Motor Club of America Review|MCA Proof|MCA Associates Share How MCA Is Different From The Rest

Motor Club of America Review|MCA Proof|MCA Associates Share How MCA Is Different From The Rest
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    hi guys it's Candice with Kings prosper Network and Motor Club of America thank
    you so much for joining me today today's video is going to show you how Motor
    Club of America Review and the opportunity to MCA Proof work from home is so much different than
    other internet marketing companies out there today MCA Associates
    now Motor Club of America Review if you are not familiar with it is a Motor Club that
    provides unlimited roadside assistance along with other benefits to its MCA Proof
    customers and also to its associates and it's very affordable it saves you a
    whole lot of Motor Club of America of America is not a multi-level marketing
    company and MCA Associates there are no contracts and there's no products there's no inventory
    but I'll be quiet about that and let you guys get to the video and see exactly
    how Motor Club of America is so much different and better in my opinion than
    other companies out there
    I was actually with a previous network network marketing company or business
    and it was within a health and wellness company and to be honest I mean I was
    there for probably two years or more and I was just getting run down with it I'm
    a mom of two girls a wife and I also work full time and to be able to do the
    work that that entail for that company was getting to be pretty difficult you
    know they tell you to do so much and with anything you are gonna have to put
    some work into it but with this you know with all the different ranks and
    everything it was hard to put the work in and be successful with it for me
    personally just because it was taking time away from my family I didn't feel
    like I I felt like I was always on my phone and
    working with that I didn't have to pitch to family and friends and that was a big
    field for me and I wanted to make sure that I got my business to where it was
    you know not so hands-on and I was able to just focus on what I wanted to focus
    on put in the amount of work you know that I needed to put in to make it
    successful but at the same time be able to spend extra time but you know my my
    children just you know have extra time for myself
    and have that peace of mind to know that my business was going to be successful
    and grow it's been such a life and business changing experience for me um I
    did recently just get my first Commission and it's just because I
    followed some simple tools that they have given the support and the
    encouragement from the team has seriously pushed me outside my comfort
    zone I just ER I have extreme anxiety when it
    comes to doing videos but I now have a YouTube channel and I have been more
    confident within myself easy and simple and it's marked there's so much
    simplicity to it it is an easy way to put eighty dollars
    in your bank account over and over and over and over again
    already generating commissions okay these are people that just responded to
    an ad and signed up with the system I didn't have to talk to them I've never
    met them before these are complete and total strangers
    and for me that's a plus because I don't have a large following on social media
    I'm also very shy and I didn't have any experience with internet marketing or
    affiliate marketing or social media marketing none of that I come from a
    background of more of traditional business so I work as an analyst up any
    consultant and I own my own businesses but never anything like this
    it quickly found out that the work that you put into this business
    is pretty simple and within our team alone you know there's quite a bit
    that's done for you and I think that has been very awesome
    I think what's been the most rewarding for me is the fact that not only am i
    helping people to make extra income with this opportunity but I'm also helping
    them to save income when I retired myself from my full-time job a year ago
    to come home and work full-time from home I lost all of my benefits and MCA
    covers us on our prescriptions our vision and our dental care and a lot of
    other services are provided as well they were saving us money and so I think it's
    really cool that MCA gives us the opportunity to show people how to make
    extra income but also how to save it as well you're towing you can get tire
    changing services lockout services if you're in your car out of gas we will
    bring you gas and help phase you as long as you are protected with these benefits
    we've got some legal assistance for moving and non-moving traffic violations
    we've got medical benefits for occurring some sort of fender bender and you have
    to you know go to the hospital there's also prescription discounts
    vision discounts and dental discount amazing it discounts you guys and on top
    of that if you love to travel we have hotel and car rental discounts ok from
    home and abroad so it one hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of benefits
    you get for nineteen ninety-five a month ok that's that's an amazing twenty
    dollars well spent fun is twenty dollars well spent
    everyone needs these services if you're out on a road you never know who you're
    gonna get a flat tire you never know your fairy's gonna die you never know
    when you're gonna run out of gas I mean hopefully your pants into the gas tank
    but you know things happen you know if you have kids you know kids can be
    screaming in the background you're not paying attention to your gas tank we're
    not I guess MCA will be there to pretty much rescue you right and just the fact
    that I cannot refer these amazing benefits
    I mean it's $150,000 worth of benefits that we get every month so the fact that
    I can refer to some amazing benefits of people and earn income as well that's a
    plus as well he's changed me just as as an individual period just because it has
    increased mine my beliefs it is just caused me to be I've always been a
    go-getter but it really caused me to be more focused and goal-oriented and to
    you know push me towards my goals and I feel like it was one of the best
    decisions that I made in my career and you know my lifetime career it's
    just a simple easy referral program a lot of people looking stru and mix this
    up with an MLM company that's not what this is okay this is a simple referral
    program and it's a simple way for you to put in extra $80 into your bank account
    if you can top and you can walk you can promote for Motor Club of America
    whether you are in the market for some extra benefits to cover you while you're
    out on your roll MCA is a choice for you if you're looking for a way to earn some
    extra income whether it's part-time or full-time right straight from the
    comfort of your home or any way you can access the Wi-Fi MCA is definitely a
    great option for you so hopefully this video
    is able to clarify some some questions that you may have had in your mind you
    know maybe you're wondering if this MCA thing is real or not I'm here to tell
    you I've been with em saying like I said for the past year and MCA just has been
    amazing to me and my family so Thank You MCA for everything that you've done for
    me and my family take care
    well I hope that you enjoyed that video and that you are more informed as to how
    Motor Club of America is different than other marketing companies out there if
    you have been looking for a viable and real way to earn income from home Motor
    Club of America can be the vehicle that drives you to success so just look for
    the information in the description box below you guys and you can join my team
    and we can get you started today this is an amazing opportunity it has truly
    truly changed my life so I will be seeing you guys soon on the next video
    make it an amazing day
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