How to create a free website or blog with weebly 2018 review [Create a free website with weebly]

How to create a free website or blog with weebly 2018 review [Create a free website with weebly]
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    hello everybody I'm Cassidy and welcome to my how to create a free blog or
    website review 2018 so in this review when did you just start I'm going to
    show you how to create a free blog or a free website free of hosting and all the
    other stuff that come along with websites using a website called
    Weebly calm I'll leave the link in description below that you guys can use
    it if you if you like so you're going to need to you're gonna want to type in
    video calm and then you're gonna go into a page that gives you options to sign up
    to that with Facebook Google+ or email go ahead and do that and then click at
    the bottom it will say create your site and then it will direct you and ask you
    whether you want to create your own online store if you do then you're gonna
    go ahead and select that if you don't select mark now and then it will take
    you to this page here where you select your theme so you decide whether you
    want business portfolio or anything else so I'm gonna go with blog for now and
    then I'm gonna select this one and then
    yeah it will take you to a page that will let you yeah it will take you to
    this page here and then go ahead and click start editing
    and as it loads so this is a very good way to save money you know because you
    don't need to pay hosting or anything like that so if your fucking cook like I
    am then this is very helpful you can use it to you know to save money here and
    there and it's it's it's for a free website it's it's very nice I like the
    the we it's user friendly it's very pretty there's a lot of options that you
    need to make is also simple you know so it's gonna load and then it's gonna take
    you to option where you have to select your domain name so go ahead and type in
    any name you like and if it's available they'll let you know and it's gonna give
    you an option that yuning is available in whatever you choose let's say I chose
    kilowatt so it will tell you kilowatt become is available but if you want a
    free option then don't select that so what you want is kilowatt Unicom which
    is the free option and once you've done that you can go to this page here
    after you've published your your domain name so my new video wwq oughtta be calm
    so you'll take you to this page here so once you get here you can now customize
    customize you what set or your blog the way you want to so let's say I'll add
    the title
    let's go to pages
    right so swelling at the title and it's gonna go ahead and load there right
    go ahead and try to add text
    is not working okay you can choose to if you don't want to see that just go ahead
    and click off and then you can come down here and tons of little stuff if you
    don't want to write anything about the author anything like that and maybe
    let's go to pages okay and then you can go and select the home page from there
    you can hide it in your navigation if you want to okay let's go ahead and do
    that all right so let's try this again let's try and add text
    it is not working anyway as you can see yeah there's a lot of options for you
    all you need to do is drag and drop it over there so once you've added your
    title your text or what-have-you you can choose to add whatever you want from
    down here there's a lot of options for you all you need to do is drag drop and
    then customize it the way you want to let's see if the button will work
    all right as I was saying before you can go ahead and select your domain name
    yeah okay so these options are for pay if you want to pay so if you don't go
    ahead and select the sub domain which is has dot in it and we have the
    page open here so I'm gonna go ahead and publish this first and then maybe it
    will and let me edit it so if if this video has been helpful for you at all
    please like please share please subscribe and take the belt icon so you
    get notifications when I upload new content and comment let me know what you
    think about this let me know what you think I could have done wrong what I can
    change in you know improve on later on or what you would like to see about this
    further so I'm going to go ahead and upload another video that shows you guys
    and for how you can customize your blog or your website using Weebly that I
    think phenom and end here because things are not going my way so I will leave the
    link in description for you guys to check this Weebly and yeah as I said
    please subscribe please like yeah so this is Cassidy signing out and catch
    the next video where I will explain in detail how to use Weebly and hopefully
    rectify stuff that weren't quite working out for me to today so I apologize for
    that anyway this is custody signing out and
    I'll catch you guys in the next one thank you for listening
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