John Boyega Missed Working with Harrison Ford on The Last Jedi

John Boyega Missed Working with Harrison Ford on The Last Jedi
    -We're here with John Boyega!
    He, of course, plays Finn
    in the giant new movie, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi,"
    which is in theaters December 15th.
    -How is our buddy, Harrison Ford?
    Did you miss working with him from the first one?
    -Oh, definitely.
    I mean, it's a different change
    when you're coming onto the next movie,
    and Harrison Ford is not there, Han Solo is not there.
    It's the reality of his, of Han Solo's death,
    and it's just mad.
    But whenever I can see him, it's great times.
    -'Cause last time, I think you told me
    that you kind of fan-boyed out when you first saw --
    You had him autograph, like, Indiana Jones dolls.
    -Oh, yeah.
    Everybody else is really,
    you know, modest and kind and sincere,
    whereas I was just like, "Can I have a hug, please?"
    [ Laughter ]
    So, big, massive fan.
    -Let's talk about this -- the new movie here.
    Basically, you're saying
    that it's a test for all the characters
    in this, "The Last Jedi." -Yeah.
    -So everyone's got to --
    I don't want to give any spoilers out.
    -It's a crazy time
    because the story is split into two, in a sense.
    Rey is off with Luke Skywalker training to be a Jedi,
    and Princess Leia, she's there
    holding the line of battle for the Resistance,
    so everybody's under pressure,
    and it's not good news for the Resistance right now.
    So yeah, it's a massive test.
    -And so you don't even --
    Finn doesn't know what he's gonna do, either.
    -Finn wakes up thinking he's still in "Force Awakens,"
    thinking he's still on the snowy forest
    with the fight with Kylo Ren,
    and the first word he says is Rey when he wakes up.
    He still thinks he's in the actions of --
    He's got a lot of recuperating to do.
    -I want to show everyone a clip.
    This is a clip, no spoilers, from the trailer,
    but just see how good it is.
    It's the upcoming film, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."
    It's in theaters December 15th. Check this out.
    -[ Wookiee roar ]
    -[ Roars ]
    -We are the spark
    that'll light the fire
    that'll burn The First Order down.
    -Come on!
    -This is not going to go...
    the way you think!
    [ Cheers and applause ]
    -That's a movie right there!
    Our thanks to John Boyega.
    Please come back whenever you want.
    We love you. -Thank you.
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