Starbucks House Blend Coffee Review

Starbucks House Blend Coffee Review
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    - [J.R.] Hey welcome to Coffee Coffee Coffee
    your place for average-Joe coffee reviews.
    Today's coffee is a house-blend, like house music.
    (record scratch imitation) (Kayla laughing)
    (upbeat music)
    - [Kayla] Today we are reviewing Starbucks House Blend
    which is supposed to be rich and lively.
    It's a medium roast, 100 percent arabica coffee.
    (J.R. agreement hum)
    Yeah, it just says that it's loaded with flavor
    balancing taste of nuts and cocoa, and a touch of sweetness.
    - Ah.
    - The question is, do we like it like that?
    - And do we see the same thing they do?
    - Right.
    - Kayla is going to get the coffee now.
    (Kayla laughing)
    - I was going to say we can talk about price
    - Welcome back, oh the price was expensive.
    - Yes.
    - We did buy it on sale, but, normally it's like 9.70
    9.50 a bag, which is like 12 something a pound
    which is on the higher end of the coffee's we review
    - Which is normally what you'll find in the grocery store.
    - Right, yeah.
    - So let's see, do we concur with the master roasters
    and blenders at the Starbucks in Seattle?
    (Kayla chuckling)
    - Well I'll say, overall I like it.
    Like, it's not my favorite, but it's not horrible.
    - It's passable.
    - Yeah it's passable.
    Roasty, almost burnt or bittered
    but it's like right on that edge, so.
    Maybe a little closer than I'd like it to be, yeah.
    - Yeah, and certainly the cocoa flavor is there.
    - Nutty.
    - Not like chocolate, like, "Mmmm"
    but cocoa, powdery type and nutty.
    - Yeah nutty, a little nutty. Not like overly nutty, but
    which can be a good thing but this is, you know.
    It has not as much flavor as I would want.
    - Yeah.
    - In this kind of price range, I'm looking for
    serious coffee flavor.
    - And the same as with the Starbucks Pike Place
    they said to use two tablespoons per cup and we did that
    and we didn't like it and so we switched to one and a half
    and it was better that way.
    - Yeah I enjoy it a lot more this way that you made it today
    - Yeah so keep in mind, that when you're
    having a coffee, if it's just like
    there's just too much going on here,
    then use a smaller amount of coffee
    but I think probably for the Donut Rating
    maybe a three at most? Yeah, yeah because it's so expensive.
    - Yeah, if it was less expensive then I would say
    more towards the three and a half
    but yeah, since this is so expensive: three.
    - Yeah, well if you've have any Starbucks Coffees
    that you've loved or hated and
    you want us to drink them because you hate us too,
    then let us know what they are
    we're always looking for new coffees to review.
    Someone up until this point has recommended Starbucks
    Yukon Blend, I think is what it was called
    and I tried to find it at the store but I couldn't
    when we were there last time
    but, either way, we're looking
    but thanks for joining us for this review
    and until next time...
    - Keep grindin'
    - [J.R.] Hey, thanks for watching our reviews.
    Please be sure to subscribe and check out our reviews here.
    (upbeat music)
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