Cetus 3D Printer Unboxing and Review

Cetus 3D Printer Unboxing and Review
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    Hey guys! Today I have another printer to show you. It is made by the Tiertime company.
    I used to use their printer, Up Plus 2. And they sent me another printer is called Cetus.
    I think it will go smoothly. Because I have a lot of experience using their printers, so now let's unbox it.
    Maybe I need another chair. Because it's a DIY printer.
    So it has a lot of parts. I can't just lay it on the floor, so let me grab another chair.
    So on the top they have instructions, it's all in English.
    And they have Chinese at the back too.
    Looks like it comes with the assembly tools and all of the instruction for software.
    And there is PLA filament. Blue and white.
    USB cable.
    I think this is the PTFE tube.
    And a flush cutter like the one I used on my workbench.
    It comes with this aluminum extrusion, just like the one I normally use.
    Some screws, more parts for the printer.
    Power adapter.
    So this is the extruder. There is a 3D printed part on the top.
    I guess this is direct drive. Because I don't see a Bowden tube on it.
    And this is their build plate.
    And these are all the other printer parts - XYZ axis.
    Now I am going to assemble it. Let's put all this stuff away first.
    Now let's try to level the bed.
    I already downloaded the Cetus software.
    The link is in the instruction. Just go to Cetus.com/software.
    You will find it and download it according to your computer system. They have Mac OS and Windows version.
    So let's turn it on and see.
    Ok now we are in the software.
    Let's hit print.
    Printer not initialized. Let's go to the third icon here.
    So the printer is ready.
    Let's level the bed. Let's go the the calculation.
    The nozzle height right now is 183.36.
    I am going to move the nozzle down to the build plate.
    Before that we're going to put a paper underneath.
    Now let's hit plus and try to move it as close as I can to the bed.
    So let's go to the center number 5 and let's move it down a little bit.
    Little bit snug, but not too snug.
    Now I set the fifth point to 0.4
    And now let's move it to number 9.
    It is too close to my camera. Let's move it closer to the left.
    So after we levelled the bed, let's try a test print.
    I have some filament over here.
    The print is finished. Let's take it off and take a look, it looks good.
    Looks good. Now let's try something more difficult.
    So I printed out a lot of models. I fiddled around with it a little bit, I change the temperature and stuff.
    But these are the ones I want to show you.
    This is the bench boat I printed it at 0.2
    And everthing like the layer line, it looks fine. But on the top you can see it is a litttle bit under extrusion.
    I also printed out a lot of other small objects. They all turn out like this one.
    But for the big prints, like this one.
    If you are trying to utilize the whole bed, it just doesn't work out.
    This print takes about 10 hours. And as it goes up
    It has trouble with layer adhesion. The layer line start to fall apart.
    And I used different filaments too. Thanks to Polymaker sending me a couple rolls of filament.
    I would say it is the best filament in the market at the moment, I have been using it for a while.
    So it has nothing to do with the filament in this case.
    I was switching back to the filament I normally use. A little bit cheaper so the quality is not that good.
    The same thing happened, this also started to fall apart as it went up.
    My verdict is for a 300 dollar printer, it is decent.
    It prints out of the box for small objects. But with large objects, you have to spend some time on the forums.
    I am sure you can do some troubleshooting.
    Change the setting, messing around with the configurations.
    You have to compromise for some aspects. I mean it is a 300 dollar printer.
    If you are looking for a more reliable printer, you will have to spend a bit more than this one.
    But that doesn't mean this one is a bad printer.
    So my thought for the Cetus printer is, it's a good printer for 300 dollars.
    You (maybe) can't utilize the whole bed. And there will be some problems you have to spend some time to deal with.
    Just keep that in mind.
    And thanks a lot for watching. Remember if I can do it, anyone can do it!
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