Kelty Cosmic Down 20 Sleeping Bag Video Review

Kelty Cosmic Down 20 Sleeping Bag Video Review
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    Hi, welcome to
    today, we're looking at the Kelty Cosmic Down 20
    sleeping bag.
    This is a mummy sleeping bag made of down feathers
    as the name says.
    I'm gonna take it out of this included stuff sack and show you the bag
    This is a super classic
    often used often bought sleeping bag
    For new to intermediate backpackers.
    it works great for car camping and backpacking
    because it's relatively affordable.
    It's filled with down, so it's very compressible and
    lightweight and kind of strikes a good even balance
    for campers that are, you know just starting out or just don't
    want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on gear
    because sleeping bags can be expensive.
    You can see it's a 600 filled dried down
    inside of this and dry down basically means that the
    down has been treated to be more water resistant
    Which is great because these sleeping bags do get wet sometimes
    and down doesn't do well in water otherwise.
    The exterior fabric and interior are 50D. Polyester ripstop,
    which is pretty solid and you can feel it feels like a very
    Substantial bag. It's not gonna rip.
    It is a mummy bag. It has a solid hood, and it has a draft collar
    Which you can see. This is draft collar and it's kind of stiff
    It's not the thickest graph collar in the world, but it does
    help to keep you warm.
    There's a tube here as well, which is on your neck like this -
    which helps to keep you warm.
    Overall it's a pretty comfortable fit. It is a mummy bag,
    so it's gonna be tight on your body and
    There is more width the shoulders for the men's version. There's a women's version of this bag also
    This has been a quick look at the Kelty Cosmic Down 20 sleeping bag
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