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Zoe Reviews Taylor Swift

Zoe Reviews Taylor Swift
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    Taylor Swift
    But I can't see her eyes.
    She looks pretty.
    Like a princess.
    Kinda like Elsa.

    Teardrops on my guitar.
    That's sad.
    A jerk is lying to her.
    A jerk talks with you just don't talk.
    Just like this.

    Stay beautiful.
    I will. Me! Me!
    I am beautiful.

    Picture to burn.
    That's dangerous.
    Could hurt yourself.
    All the floor, or outside on the floor will be broken!

    That's bad.
    Maybe a car is hit you.
    Then you will dead.

    When me is fifteen.
    I will grow very tall like this big.

    I can't wear these socks.
    These socks will be too small and these pants and this shirt.

    Breathe. That's easy.

    Just like the seagulls in Finding Nemo.
    They always go "mine mine mine mine mine mine"

    Back to December.
    Why you wanna go back to December?
    It's too cold.
    You need to wear a hat, and gloves, everything.
    Then you will.......sneeze.
    Dear John.
    That's like a tractor right?

    Last kiss.

    Never grow up.
    I want to grow up.
    I wanna be a big kid one day.
    I was in mommy's....ahh.....
    In mommy's...ahh...tummy then I get out.
    Then...I wanna grow up!
    Loving him is red.
    What's that mean?
    That's weird.
    I think he likes red.
    When I'm 22 I will be working.
    I will be an astronaut.
    I will go to space with my all friends and my daddy/mommy..

    Star light.
    Star light, star bright.
    First star I see tonight.
    Wish I may, Wish I ....................
    Out of the woods.
    That's good.
    The woods is scary.
    They have a big bad wolf in them.

    Shake it off.
    Like a doggy?

    Bad blood.
    You have to go the hospital, get some good blood.

    Wildest dreams.
    What is it?
    My crazy dream is I'm flying.
    Like a bird I can fly.
    Can fly.
    That's a very crazy dream.

    Ready for it.
    What is it?

    I did something bad.
    Oh oh! What did you do?
    She probably eat all the cookies. Then mommy/daddy angry.

    Dancing with my hands tied.
    How you dance like that? Just wiggle your bum?

    King of my heart.
    That's like the queen of hearts?
    The king of hearts is really short.
    和公主一样 (like a princess)

    Doggy's Tail.
    Little more this way.
    Just a little. Just a little.
    Where are you going?
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