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8 Ways To Stop Procrastinating - Efficient Tips On How To Be Productive

8 Ways To Stop Procrastinating - Efficient Tips On How To Be Productive
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    Hey guys, this is Anthony from GoMad with another video for you with some practical
    tips on beating procrastination in order to become more productive, get more done, and
    - ultimately - reach our next goal much sooner.
    The tips I'm about to share with you today will improve many aspects of your life, soit's
    worth sharing it with friends who want tomake a change.
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    I'll appreciate that a lot.
    Now, let's get to the action part.
    The first step to removing procrastination from your life once and for all isto define
    the real causes.
    Whenever you put off working on a project or getting anything done, there's usually
    a motive for that.
    It might not be obvious so you need to dig deeper.
    Some common reasons why weprocrastinate include: lacking the motivation to start and complete
    the task; not being sure whether we're working on the right thing; fearing failure; not being
    organized and not knowing where to start; low energy levels; lack of focus; and more.
    The single best thing you can do today to live a life free from procrastination in the
    near future isto get to the main cause of that.
    Once you know it, you'llbe able to make a plan on how to stop it and become productive
    So, for example, if you realize you fear failure, then you'll need to make a mindset shift.
    Tell yourself that failure is a stepping stone to success and if you keep putting in the
    work, you'll eventually succeed.
    Ifit's the lack of focus or energy that's causing procrastination, then you need to
    rethink how you're spending your days.
    Maybe you should wake up earlier, ditch the junk food, have a workout every day, removethe
    distractions around you, have a better working environment, or else.
    All these will help you concentrate easily when you get to work and you'll have the
    energy to not just start, but finish what you started.
    The next thing you should doto stop being a procrastinator isto break the bad habit
    of overthinking.
    See, procrastination happens when we'reabout to start something but then allow our mind
    to come up with excuses asto why we can leave it for later.
    Then, we think of plenty ofother things todo right now and leave the important task for
    But later means you'll never get to it, will keep putting it off, or will just get
    itdone quickly as there will be many other little tasks waiting tobecompleted.
    Don't get into the habit of doing that.
    Instead, have control over your mind and stop overthinking.
    That can happen by noticing when you're about to start making excuses.
    Then, gather your willpower and say 'no'to the inner voices telling you why it's okay
    And instead get up and do the work.
    You'll feel great after that.
    My next best tip on removing procrastination isto have routines.
    These are powerful as simple practices done daily can help us get in the right mood and
    mental state todo focused work, even ifwe don't feel like it.
    It could be waking up early and having a morning routine, after which you'd get to your most
    important things for the day and will complete them in one go.
    It will take time to develop a routine and stick toitnomatter what.
    But it's worth the time and effort as once it becomes a repetitive behavior, procrastination
    will no longer have control over you.
    The next step on your journey should beto break big projects into smaller ones.
    Sounds simple but we rarely do it.
    If you give this technique a chance, though, you'll find out that big goals or tasks
    don't scare or overwhelm you anymore.
    Once you know the first steps, you don't need to think about the next ones.
    You can just focus on the first one on the list and take it.
    That means you'll get a quick win byaccomplishing it and will feel good about yourself.
    And this is a great way to build momentum and repeat the action right after it.
    And here's another great rule to motivate you to get more done instead of procrastinating
    - start super small.
    What I mean by that is, whenever you're facing a big project or a challenging task,
    don't leave it for later but do one thing related toit that takes less than 5 minutes.
    That could be making a call, replying toan email, writing down what you're going to
    do, doing a quick research, taking a decision, etc.
    This will get you started and that's all you need to keep going until you actually
    do the work.
    Finally, write everything down.
    The written word is a pretty powerful thing.
    The moment you set a goal, you should write it down, give it a deadline and break it down
    into smaller steps.
    The same goes for any activity you have todo today or even little task that's on your
    Decide when you're going to work on it and how you'll start, and write that down too.
    This makes it easier to commit and begin.
    Now you're ready to fight procrastination the next time you face it.
    Thanks a lot for watching today's video and I hope you're going to take action on
    one of the things I mentioned in it.
    Subscribe to my channel for more of that and leave a comment below to say what you think
    or ask any question you might be having about procrastination or productivity.
    Would love to hear what you think.
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    Thanks again and see you soon!
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