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Trump Is Now Trying To Say That The Access Hollywood Tape Was A Fake

Trump Is Now Trying To Say That The Access Hollywood Tape Was A Fake
    With all of the recent empowerment of women throughout the United States, they finally
    have found that they can come forward and tell their stories of being sexually harassed
    or sexually assaulted by men of power in the United States and some of that even applies
    to men in the United States who have come forward with allegations against some very
    powerful people.
    The Roy Moore debacle down in Alabama where women have come forward saying that while
    they were in their early teens, this man who was in his 30 was preying upon them.
    That is a good step forward for the United States.
    Donald Trump has been paying attention to what's happened.
    He sees what's happening to Roy Moore.
    He saw what happened to Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey and John Conyers and Al Franken
    and he has decided that he wants to go ahead and preemptively say that he's never done
    those kinds of things.
    Here's where the story gets really weird.
    Recently, Donald Trump told people within the White House, people in Washington, D.C.
    that the voice on the Access Hollywood tape, the one where he talked about moved on women,
    would just kiss them before they even had a chance to say no, would grab them by the
    pussy, yeah, according to Donald Trump, that wasn't him on the tape.
    Donald Trump has told people recently and according to reports earlier this year that
    it actually wasn't him on that Access Hollywood tape.
    He wants us to now believe that this tape that he came out and admitted to and apologized
    for, kind of, last year actually wasn't him all along.
    It was a fake, it was a phony, it was a fraud.
    That wasn't Donald Trump's voice.
    That was an impersonator.
    With all of the people being taken down by sexual assault claims and allegations and
    charges here in the United States, Donald Trump doesn't want to be one of them.
    Furthermore, he doesn't want you to remember the fact that there are currently active lawsuits
    against him for doing just that.
    If we're going to talk about sexual predators in the United States, every conversation about
    it has to include the name Donald Trump.
    He is the president of the United States and he has been accused of doing things as bad
    and in some cases far worst than what some of these other people have been accused of
    doing, certainly far worst than anything Al Franken or John Conyers did yet that's all
    Republicans want to talk about right now.
    Compared to people like Roy Moore and Donald Trump, Franken and Conyers is pretty tame,
    not giving it a free pass, it doesn't deserve a free pass and I still believe that those
    men should step down from office.
    However, there is no equivalency between what these parties did.
    Donald Trump admitted to it on tape and whether or not he wants to tell us the truth that
    it was him on the tape of if he wants to continue lying to us and make us believe that it was
    some kind of Trump impostor on that tape, it doesn't change the fact that yes it happened.
    There are lawsuits about it.
    There is evidence coming forward.
    We know what this disgusting human being did.
    If anybody deserves to lose their job over sexual assault charges, it's Donald Trump.
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