40 Year Old Pewdiepie...?

40 Year Old Pewdiepie...?
    Before this video begins, I have another exciting announcement!
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    Let's start the video!
    HellooOoOO! KonnichiwaAaAAa~
    Pass today, we're gonna review some memes that you've made are you excited?
    Let's go do you like my hair?
    I like it a lot, and I'm a little self-conscious about it, so please don't write any mean comments
    Thank you, who would win some of the most respected news journals
    Respected really I don't think so some retarded specific
    I would probably win at who's the most Swiss Jim?
    See I've been framed by the media guys, I keep telling you you haven't seen the full picture
    I was just petting this innocent little doubt it's like that that media
    Image there it is
    It's like that one. You didn't see the full picture
    I was just petting it down an innocent down you should be thanking me giving me
    Awards for being a good dog owner papa Frank of promoting peopIe glasses before it was mainstreamed
    I'm that motherfucker took my glasses
    Guess why this man quit soccer and how he is making billions and millions on
    YouTube we look nothing alike my beard is at least 10 times better
    Sorry whoever you are when you have no ideas for a vid that is monetize
    So you tell the stories on the internet yet? You just read recently I see Here. I am trying to make
    Original content, and then it's just oh he just wants money
    Then what can we pick on him about this time wait? Wait a minute? He's making original content
    We needed a new excuse assholes. You're all assholes guys. Literally only want one thing and it's
    effing disgusting Christian Channel fast internet damn boy for pink damn
    damn, oh
    But what's your upload? Huh? What's your upload?
    This is downloading them all right PewDiePie giving his last brofist before ending the channel 20. How do you how would you even say that?
    That's right. I will take on a sentient being I will become an AI in the form of shaggy from scooby-doo
    Can you imagine my lifes brofist? Oh? That's right?
    So you're filled with sad news now and not joy Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg artwork for PewDiePie shame will be appreciated Jesper
    That's fuckin. Dope is this drawn or is it Photoshop? It looks sick man a very nice how-to handshake 101 shut the fuck up
    Dammit, I don't ever want to see that shit again
    Twisting channel. Yeah, you know what that is how you
    Beautify reuploading you have you loose videos after YouTube texts
    It's funny cuz it's true
    Well Jeff play your effing. Thank you for censoring appreciate it Christian Channel alright. We're switching reddit, so please
    Haha, my name and just play them all play them all at once I fear no man, but that thing
    It's good. That's just shit mean when you saw the new you laugh. You lose when it was first listen
    I had I may have had a couple issues. Just a few wishes on my last upload, but it wasn't my fault
    I'm trying to provide quality
    Family-friendly you know what I'm a nice guy, okay. I don't need to take this crap from you guys
    Because I am NOT just
    Family-friendly Felix I am nice guy
    Review fan work drink in the house, and tell Marseille. It's for me
    Promote your shitty game you guys are just so que
    me relief
    It's just behind the meme in disguise. No Anthony Fontana used to have a show called meme review
    It was shut down because the fader wrote a slanderous article about him
    And it was me I wrote the article so I can take over meme review its original content now
    Because nothing else exists your move melon head
    summary of this week's
    You laugh, you loose try again. God dammit 2017 has just been a treat
    I know everyone is trying to blame me for the ad pocalypse okay
    I know you want a scapegoat. I know you want to point fingers. I'll use you fools. What are you complaining?
    What came first the egg or the chicken all right? I'm the egg blame the chicken
    Please I didn't do nothing I'm nice guy PewDiePie family friendly switched in channel
    I've improved and so can you is to stop crying?
    Ah ah
    My neighbor's hate me amazing grande
    Very you get a to knit with two very nicest don't give out those very often one pt PI headset
    77 copies of its everyday, bro bye Jake Paul
    99 33 wow the choice is obvious they both lead to cancer
    So I guess you can't really go wrong. I would go with the bargain offer. Please. I'll have the 77 copies, please
    Thank you there. It is. Can you stop can you stop? Can you? Thank you stop stop listen? I'm trying to promote it
    Nice guy PewDiePie image. Okay. No more no more. No more of this. No more damn nice. It looks good. I
    Look good tip tip, can you spot the difference?
    Impossible holy shit. I can't tell them apart. I need to get one of those shinobi headbands
    I think they're pretty cool trying out new games
    Constantly trying and failing at one game, but it's all good because you can't die
    And if you eventually beat it you can yell their death. Oh my god. It's true and get it. I'm gonna beat the game everyone
    This is why I have trust issues Christian channel
    Activated I don't believe in religion
    No, no, I'm a Christian channel that I was just saying that prove a point guys
    Please listen twiston channel forever for life any other
    objective very
    Hey very nice meme
    scout tada
    Finola dude
    My dad this translation is happened very nice
    It's actually not perfectly correct grammar
    But it's also very nice bike cuck my show got cancelled recently
    I was pretty bummed out about it, but I think whoever cancelled
    It was probably more happy to get it cancelled than I am sad to get it canceled what the heck
    The total happiness in the world increased so whatever look at my cute little face so true
    You know what suddenly? I don't even care that the show got canceled
    It's not like it was the worst month of my life to produce that shitty show
    But as long as the total happiness in the world was increased then I think it's okay
    As long as everybody's happy
    But I still got paid anyway
    Students name the symbol. Oh my god. Oh
    My god, that's good very nice
    IKEA fucking shit
    How did this get to the top page IKEA ea you can't get bad reviews?
    If game journals can't get past the trattoria. It's pretty smart in
    Inter and interent. I don't think you understand this me
    Loss you laugh you loose Christian channel original, okay fine fine. Haha you got you got a good one
    Forty-year-old pewdiepie look it's me meme review
    mira Nick
    That's it for this episode wait didn't I ask you to do the intro where the fuck are all my intros
    I clearly have no control over this
    This one one that's the winner oh, that's good, that's fuckin good Christian channel intro
    Ah this is good -
    Goddammit ah there's an animator one
    Very nice ah man, so good terabrite may one cold school
    Original ideas are fictional
    Ultimately predictable Hey new intro 100% original content I
    Would say something mean, but I'm nice guy PewDiePie and that was a great intro well done very nice
    That would be ridiculous
    I ran out of ideas. That's a good. That's a good title of it
    That's a good enemy by the way that you should watch it. Okay, well done well done on these intros
    I can't believe I almost forgot it
    next week just post the dankest meme you could find I
    challenge you
    brought squad fam and
    Leave a like I would appreciate it see if we can get this on trending on YouTube if everyone liked the video
    We'll probably get two million likes and if I get to mail in likes and finally that will
    Motivate me to make some original content, so thank you appreciate it and as always
    Laughs you lose
    You get there