How to review your Facebook Data Settings

How to review your Facebook Data Settings
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    Hi everyone! With the latest Facebook scandal about Cambridge Analytica and
    all the questions surrounding data privacy I thought I would create a video
    that shows you how you can see which apps are currently connected to your
    account and possibly accessing your data, how you can download an archive of the
    data that Facebook has on you, how you can deactivate your account and
    ultimately how you can delete your account if that is something that you'd
    like to do. I hope you find the information helpful.
    So, the first thing you want to do
    is go to the top right corner and click the little arrow
    then scroll down to settings and this will take you to your general account
    settings page. If you want to download a copy of your facebook data simply click
    on the link here that says download a copy and it will take you to the
    download page. I've already requested my archive - if you haven't you'll click the
    button to save request an archive and they will send you an email when it's
    ready for you to download and then you can download it either from the email or
    you can click this button to download it. To see the apps that are currently
    connected to your account you want to go back to your general account settings
    page and click on Apps. From this page you can see all of the apps that are
    currently connected to your account that you are either currently using or you've
    given permission to use at any time since you've had an active Facebook
    account. This will show you just a quick preview of a few so what you want to do
    is click show all and if you've used quite a lot of apps over the years
    you'll see that this list is very very long. Unfortunately, in order to delete or
    disconnect the apps you have to do them one by one so if you have a lot of apps
    it might be quite a long process. What you do to remove them from your account
    is you tick the box and then you tick remove and this will come up asking you
    if you definitely want to remove it. If you remove an app from your account it
    will delete any information on your Facebook profile that is connected to
    that app so just make sure it's definitely what you want to do. Tick the
    box and click remove and then it confirms
    that that app was removed and disconnected. So, as I said you'll need to
    go through that process for every one of the apps connected to your account. The
    next thing that is worth checking is scrolling down to the bottom of the page
    and view whether or not you want to continue allowing this top left box to
    be switched on. Now, this box is the section that gives permission from
    websites and games to use your Facebook account to log in so for instance it
    might be Netflix or any other website that you can log into using your
    Facebook account. If you want to continue doing that you don't have to change this
    if it's switched on but if you don't want to do that
    you can click here to turn it off just noting that if you do turn it off you
    probably won't be able to log into websites anymore using your Facebook
    account. Once you have gone through those steps you may decide that you would like
    to either deactivate your account or completely delete your account. If you
    want to deactivate your account you go to the left-hand menu and select general
    then manage account and scroll down to deactivate your account. Deactivating
    your account will disable your profile as it says here and remove your name and
    photo for most things but it may still appear in things like searches or your
    friends lists so it's not permanently getting rid of your account. If you want
    to do that you click deactivate your account. If you've decided that you've
    had enough of Facebook and you definitely want to delete your account
    there isn't actually an option to do it from the menu. What you need to do is go
    to and that
    will give you the option to permanently delete your account. I obviously don't
    want to delete my account so I'm not going to click the button and go through
    the steps but if you wanted to do that this is where you would do it. I hope you
    find this information helpful. if anything you can now keep much better
    track of the data that you are sharing with Facebook which is important for
    all of us to do. Thanks for watching.
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