We Attempted A Surgeon Tryout Test

We Attempted A Surgeon Tryout Test
    Everything's so tiny.
    (mysterious fast-paced music)
    Today we're going to be taking
    a surgeon try out test from Japan.
    So I was actually was premed when I was in college.
    I did not continue being premed
    because I wanted to make art.
    I was premed up until my junior year of college.
    While I really enjoyed learning about biology and science,
    and I still really love science.
    It just ultimately didn't seem like the best choice for me.
    (mysterious fast-paced music)
    It's like a Jason Bourne movie.
    Oh my gosh, that's a tiny ass bird.
    This is stressful though, I'm getting like sweaty
    just watching this.
    I feel like it seems like defusing a bomb.
    That is insane.
    They're doing it with one grain of rice?
    It's sushi for ants.
    Wait this is insane.
    I don't know if I want to do this.
    I don't know if I can do this.
    (dramatic music)
    Okay, this won't be so bad.
    Wait, no, everything is already going horribly wrong.
    This is comical, I don't know why I'm doing this.
    I will say though,
    that if I get more than two of these done,
    I expect to automatically be given a surgeon certification.
    I just want to get my face really close to it
    and I feel like it'll make it easier but it's not going to.
    I'm so sorry in advance to my family,
    my scholarship donors.
    I failed you all.
    Man, these creases are just so helpful.
    You don't even realize why you're making them.
    Beautiful. Okay, so it is more like a paper swan.
    Look at this.
    It's like the size,
    what is this the size of?
    It's like the size of my ear hole.
    I'm reevaluating so many life choices.
    I will not be making three of these
    but I maybe I can make two.
    Oh my god, I just realized that I need to fold this again.
    Are you serious?
    I'm not sure if this really helps
    because what if you're a surgeon who just happens
    to be really great at origami but you suck at surgery.
    Just do it.
    Just fold the way that I want you to fold.
    Is that what being a parent feels like?
    You're just whispering in your kid's ear like,
    be a doctor.
    I don't know if I buy this as a test.
    Manual dexterity measure, sure.
    Overall, surgery skill measure, mm.
    Oh my gosh, let's go.
    Wait no dang it, I'm missing a fold.
    (dramatic music)
    Look at those sitting next to each other.
    I'm still okay with it
    and I'm actually very happy with it.
    I think I did great.
    What do you think?
    Am I getting that surgical residency or what?
    (dramatic music)
    I'm very confident in this.
    I think what I'm going to do
    is I'm going to make an assembly line.
    I'm going for the easiest cut, if that makes sense.
    Like I'm going for the section
    where I can already see it shaped
    or taking on the form of the larger model.
    - [Sydnee] Would it be funny if I accidentally
    severed my finger with this miniature knife?
    So what's frustrating me a little bit
    is that the texture of some of these pieces of flesh
    is more difficult to work with than others
    but again, much like the human body.
    - [Syndee] I'm sure when they actually do it though
    they probably have a specific way they have to cut the fish
    instead of just slicing a sad piece.
    Best believe I will be eating everything
    on this cutting board by the time we are done here today.
    - [Sydnee] Okay, we're going to cheat this a little bit
    and make it look nice from the top.
    Moment of truth, this will not be easy, my friends
    but this is what I went to fake sushi surgery school for.
    I got a little bit cocky, you guys.
    I just decided that I was going to make it perfect.
    (dramatic music)
    Isn't a surgeon just making sure that your patient is alive?
    It doesn't have to be pretty.
    I just want to take it home
    and feed them to tiny imaginary mouse friend.
    I think I kinda crushed it.
    I feel like I'm 2/3 of a surgeon now.
    Definitely a lot better than screwing around with
    Lewis structures and the Krebs cycle and stuff.
    If I had to deal with the stress of I could kill someone
    literally every time I step into work,
    that just doesn't sound very fun to me.
    It makes me feel like for sure
    I could not be a surgeon though.
    Thank you to all the surgeons and all the doctors
    who go through an incredible amount of commitment
    to their education just to help other people.
    Thank you, that's awesome.
    I think I won.
    I'm proud of what I did here today.
    This was so hard.
    (upbeat music)
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