Huawei P20 Pro // Mini Review - Better than the Galaxy S9?

Huawei P20 Pro // Mini Review - Better than the Galaxy S9?
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    what's up guys Matthew Mona's here and I've been using the Huawei P 20 pro for
    48 hours and just got back from France I'm excited to share my mini review with
    you but by no means is this a full one that will come in the coming weeks I'm
    also going to provide you guys some context I'm gonna be comparing this to
    the galaxy s 9 plus I feel context always tells a better story than just
    talking about the device by itself now the first thing I want to talk about is
    the design I really love the color scheming Holloway went with there's blue
    there's pink there's a matte black and there's even a brand new Twilight color
    that changes colors depending on the light dimensions are also fantastic this
    is a 6.1 inch device and when you have any next to the galaxy s 9 plus it's not
    nearly as tall it's also slightly thinner but it's a little bit wider now
    if I was to actually say which one's more comfortable in the head I'd have to
    give it to the p20 probe the more rounded edges feel more comfortable to
    hold and the fact that there's no edge in general just makes it a lot easier to
    type on so let's just get the elephant out of the room right away
    there's a notch on this device and you guys absolutely know how I feel about
    notches I don't like them but there is hope holly has introduced a feature that
    allows you to disable the knotch I think it's a great idea
    Android 8.0 is just not optimized to handle notches if the application itself
    hasn't been optimized things just look really off now here's the weird thing
    this is a glass device the back is made out of glass and usually put glass on a
    smartphone you usually incorporate wireless charging it's all in the big
    flagship devices so I don't understand why it's not on the p20 Pro in fact it
    wasn't even on the make 10 pro the only way to get wireless charging on a
    high-end flagship device from Huawei is to buy the Porsche mate RS there's no
    headphone jack on it which Bobby took away last year so kind of expected but
    you'll notice how perfectly symmetrical this device is when you compare it to
    the iPhone 10 when you compare it to the Samsung Galaxy S 9 plus the ports line
    up a lot better I mean you look at the back of the s9 plus the ports are not
    centered the headphone jacks a little bit too far one way the USB type-c
    connector is also too far one way and the speakers are not lined up now this
    is not a big deal this is not gonna stop you from buying
    the phone I'm only mentioning this is because it shows how much more details
    were always putting into their design another interesting point is the fact
    that there's no more fingerprint scanner on the back of the device while we took
    it and put it on the front it's there it's comfortable if you can use it to
    take you home and it's also really flush with the screen so you kind of don't
    feel a bump or an intrusion in it but if you don't like using a fingerprint
    scanner there's also face unlock I don't think it's nearly as secure as the one
    on the iPhone 10 but my god is it ever fast I did a comparison in my live
    stream a few days ago comparing it to the s 9 plus and it completely smokes it
    out of the water stereo speakers are still there right on
    the earpiece and the bottom of the phone now it's not as good as the S 9 plus or
    iPhone 10 in terms of sound quality but still much better than having a mono
    speaker in general the display is 6.1 inches it's all that and has a
    resolution of 20 to 80 by 1080 so it's not quite q HD but it's F HD plus it
    looks fine it's not the best display for an AMOLED panel and it's probably using
    one of Samsung's inferior ones it's definitely better than the one on the
    pixel 2 XL but obviously not as good as the one on the galaxy s 9 plus when you
    compare them both you can see how much brighter how much more vivid how much
    deeper the blacks are on the Galaxy device but overall it's still a very
    good display the biggest feature of this device is obviously the camera this
    thing has a 40 megapixel sensor on it that takes great photos there's a 20
    megapixel monochrome sensor so it shoots black and white and when you pair it
    with that big 40 megapixel RGB sensor you get some great results but also
    there's a telephoto lens and that telephoto lens goes up to three times
    zoom that's one more than the galaxy s 9 and iPhone 10 now I don't know if this
    is the best camera on the market I haven't done a full comparison yet but
    I'm going to but what I do know is nighttime photography is hands-down the
    best on this device some of the night shots I took look absolutely insane I've
    never seen this good of quality on a smartphone before but Holly does apply a
    lot of image processing on their photos just like other manufacturers they
    really do bump up the contrast and the vibrancy of the photos and because it's
    using artificial intelligence it's able to detect what you're taking a picture
    of for example we took a picture of a blue sky the phone detected it and
    completely cranked up the Blues in the photo it looked good on the screen but
    once we brought it in to post it was just way too oversaturated the next
    thing was a video in 1080p there's optical image stabilization electrical
    image stabilization and you think called artificial intelligence
    image stabilization this is always new technology they're providing three ways
    to stabilize the footage in 1080p when walking down the street it looked
    absolutely awesome definitely comparable to the pixel two but when you bumped it
    up to 4k one of those image stabilization processes were completely
    removed in terms of software it's running Android 8.1 which is above the
    galaxy s 9 and I'm just hoping that hallway updates their phones a little
    bit quicker in the future I mean everything is what you expect it's using
    mui 8.1 so if you've used the version from last year it looks a lot like the
    iPhone 10 bigger boxy icons you have to enable the app drawer but you do get
    Google Assistant when you swipe to the right battery life is absolutely nuts
    with this phone four thousand milliamp so I'm easily getting six hours of
    screen on time in comparison with the galaxy s 9 plus I'm only getting about
    four I have zero issues of battery anxiety I don't have to worry about my
    phone need to be topped up throughout the day I can make it from 5 a.m. in the
    morning to midnight and still have about 20 to 30% battery life left so here are
    my closing thoughts the Huawei P 20 Pro has fantastic performance the keren 970
    may not benchmark as high as a snapdragon 845 but in day-to-day use it
    runs much better than the galaxy s 9 plus I do love this camera this camera
    is amazing it has the possibility of being one of the better cameras of 2018
    but more testing has to be done I do like the design I do like the fact that
    I can disable the knotch I do wish the dual speakers were slightly a little bit
    better I do wish there was wireless charging
    and the software is either hit or miss you either love it or hate it but it's
    definitely no stock Android so stay tuned for my full review subscribe so
    you can be one of the first people to see it let me know what you guys think
    of this phone in the comments below hit that like button and subscribe if you
    haven't already
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