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Travel Jacket by Baubax (Full Review)

Travel Jacket by Baubax (Full Review)
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    I am reviewing for you my Baubax travel jacket that I got for Christmas as a
    surprise for my husband it's by creative lifestyle and this review is not
    sponsored fYI I just travel a lot because I am married to an airline
    employee and so I have lots of tips and tricks up my sleeve when I travel I've
    worn this travel jacket twice so I can give you my full review and some tips
    and tricks on how to pull off some of the tools and gadgets that you have in
    this jacket so whether you travel for work or just for fun and leisure let's
    pop it into my video there are 15 features of this Baubax travel jacket
    that i'm going to review for you today there is a neck pillow that comes with
    it it is easily inflatable there is an attached stylus an eye mask all kinds of
    features for you while you are traveling for work or just for fun but besides all
    of those 15 features the main reason I can recommend this jacket is because it
    is so warm and that is my number one problem when I fly on the airplane I'm
    always cold so this is a very good jacket that can get dirty but it fills
    lots of my needs and it has many purposes for it for travel it does come
    in four different styles for men and women you have the sweatshirt which is
    what I have they have at vest they have a windbreaker and they have a really
    thick coat they even have one that has come out for 2018 that is a little out
    of my price range so I am reviewing for you the Baubax original sweatshirt
    jacket let's get through my cons of this travel jacket one it is very expensive
    some people say that it is just an expensive overpriced sweatshirt that has
    pockets and they're true they're correct but the placement of the pockets and
    their thought process behind every detail in these coats is perfect for
    seasoned travelers like myself and you but that's travel jackets do run small
    and they say that on their website so why don't they make it more of a correct
    styling or sizing for us passengers and for their customers and they also
    run out quickly like at Christmas I wanted another size in the light blue
    women's size and they did not have them and they were not getting them anytime
    soon another negative is that there is no free return or exchange system you
    have to pay for the shipping if you want to return it and swap it which is what
    we had to do with mine if I am paying such a high price for this high-quality
    product and for great customer service behind high quality products I expect
    free shipping on returns and exchanges another con for this travel Baubax is
    the neck pillow that you can keep inside the hood of your jacket I don't like how
    thin it is I want one that is really gonna stay taut and really firm because
    you're sitting upright so you want a neck pillow that you can just lean your
    head across or lean your head against this one is a little too flimsy and a
    little too low like I have to really go down as an airline employee spouse we
    travel worldwide and often and one of the most important things for us is the
    ease of going through security in different airports if you travel for
    work you probably feel the same way so my number one advantage to having
    this travel jacket is the ease of going through security because of all the
    storage compartments you can store your passport in the outside pocket you the
    ticket that you need to boarding pass to go through security you can keep your
    phone inside here your iPad or small laptop can fit inside this jacket and
    it zips and they tell you that your power bank can also fit inside the
    little pocket but this one doesn't zip I probably would keep a power bank and the
    cords that go with it inside my backpack because I don't need those going through
    security I only need them if my phone or laptop goes dead and do like that most
    every pocket zips completely because when you're traveling abroad you want to
    hide your important documents and your personal belongings there are several
    things about the neck pillow that I really like you can inflate it with one
    breath and it has this cool anti locking device that just locks it if the air
    does not leak out and you can zip it the material around it feels like our black
    cat like one of those baby blankets that are super soft and velvety almost but
    not velvety and then to deflate it you just poke your finger through that and
    it just instantly deflates the whole neck pillow
    I would store this in my backpack though not in the hood of the jacket because it
    is bulky even though it's flat and it's lumpy and so on it also is heavy pulling
    down on that hood on the inside lapel of your Baubax travel jacket is a little
    pocket for a cleaning cloth for your eyeglasses or your sunglasses and it has
    a little loop for you to store your sunglasses for me I put my sunglasses in
    my backpack in a hardshell case because I won't need them until I'm walking out
    of the airport another fabulous feature is the drink can holder I do recommend
    zipping your jacket all the way up just to make that pocket area more talk but
    have you seen the tray table sizes in airplanes? like your entire laptop takes
    up the whole tray table space so you do need a space a compartment for your
    drink if you are going to be working while you are having a drink now this is
    a full water bottle and I would think that a can would fit in there or some
    kind of bottle would fit in there but it's cute innocent added
    compartment if you need it for something else one advantage of this jacket is
    that if you don't want this stylist it has this little carabiner hook and I
    like to take it off because I don't need a stylus and because it is a heavy metal
    and when you're walking it some house hits your fingers and it hurts and I
    always carry a cute marker pin in my backpack by the way welcome to my
    channel my name is laurie please leave comment below and introduce yourself if
    you do already own a Baubax travel jacket I suggest that you buy the Baubax
    blanket because it tells you all there how to fold it completely to get
    it right back to the size of the pocket that it fits in it is an added thing for
    like twenty-five dollars I think but if you want to do that that's an option and
    they also have a collapsible water bottle that's not enough for me because
    I take an empty water bottle with me and just fill it up in the airports if you
    haven't checked out my 23 travel hacks for you click on this little eye card
    over here and it will take you to that video since that color does come inside
    the hood I thought that meant you were supposed to inflate it while it's in the
    hood but it's just for easy access but I would just store it in the back one of
    my favorite advantages of this jacket is the ease that you can listen to
    headphones with if you were walking through the airport like a cool teenager
    with your headphones in your ears this is for you and you will pull one
    out when you're talking to the flight attendant but the ease and the hassle
    free of this jacket is that you can just drop it and easily put it right back in
    your ear you don't have to look for it in between the seats if it hasn't fallen
    underneath your arm because it is hooked on both sides of this jacket easily with
    these two little loops and then your plug and wire goes into your phone and
    the hidden pocket in here easily retrievable and the best part is you can
    keep your headphones on when you go to the bathroom you don't get up out of the
    airplane and then get jerk back to your seat because your headphone is still
    connected to the armrest the way I would install the earphones into this these
    loops is just slide each one through the loop on the left and the right and keep
    the cord dangling behind your neck and then when you need it just reach out
    grab it pull it through and then plug it into your phone easy hassle-free I love
    this advantage of the travel jacket for people like me
    who are cold often on an airplane they have gloves and they do an okay job for
    people who are cold a lot it's our extremities which are cold
    that's where we need the fabric which is great inside they're extra warm pockets
    for your hands it's a hand warming pocket there's no gadget in there but
    they are super almost like the inside fuzziness of an of a real sweatshirt
    it's that fabric that's in there in the pockets for your hands I absolutely love
    the built-in eye mask now it is not gonna be secure like the ones with the
    strap that you might get in first class but it does do a fabulous job of just
    blocking that light or the reflection of the person's kindle who's sitting next
    to you and will not close their window shade now to block some of the light I
    do have to say that their customer service is wonderful I participated in
    the online chat to ask them about how to inflate and deflate the neck pillow and
    they responded within 35 seconds on there however there is no way in this
    world to contact them by phone I have researched and researched and researched
    if you know a way to do that please leave me a comment below and let me know
    because I do have some other questions for them but I was very pleased with
    their online customer service I do have to give them that but it would be nice
    to have free shipping on returns and exchanges when you're making your
    decision on the Baubax travel jacket if you are if warmth is your
    major issue then you may want to get the sweatshirt if you are going to be out in
    the elements and the weather you want to get the windbreaker there are several
    types for you to choose from and I hope that I have helped you make an informed
    decision for what's best for you as a traveler and let me know if you were
    thinking about getting the brand-new 2018 one thank you so much for sticking
    around to the end I hope my review and tips and tricks helped you make an
    informed decision
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