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Ralph Lauren Polo Ultra Blue (Review)

Ralph Lauren Polo Ultra Blue (Review)
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    Which Ralph Lauren Polo Blue is your favorite? Hi and welcome back to Ellie Smells
    and today I'm really excited to be bringing the latest fragrance from
    Ralph Lauren, which is the Ralph Lauren Polo Ultra Blue. So don't forget to Like
    and subscribe. But now on to a little bit about Ralph Lauren himself. so Ralph
    Lauren was born in 1939 in the Bronx in New York and after a brief career in the
    army, he then went on to become a salesman for Brooks Brothers which were
    a glove manufacturers and then on to becoming a Salesman
    for a tie manufacturers. He actually made and is responsible for, designing
    the first kipper tie which is a really wide necked tie for men. Then in 1967 he
    started the Ralph Lauren corporation. In 1968 he started creating for his
    own line of fashion wear incorporating the polo into it as well, and his first
    outlet was actually Bloomingdale's where he was the first fashion designer to
    have his own boutique within that store. Then in 1986 he actually started his
    own standalone stores. So that's just a little bit about where Ralph
    Lauren comes from and he's now living the American dream, and a lot of people
    aspire to that.
    Now on to the bottle. A little bit about this, it reminds me of a hip
    flask it's that sort of shape, it's got a lovely silver stopper but the
    sides of the bottle are almost like a cobalt blue and then the main feature of
    the bottle is like a very see-through lighter blue and it has the Polo logo
    actually on the front. Just out of interest, the Polo logo is the second
    most recognized logo in the whole world, coming after coca-cola. So that's the
    bottle, quite easy to hold, nice and tactile. Now on to the fragrance, so
    this fragrance was launched February 2018
    and this one is classed as an aromatic. Let's spray.
    The ultra blue is the third in the line from the Polo Blues. Starting with
    the original Polo blue EDT and then to the Polo blue Eau de Parfum and this is
    the latest release. When I smell this first of all, smells really fresh, zesty
    and lemony and also with a salty hit. It just reminds me of Daniel Craig
    coming out of the water in Casino Royale in those lovely little trunks! But the
    top notes in this one are really clean. You've got lemon, you've got Citron,
    you've also got a hint of that herb, which is the basil and also verbena.
    Verbena is like a green leafy plant and the leaves smell of lemon. So really
    fresh and summery and sunshiny. Then in the heart notes, you definitely get a
    hint of these salty minerals and also there's something called ambertonic in
    there, which is a two molecule creation which makes it warm, ambery and musky.
    So that combined with the citrus and zesty top notes, make it really really
    fresh and sort of zingy, lovely. And then in the base,
    you've got the heavier notes of wood, such as cedar, you've also got musk and then
    you've got a really, sort of like deep hit of the salt. So it makes it like a
    really marine fresh, like a salty sea. Again ladies, it's just like Daniel Craig
    coming out of the water. So I might have to make Tim spray some of this on him!! (laugh)
    As this particular fragrance dries down, the salt tends to come through
    more, the lemon tends to sort of like settle, so it just makes it warm, very
    very clean, very subtle. I would say that this one actually, reminds both Tim and
    myself, of the is Issey Miyake and also some of the Carolina Herrera fragrances.
    But I also think it smells like the Allure Homme Sport for men, which has those
    citric, zesty top notes as well. So if the gentleman is looking for something that's
    going to be really easy to wear, something that's not going to be too
    heavy for the summer, but just going to give him that really sort of light, nice
    fresh, clean, sort of energetic fragrance this one's a really nice one to go for, I
    think. Especially if he is a lover of the fresh, clean fragrances anyway. I
    think that's going to do really well. At the moment because it's just literally
    come in to stores, there is a promotion with the umbrella, which is a gift with
    purchase which is a fantastic umbrella. We're all loving it. It's got like a
    resin almost wooden handle on it. It's full-size so it's going be ideal for
    those spring/ summer showers. So, if you're fortunate enough to
    be anywhere near a department store where you can actually find this, and
    you're thinking about buying it, Go and make your purchase, so that you get
    your free gift which is fantastic. We did actually do a bit of a comparison,
    between the new Ultra Blue and also the Ralph Lauren Polo Blue EDP. Now the EDP version
    has more spices in it, such as Clary Sage, Cardamom which make it warmer more spicy.
    So definitely, I think if the gentleman likes something which is going to last
    on his skin longer, sort of have more impact, spicier, fresher the Eau
    de Parfum would be the one to go for. After trialling these, Tim originally
    liked the Eau de Parfum but then going back to it, he liked the way that the
    Ultra Blue settled on his skin once it is completely dried down. Basically
    it's whatever their preference would be, but both of these, the gift with
    purchase, if you were to buy one you would get the umbrella. So always really
    good to sort of like compare and try them on the blotter and on the skin, and
    hopefully, the gentleman in your life would like one of these. That's it
    for now anyway on Ellie Smells, don't forget to Like and subscribe and check
    out my other videos. I'll say bye for now and enjoy your Easter weekend. Bye. So
    Daniel is that a wrap? Oops! sorry...Tim.
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