours of sleep. Because what matters is the deep sleep. Because you
    could sleep for 10 hours and sleep shallow and you're still tired. It's
    quality of sleep. So, how do you get quality sleep?
    Blackout everything in your room. Every little tiny light, every little corner,
    blackout everything. Pitch, pitch, pitch, pitch dark. Super pitch dark. Cool the
    room down. When you cool the room down, the body can heat up. As the body needs
    to heat up to process digest, he'll do its work while you're sleeping. Because
    when you're asleep a whole another work happens to your body where sleep. But if
    you're hot and you're really sleeping hot, your body doesn't go there
    that much because its uncomfortable. So, black out the room, cool
    the room down and that'll help you get some deep sleep. Extra little thing, place
    some calm music without words right before you go to sleep. Just to put your
    body in mind in harmony so that you can feel all good and flowy and harmonic as
    you're falling asleep. Because the days all frazzled and all the things going on
    for the day and you know how you lay there and your brain is just spinning on
    all the things you still have to do. All the things you still have to do are
    things that are unfinished. And unfinished means fragmented. So, when you
    go to sleep thinking of fragmented thoughts, you're not going to sleep deep.
    You're going to sleep fragmented sleep. And then you're going to wake up feeling
    fragmented. That's not going to build confidence. Black out your room, cool it
    off, turn on some good music. No words. Don't fill your head full of words
    right before you go to sleep. No words. Boom! You just start slipping right into
    that deep sleep. You will feel so good. No sugar 3 hours before you go to bed.
    You know, you usually do? You'll get some sugar because you're like anxious trying to
    calm down the anxious. And now you got sugar in your body. You can't sleep when
    you got sugar in your body. You're going to sleep shallow. So cut some sugar out, give
    yourself 2 or 3 hours ahead of time before you go to bed. Cut out the
    sugar and you got it. That's a good step for self-care. Now, that's sleep.
    Next one is care for your body. Get a haircut, clean up.
    Get yourself a new little scrubby thing in the shower. The old one is old. It doesn't
    do the scrubby's that you like. It's good.. You know if you got a razor and it's
    kind of old? Get a new one. Get a new razor. You know if you got a
    bottle of shampoo that you've been using for a long time,
    switch. Get a different fragrance. Kind of lighten up the atmosphere of the cleanup
    you do for yourself. You know? And take care of yourself. Clean yourself up. Trim
    your toenails, trim your fingernails. Clean out underneath those toenails.
    Really trim yourself up and like take care of yourself like you're something
    important. So, sleep and that self cleaning, super important. Brush your
    teeth, wash your teeth. You know people who floss their teeth actually are more
    confident. Because they're cleaner. And when you brush your teeth,
    you're cleaner. When your breath smells good, you feel more confident. So teeth,
    breath, hair cut, you know good razor. New scrubby thing in the shower just scrub
    you all over the place to exfoliate all that extra skin. And you know, how you...
    You like hot showers? You know what you got to do? Flip that thing too
    cold for just 20 seconds before you get out. Oh! Oh! That'll get you. Wohoo!
    Get it get some cold water on you. And watch what it does to you for the
    rest of the day. It's crazy. I know it kind of stings but oh, I feel so good.
    It just kind of resets your system there. You'll feel it.
    You totally will feel it. Okay, that's self-care. Eating. Eat trash, eat junk food,
    you get a junk life. Now, do I love a good container fries once a month? Absolutely.
    But not every day. No. Do I enjoy an Oreo shake? Yeah. But not
    every day. That stuff drops you. I mean that's the... Fast food is... You know how
    they call it junk food? It can junk you. Now yes you can get good healthy stuff.
    Just be smart on what you're doing with the fast process of getting food and
    eating it for lunchtime. Be super careful. Super
    careful there. Okay, that's self-care. It's going to boost you already. Already
    it's going to make a difference. Going to make a difference. Next one? Next one, your
    environment. If you don't touch your environment and update your environment,
    meaning your bedroom, your office, your home. If you don't clean that stuff up,
    it's going to take you right back to where you were. So, your confidence comes from
    self-care and your confidence comes from your environment. If you still have the
    same piles in the same places and you've done self-care but you have not changed
    your environment, your environment will take you right back to where you were at.
    The state of your environment creates a vibration. That vibration then controls
    the mood of the room. And the mood of the room controls you. It'll control you. And
    it can drop you back to the level you used to be at. So, you clean up one stack.
    You go to one shelf straighten it up. You clean up one pile on the floor. You don't
    have to do it all today. But do something to upgrade the vibrational quality of
    that room. That builds confidence. So, you got taking care of yourself and now it's
    like, "Okay, my environments got to take care of me." Now, if you bring up the story
    about, "Well, Kirk. Other people are in influencing my environment." Well, you pick
    your own little corner of the room and that's your part. And if somebody else is
    messing up the restroom, you got your one little spot or your one box under the
    bed. You find one place that you can manage and control to be clean and
    organized. Your confidence will go up. You just watch what happens, it's so good.
    It's so good. You literally are one day away from better confidence. One day.
    Clean yourself up, clean your environment up. It makes a difference every day. Okay,
    last one get outside. You want to know how to suck the confidence out of you?
    Sit in front of your computer all day long every day. That just sucked the life
    out of you. I don't care if you're watching a nature movie on your computer,
    it does not give you that life force that's present in nature. Go for a walk.
    And if you're in the big city and you got buildings everywhere, just go
    outside. Go outside, find some tree. And hug it. Go hug a tree. Now, I know it's
    weird to just like wrap your arms around the tree. You know and hug it. But when
    I'm out, I'll grab a hold of the branch. You don't have to fully engage in a hug
    to be able to get some tree energy. But you can hold on to the branch of the
    tree. Or if you see a leaf on the ground, pick up the leaf. There is a life force
    in nature that just boosts us as people. Everybody gets some if you go outside.
    And you can be out in the air of outside but go find a tree or a bush or
    grass or sand or (What else is out there?) water or rocks. Rocks have a life
    force. Rocks are not dead. Rock. My house has got tons of rocks around the house.
    Rocks are powerful. But your outside in nature just soaking it up. Just soak it
    up. It's good for us. So good for us. Now, you could be out there though and be all
    in your head about stuff. It could be all ugh. Well what's that going to do? When you're
    out in nature, you're not ugh! You are clear minded, seeing the tree, touching
    the tree, looking in the branches of the tree, looking at the trunk of the tree.
    Looking at the bugs crawling up and down the tree, look at the roots of the tree,
    look at the top of the tree, look at the whole tree. Be with the tree. You know
    when you have better confidence, you're going to make better decisions. When you
    have low confidence, you could be missing out on some cool things
    happening. Your confidence level affects people around you. You got low confidence,
    you're going to pull your family down. You'll pull your marriage down.
    You pull other people down. You will. So, you don't have to do that anymore.
    No. You got it. But do all 3. Don't just be a onesie person. Like you're just
    going to do one thing. You don't do that. No! You don't do that. No, you do all 3. A
    little bit of all 3 of these. You got this. Confidence is yours to have. Okay,
    it's time. Take some action. Boom, boom, boom. Get a little bit done in each one
    of these because you can do that right now.
    Boost your confidence right now. Make better decisions. Really get your life up
    to the level you love to live in. Confidence means courage. That means
    you're going to be so much better off. Hey, and also. Click subscribe. Click subscribe
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    get your life in order. Okay, have fun. Enjoy the confidence boost.
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