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Online sales set new record on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Online sales set new record on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
    After families enjoyed turkey and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, shoppers turned to Black
    Friday--one of America's biggest shopping events.
    But while Black Friday shoppers used to wait in long lines hours before stores opened,...
    this year, a new shopping trend seems to have emerged.
    Park Hee-jun reports.
    This year's Black Friday sales in the United States climbed to an all-time high, thanks
    to a massive boom in online sales.
    According to Adobe Analytics, which analyzes transactions at the 100 largest U.S. online
    retailers,... customers spent a record high of 5-billion US dollars on Black Friday alone.
    That's an 18 percent rise on-year from last year's 3-point-3 billion dollars of sales.
    The huge increase is attributed to increased use of mobile devices.
    Reports say that 40 percent of Black Friday online purchases were made through mobiles
    devices like smartphones and tablet PCs.
    Also with major discount sales on Cyber Monday, which comes just after Black Friday,... the
    overall holiday sales are expected to be even bigger.
    Adobe Analytics forecast that shoppers will spend 6.6 billion US dollars online on Monday--16
    percent higher than last year's record.
    That would make it the biggest digital shopping day in U.S. history.
    In contrast, the number of shoppers visiting stores dropped.
    Massive crowds used to burst into stores and fight their way to major bargains on Black
    Friday,... but although there were still long lines, those scenes have been less common
    this year.
    Retail research firm ShopperTrak reported that the number of offline shoppers fell 1-point-6
    percent, and is expected to continuously fall in the upcoming years--showing a somewhat
    shrinking significance of the annual shopping ritual.
    Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.
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