Review & Compare - Milton Thermosteel Bottle 1700ml vs 1000ml

Review & Compare - Milton Thermosteel Bottle 1700ml vs 1000ml
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    we will compare today 1.7ltr vs 1 ltr milton thermosteel bottle.
    Keeps bottle cool from 15 hours to 20 hours easily.
    Size difference is obvious.
    When you hold 1.7 ltr in hand when it is filled it is uncomfortable.
    Cap quality is good.
    My old cap have already had rough use then also it has withstand such use.
    Cover is only provided with 1.7 ltr Milton Thermosteel bottle.
    Steel Thinkness of 1 ltr bottle is more then 1.7 ltr bottle.
    Drinking water from 1.7 ltr bottle is uncomfortable as it cap width is wider then 1 ltr.
    Base of both water bottle is strong.
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