How to Start Working from Home in 3 Easy Steps | English Subs

How to Start Working from Home in 3 Easy Steps | English Subs
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    Check the job post and see which one is the right fit for you just like in Tinder you need to browse the right match for you Who you feel is... Hmm, this can be it! Hi guys, my name is Mimi and welcome to my homebased story. For today's topic I will share with you an easy way to start working from home because I've been reading a lot of your comments and I can still see a some of you are still asking, How to be a VA? Or how do I start? It's actually one of the first videos that I did When I was first starting out in Youtube on how to start working from home But I have simplified it today and that's what I'll share with you By the way, guys, this video is sponsored by Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community They have over 25,000 classes in different categories like business, marketing, design, admin So if you are looking for a place where you can start learning a new skill for your, you know Lifestyle, creativity, or even to upgrade a skill that you already have Skillshare is the perfect place for you to keep learning and thriving I've already checked out their website for you guys, and I've seen there some skills that you can use specially for those who wanted to start a career in graphic designing or even in website design and layout they have a lot of classes there that you can choose and browse from So you can see here on the screen how their website looks like and they have a lot of workshops That you can take classes from and participate in so they also have different communities Plus their annual subscription is super affordable at only $10 per month. So guys join us in learning with Skillshare Okay, how to start working from home in three easy steps Number one guys is of course to prepare. You have to prepare your equipment your internet connection and your payment channel So a lot of you are also asking me what is the right equipment So make sure it's a fast computer At least i3 usually if you're very specific on the specs and then at least 500 GB hard drive and at least 4 GB RAM As for the internet 3 to 5 Mbps is the minimum because there are already big files on the internet So make sure your internet is wired and at least in that range of speed Then, as for your payment channel there are a lot. I actually made a separate video About how to monetize your earnings Like where to get your salary It's up to you and your client on what you'll agree on. The most.... popular, I think, is PayPal to GCash. It's also what I'm using. For some others they're also using Payoneer. Payoneer is also preferable because they have a higher Exchange rate and many other options. They could do a direct bank transfers. We also have xoom Uh, Remitly. There. So guys, whatever it is. Make sure that your Requirements are already ready when it comes to payment. Of course, you don't want your salary to be delayed, right? And then, next would be Number two check the job posts online and match your skill set. So nobody can tell you what job would fit you but yourself because of course, you are the one who knows yourself best like what you can do what special talents you have or those skills that makes you you, that sets you apart from everyone. So use it to your advantage and check the job posts on which one is the right fit for you Similar with Tinder, you have to browse for the right match for you Who you feel is, Hm, this could be it! So I suggest guys that you find at least five different options when you're trying to apply online so that You have more choices and it will be more flexible for you when it comes to salary, or the schedule you've got choices and you'll have other options if it's not a match or if you don't get a reply right away. Also, depending on your timeline, if you are in a hurry or not really in a hurry Then at least you still have different options You're not only waiting for just 1 to reply to you There. And then the third one guys and the last one is just go through the application process the application process for online job is different for every client It's hard to discuss them one by one for every job post because it's different for the type of job that you're going for and the Management style or hiring style of the client that you're applying for. So just go through the application process it involves submitting your resume completing an online form interview process answering some tests Those are some of the common processes that you can go through when you are applying for an online jop So there you go guys. Very easy, right? so let's review Prepare, Look for job posts and check if your skills match and then let's just apply so that's how you start Working from home and you'll know you're hired when they tell you that Congratulations, you've passed and welcome to our company or You're hired! Congratulations! So that is is guys. I hope this answers most of your questions And I hope this video has helped you in some way If you have learned something new and if this clarifies some of your questions or some of the questions in your mind Please give this video a big thumbs up and share this video with your friends and family So we can help those who are interested in working from home and I'll see you guys again on our next video. 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