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Video Swatch e Review: Loreal LA PALETTE NUDE Rose [ENG Sub] | Liz Matutteame Makeup

Video Swatch e Review: Loreal LA PALETTE NUDE Rose [ENG Sub] | Liz Matutteame Makeup
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    Today I show you this palette of L'Oréal

    is called La Palette Nude

    and I have the one in shades of Pinks !

    First of all contains 10 eyeshadows

    that now I show you, the price

    is € 16.90

    I found it with a very high


    so for what I wanted to try.

    Inside there is also his brush

    that I kept to show you,

    a part with the smudge

    and a part with bristles,

    even nice and also great looking.

    The first color is an illuminating

    champagne shimmer and

    that's what I used the most

    is just illuminating and very bright.

    The second color is always

    an illuminant but in the tone

    a little more rosy but it is

    always on the level of illuminating


    Let's move on to the transition

    colors that I apply in the mobile eyelid,

    third color is a matt brownish,

    let's continue with the fourth

    which is beige Golden brown

    this is shimmer.

    Fifth color a champagne shimmer

    with brown undertones,

    sixth color we have an opaque

    brown with pink undertone

    and seventh color a darker brown

    always opaque with pink undertone.

    To finish with the transition

    colors we have the eighth color,

    a very beautiful shimmer bronze

    with a golden undertone.

    Let's now pass to the two

    colors that I use to give

    definition in the crease

    of the eye, the number

    nine which is an opaque

    smoke gray and the number

    ten which is a metallic purple

    with black undertone that

    leaves beautiful reflections.

    To conclude I have to say

    that I expected a palette

    with pinker colors, the back

    of the package in fact shows

    colors completely in

    shades of pink,

    but in the end it's okay

    even because these

    are the colors I use the most.

    I did not expect it from an

    L'Oréal pallet but I found

    it very good, the colors

    are really beautiful and

    they are not very dusty

    and they create big problems

    of fall out.

    They are all beautiful writers

    and with a primer they last

    easily 8-10 hours.

    Honestly I never understood

    why in the palette with shades

    of pink or nude always put

    a metallic purple as a color

    of definition, I would have

    preferred maybe a nice matte


    but it is something that

    I found in various palettes.

    All colors are versatile

    from the most brown

    to the most pink,

    suitable for a day or

    evening make-up based

    on the choice of colors

    and combinations.

    The palette is also perfect

    to take with you because

    it has a beautiful large mirror

    and the package once

    closed becomes very thin.

    I admit that if I had not

    had a discount so much

    more I would never have

    taken this palette because

    I did not believe that L'Oreal

    could create a palette of eye

    shadows so successful,

    fortunately I've tried and

    I have no problem to change my mind.

    At the end the full price

    of € 16.90 is not even

    so much considering

    the quality and the versatility

    of all these eye shadows.

    Let me know if you have tried

    this palette and how you

    found yourself.

    As always I hope to have

    been useful and if you liked

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    See you next review, bye bye!

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