Additives in your E juice How to use them in your e liquid mixes and when you should not.

Additives in your E juice How to use them in your e liquid mixes and when you should not.
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    make sure we get sound can you
    hear me, and 1/2 what be no
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    can we get this sounds good we
    got the green light to go up and
    so we have is so anyhow
    that roger of get a hold of the
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    so you can make it Erin is
    supposed to be here but maybe
    he's just wait
    of we'll find out when he gets
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    its midst of it would have had
    of all its evening in the gold
    rates me do what I was in its
    needs to be sorry about that to
    a lot of it's the right anyhow
    today we're gonna talked about
    attitudes and are really wish
    roger meeting here and see
    things getting those big deals
    I think we had enough to cover
    for everybody
    said he has it all been waiting
    to be chance it will
    have a
    this is also the week number and
    Tokyo the real flavor $25.00
    giveaways and now
    body write off bat, I don't
    think we're gonna be doing a
    show next Sunday
    of a minute taken a little break
    off one the afterglow for
    surgery and now the next Monday
    so I can do just one relax old
    were going
    it will soar right back up to
    Karen it's the next summary of
    day should be fine by them and
    mentions it be the sore knee
    surgeries I should be walking
    around by snakes underwrite on
    the Mac great
    them. That's all accounts
    write well, just been in the
    body heads up on it so we're
    gonna be a week behind and now
    latest it concede sexy squirrel
    your head of
    the aware of wooden soldier
    right back in when it did what
    am I being done under Poland
    might call platter hours of air
    was sick for the past two weeks
    for actually was three days and
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    so while we decided we go
    so ago the old waiter has acted
    as call we'll lose weight right
    up to
    the act bits. I know it's posted
    pretty easy. Cup
    and walls and you're bound
    there now will see will see when
    again if it then goes
    to anyhow
    me when they see where men and
    women serving a coppery were in
    the right screen here of
    wits working to talk about and
    before we even do that
    it by some chance I know and
    99.9% of these are not based
    but it by some chance
    you didn't see it or whatever
    the huge real flavors giveaway
    balls real we have poured on
    hold while all cats that we
    started back of
    I kept calling people call post
    called double polls I have
    people double post and I and
    all kinds of one and everything
    gets screwed up
    and weakling Goldwyn though we
    were all so I had a move
    everything over your two years
    of video post
    of its inner channel here
    and now you been listened to be
    on the video on its lee on a
    and now and working it do that
    from now one actually although
    all the giveaways for new
    control you two because number
    and makes it easier for us and
    some of us have in the spring
    everything out
    again let you guys can mess up
    all you want an acting in the
    bottle fix it so well
    in which a speaker and content
    of that so that it makes things
    a whole lot simpler all of your
    and now
    the limited of the Fess Parker
    and no creeds
    noting upset so
    it though it's easiest way to do
    there really is
    just as
    I did during a mess and appear
    and there's
    exactly that to the two so it's
    always in a college A's for all
    the mistakes that happened it
    was wasn't our fault, too, mike
    and ago that people will be
    they'll pay attention
    the just want to get so excited
    that because polls and
    and it just misses everything
    all for everybody also
    this is the simplest way to
    Selena would scare right at you
    know what and now
    we're gonna talk about that it
    is we have a couple request can
    talk about and it's still human
    star up with an easy ones appear
    when the startup of our
    now that's included in this list
    of about 81st
    day I get it on
    real well
    in and talking point unless I
    get it ready you
    of a go any higher than a kid
    can now be bringing feel
    one thing everybody has a work
    of worry about with AP which is
    of a seal pure is seen by the
    you taken turned into fritos
    real easy
    now and so
    late that jude's city did you
    see that a recipe that the guy
    posted that the guy had 3% and
    pianist NEC and
    yet it's crazy that's unwanted
    pets just total three knows it's
    you know
    all absolutely absolute
    know is that Spans basically,
    but he also works AP of also
    works go with the backups that
    now I'm basically the same way
    97 basically the same way I
    highlight milder tobaccos are
    now that the
    knowing exactly so
    that it is a
    it's been some very good tool
    that's a very good tool like I
    use of Alar and one of the
    crease of right now
    . His expression when a month
    for the party 30 know of 40
    points in a tiny little now be
    ready now of
    any use of batons sorts of one
    of the very good tools of
    says were on that subject of of
    gritty and another one and one
    for you, and now
    on the serenity are the stock of
    all liquid amber since we're in
    the sink in a row
    and he yet I wanted to add there
    is so much you can do
    and then back go back to the
    Peter Erskine and a group in the
    two could grant a baby would be
    at odds with the idle dwells
    makes a besides the of a
    date yet there might be other
    companies making up and I never
    even tried
    and I caught mind to audio me an
    offer of
    those word is that I caught wind
    of little bit also for personal
    use of
    back those go back to the liquid
    amber let liquid amber he can do
    so much you can go very well
    with it
    no to something and then you get
    up and then you get a permanent
    all year
    of their works could
    I use it with bows and tobacco
    mix together and it works. Call
    no right
    Townsend was using excessive
    costs copying lately I think
    it's I was gonna be something
    called waters of coffee is
    yet on of the ladies is one of
    my favorites apps to david's
    no nuts
    us of the city's it too bad it
    is that their final are the ones
    by which are overdue with that
    kind of hard to mix of super
    yeah I agree agree
    the data was to turn industrials
    ferry for use solely
    I still can't get over that
    recipe and the guys I call you
    know you wanted to change it to
    hold its are no flavor no flavor
    3% a year of my gosh no
    liquid the Andrea we forget to
    mention of liquid amber is
    actually a wavering units made
    by flavor march
    is firm and it tastes that the
    juices Fuhrman ever be that are
    now much you
    of is that true added that we
    all use it like a net
    of to achieve this so permitted
    taster be pleased where
    it's so
    of its peers place one
    anyhow he has made by flavor
    so it's a flavoring but it shows
    yet. These tools is ears to buy
    it if you like stop if you like
    to be here are the apple or
    apple cider
    that's when you wanna get that
    Fuhrman it tastes to what of
    this is the perfect stop for
    you. It
    to you and knowing it was a
    really nice chips
    it so was and since Ron them all
    for this are talking about men
    are buying of this another Pan
    Am I
    title as
    its heat up to you
    the I
    either a CD apple cider vinegar
    white dinner is the way to knew
    all the same banners the binding
    you call
    of in the two nice job for
    bringing fruits open and talking
    just tiny amounts couple drops
    year couple drop steer its
    tender sinister games changer is
    a game change are really can add
    a shine on things
    of the can also use it in
    conjunction with the liquid
    amber wave book read a cinch.
    Not only does in pop flavors
    specially fruity flavors
    of the changes the PH and in the
    juice itself and now
    really helps to smooth out the
    mix total so
    way I use of the vinegars is so
    if I'm using my call later
    or later tobacco's all use
    distilled white banner
    if I'm using darker tobaccos
    were darker fruits like the
    darker berries and so
    is when I use the PCB the apple
    are not talking a lot of talking
    like one dropper for every Ten
    Males sold views and one of 30
    mobile view three drops 345
    drops cops that unit in output
    are shine and things really does
    a nice job of
    fruits is fantastic for
    tobacco's it puts a shine on
    images as a machine its nose and
    flavors out it pops some of
    I don't put a lot are recipes
    out what the vinegars and am
    because the people vote no one's
    watching and there are little
    leery of for personal use all
    using why I use and one of
    Soria three drops for 30 mills
    by now as you might hear they
    will push like six
    I want when the higher than that
    it works great I have a video
    of posting and in here someplace
    and now is talking about liquid
    amber and vinegars of reveal
    that were fully
    and ate it works great lady said
    that the deal with changing the
    peach and everything in their
    release hopes will drop to
    choose so and agencies and may
    use and of seal lean
    I'm not a fee and a ceiling of
    when I first started mixing
    I was one of the guys are using
    that were using the ceiling to
    thin out that shows for the
    wealthier ones to get, so we
    were so many dry hits it does
    have a tendency of pop and
    fruits a little bit
    of it's not that great it
    doesn't really do decorating the
    job of it all to tiny better job
    what the
    late roger said of actors it's
    for, too. It's as good as steel
    flavor, so
    it is just water sit on
    one it's like anything else to
    be put in too much and equip
    fate of the I've really not have
    that much creating better
    there's probably seek to
    consider gas and citric acid is
    notorious for the
    but the
    the city.
    Now all I should mention another
    thing that the apple cider
    vinegar is an assist for the
    Euro Tri-City it so
    can also work which operates
    I don't know mine was minding
    their opposite of it even says
    distill on it and we'll wait and
    occurred as distill
    us would be amended pots and
    said, why did I win in that the
    kitchen cupboard and robin is
    started using it and so
    when a
    IP or that we will talk about
    one more blow quickly something
    it's known to call me and user
    and I'm good can it be this is
    another flavoring by going after
    a couple in saying maybe
    her know this is another play
    of. It's notable me and you
    it's notable me and you and I
    would think we're talking about
    making flavors change a little
    with flavor to me and you get
    some recently
    that will change the players
    and then from there and then
    and then
    of the two
    that had
    had it and keep up the
    the recently. That was start
    singing and
    do the S they maintain painting
    paying up to
    be up
    while you get in the help of
    Egypt and Sudan you got help
    break up to help
    well known to see me read all of
    the head of
    saugerties and its top is been
    working really really good for
    me at the stopping it.
    I've worked to a great use it as
    an additive system of the mix is
    that I try to make busy
    someone like champagne mixes and
    works great ideas of what some
    might women mixes men like women
    a mix is the one and a fizzy
    works great
    all yet it's so that seen in the
    group think he's in the body
    does know about this is make
    this is restored a base and it's
    made by a real flavors and what
    it does is just sat there is too
    drinking makes it busy
    exactly how I don't
    I don't think that it's I would
    want more demand in the PC get
    the upper best and on you,
    there ask and warns asking to be
    using a bingo
    2% magic number seems like for
    that. Now I imagined depending
    on what flavors you throw with a
    rate now 2% seems to be the go
    sells the
    and it sounds good as those real
    to me how we are 1/2 hour in
    this are ready
    sea code word for a body for
    this week's $25.00 card giveaway
    and and and remind everybody
    this is from real flavors of you
    out if you win this either
    e-mail me or of P me and on TV
    that special cold day when the
    check, despite: in your $25.00
    of the winner of every week that
    we do this oddity in the 12
    weeks of
    which is the winners of of each
    week is entered in one corner
    of for $250 gift card giveaway
    would be so help of
    what the ado
    yet whether this is weekend of
    like a severely year I don't
    think it can be doing a show
    next week the only thing I think
    I can be doing on Sunday
    isn't going to be doing the
    young victims giveaway and then
    dropped for that and then if you
    don't mind them, take today off
    and not try to relax before in
    my surgery on the next eight
    Ashley I might get up early
    . You like for flood warning if
    it is just to get go and so
    I created take it easy little
    of any hall here is the magic
    number and since we're talking
    one and it's we haven't got to
    talk about this when you were to
    the secret word is smooth
    everybody types move down been a
    chat of all legal wants
    and now are on the back in a
    little while and now weaker
    winner for this
    I open wish everybody, that you
    know it's $200 would stop is or
    you know
    really is but
    an aide
    with the cash that so
    that's crazy
    would now I know in and right
    contact me and I can
    was to be said of this decade
    international rising to be
    honest with you I don't know I
    don't know you know me and
    yet so international so I can
    run so what does it matter
    either way if you when you wake
    up in one of the
    so it's you know
    now the only thing he said was
    that you know it. We get all the
    product in the U.S. into effect
    and stop a cop we have now so
    tell me if I'm totally wrong
    of two deals in beachy one
    gelman PG
    the ghostly
    0:40 0.6 OS bottles of wavering
    on might be one that might be
    of an OS 2030 ml bottles to know
    we're stopping
    its $300 would stop right there
    and in $250 cash so
    them a winning in the mail
    Saturday good habits could hear
    it stored things I know that we
    got one guy you're now he's in
    the chair right now he was
    having some problems is
    coordinate things, we call
    and now being called in
    of because I can't fix an
    is cooled for some reason is the
    working of
    Italy Ghali is do was call
    minute penalty. And now
    and in that that's the gist of
    and varies to
    always goes: that he wanted here
    you know from me
    I have the coals waltzed when a
    person leading a call so
    and now it is wrong. Maybe
    there's a type a winner
    something. You never know you
    know, I stakes
    and EO everybody like a setting
    and pipes moved
    down below and how we wanna so
    all the while
    probably another 10 minutes
    because you have to be present
    to win the hat clean price you
    don't claim the prize
    winner running again for
    somebody also
    had the these can I be doing
    greased on its own bait
    convention this weekend
    and so always a Cleveland 80
    sick leave
    and so though it's Gotta be
    doing pretty good no
    write once talked about since I
    have smooth up there let's talk
    about smooth
    You know he is a lot of it are
    all of these to be working atop
    the role in that same row of
    where they just
    at all what it would be really
    it like takes the harsh edges
    dropped waiver and it's been
    that it will stop to my notes on
    until I actually can add up a
    thicker ball field to Peking
    give you
    an age is basically decided to
    scanner ounce everything 00
    eye and now the famous move. Any
    amount of hot line of use of
    enhanced so in the chat copy and
    are doing the talking about this
    contest for a year for $25.00 of
    the week away every Sunday
    take the word smooth and the
    chat down below it be talking
    about the the huge giveaway from
    real flavors that will be going
    up next Sunday of there's
    another video and in here
    someplace and the underneath the
    your wages university and paste
    watched EO bad video and Algeria
    structures and how to do
    and now it will be fun and that
    one makes Sunday
    that's huge that $550 for the
    caching prices for one person
    one person gets the grease
    or lower it and add another of
    will it be wants one agrees they
    can just go out like to be a big
    green and
    it's not that far
    no of body of the fits all are
    to change of flavor from doing
    what it's was made to be done
    and so
    no absolutely begin back lee
    said this will buy drugs about
    the wizard of NTS with stance
    and of mort Baker smolder now
    Walters wilder of
    the magic mask their ball and
    that's moving
    row below basic we'll do the
    same just made by the
    five magic mask is made by the
    exhibit a for Mage mask and the
    Anne and now smooth is made by
    the FAA and TS is made by
    option. Now
    then baked wizard of
    odds are all basically does the
    same thing all accomplish the
    of lady said before I don't
    personally won the use of site
    absolutely could stop that I
    have two of
    did some ways is smooth and I
    could choose without having the
    user is no
    no unit so either that or to
    work around on the list was
    thinking of you and why I don't
    use salami and when I do I have
    a purpose word I want to smooth
    things out and won a combined 22
    flavors and wanted to be some
    from each other and one of land
    and its Kennewick Libyan doesn't
    take, takes everything puts it
    in a blunder national so bold
    flavors combine
    answer and lower percentages and
    I read all the sweeter gets a
    lot of people use Ian like a
    and T of the cotton candy and
    other regular cotton candy is
    basically a call now
    . That's basically what it is
    not to confuse with circuits, he
    and the which is actually a play
    all but the Rolfe you can do the
    same thing maybe the small
    things out the mash and together
    also if I'm gonna have to 821 to
    do that on pinnacle port see am
    a little bit and quicker be the
    number that was to
    air league was molded by
    absolutely have to and I think
    the problem, two fingers the
    recipes and it actually use
    aware that it produced you know
    tried a bunch of times but
    I did find very rarely does that
    there's one and two mixes up to
    that I wanted to force to the
    flavors to combine on
    it and I've used it
    but it's still pretty well it's
    like 1% you know maybe 1.2 cops
    is in its portion because he and
    is another one of these flavors
    and a working people E and
    of you can buy ladies in your
    favor, cotton candy and by that
    music you combine apple mailto
    crystals and the one thing and
    pa cart PPG
    rival even so for 10% solution
    it's 1/4 teaspoon of 109
    milliliters of all PG
    and that would give you 10%
    solution for member of right off
    the top of my head
    the place of people using for
    sweetener which is a bad move
    feed from a gecko of there's
    much better sweeteners
    alternates point better flavor
    circuits RE your mix
    of what it does two things all
    that combines of cannibalism
    takes a sharp wrote stopped
    what it can really use lenient
    gimmicks to make specially
    overtime and since it's that's
    another one of these waivers
    second just mean you write write
    down and up
    so that the fed was sugar daddy
    I don't have should read the
    U.S. sugar daddies city
    . The reason.
    wheat from the opener up here in
    the U.S. and all know price of
    just to try you know I'm novice
    wiener person by the wanna try
    yet so there
    everybody it's
    and it's cool
    the edit so young hi cement in
    the sky when it's the cooler two
    from when I see
    idea that sits for suite nine I
    like if it wanted one uses
    repairing as a Director Paul and
    like that it's nuts is that
    super sweet
    I like it are really doing when
    of money use a sweet. That's
    when I go away the Z1 super
    Sweden on a real big super sweet
    are some
    of them can be wiling the
    sweetest upper reading nine
    I can to get assets the two are
    we myself off. Robert flavorings
    of Regis we miss you know
    the a wider to one real life.
    Bacon and I know I really known
    do I use a right to call
    is probably only bad thing is
    70% the sweetness of one super
    to remember right but it's no
    aftertaste were also
    add the cheese we now. Zach lee
    that some were talking about
    that same reason might be savory
    flavors some calls a Wall Street
    is the sweetness and appreciate
    very sweet
    yet that's it was on the wrap up
    the CBO as you'll say Mr.
    Differently if the fleet using
    me and in large percentages and
    it's hard when the store portion
    a point higher
    of percent they can do you
    choose especially over time ago
    and wait for a tow it so
    as where turns the way for too
    . But it if you're looking it
    takes sharpness office and stop
    that probably would go to that
    before I went to this move there
    with the bistro be your first
    and it said no
    to a last resort for the sender
    so many other ways that you can
    spoil things all marshmallow you
    know the meringue
    you can do all kinds of things
    that the once
    were use when U.S. was something
    no opinion on the Islamic
    premier you don't have the kind
    of a creamy taste you just add a
    little cream
    write and this is all for naught
    chance for everybody if you
    haven't entered
    of type is smooth and down here
    in the chat
    and now in the 2 minutes are
    eyeing and run the giveaway of
    from real flavors or sponsor
    a $5.00 gift too real flavors
    of and now the winner of this
    week as can be bashing with all
    the other winners
    and at the end of 12 weeks we
    have the giveaway for chisels
    pull people in your chance of
    winning a $250 keeps you from
    . And if you haven't really
    given it calmed down your files
    and people start a plate of
    Oregon ago and will be on the
    giveaways about pipes moved down
    . Just as some old th
    and once even in ways to limit
    a mystery to check you
    use one
    and then
    talking about powdered sugar
    any of one and one flavors of
    all non
    when I first came out there's a
    numbers apparently than the sum,
    one appeal by and flavors
    one and one flavors one on one
    old new old flavors
    , old
    ball well and was right there we
    go center last smooth and your
    immediate, now it and 987 I
    can't do that again will I need
    a light
    get in here if you haven't
    gotten in your work, go do it
    one year
    to write let's roll it
    last chance
    the words and I got it down and
    here we go we are rounders as if
    you were a roller and the winner
    sankoh calling your prize you
    have a meaning here
    don't claim that we're gonna
    roll again and somebody else's,
    take your $25.00 a
    ticket base our wizard I can not
    do that because I do not have
    either one of
    its face
    nowhere was a Giuseppe sour
    after the fall or copper
    database our wizard
    rate sheet
    Jeremy claimed as prize great
    good deal
    of it during the pace with group
    P me
    out in the face by group e-mail
    me and DI a why he chose
    university at yahoo back,
    and I will keep your cool and
    congratulations by the way
    absolutely as good so that's the
    art and winner
    telia two goal would be some
    next week ago they were never
    show next week and taking a
    minor so
    if bulls are read back next week
    and is one of the Sunday and
    next summit is one and one
    giveaway and now trying relax
    before the surgery so
    well for peppers and tobacco
    data from one every member yen I
    don't have the right one can
    even tell you
    a guy I can tell you about
    bitter wizard but I don't even
    own adding more ahead of time
    I knew little bottle
    . From what I know and when I
    remember from way back when is
    it so what does it just makes
    top bidder who had it since I
    can remember it's been so long
    ago I can remember percentage
    and I would imagine it's pretty
    yet pollard.
    Postpone surgery and for a two,
    Paula really Rio Hopewell
    . So
    I was posted one now tomorrow
    actually, may we schedule so
    union on other we work for an
    get down on the below for 4 to 6
    weeks right to be like in the
    we can go
    going on in your next issue we
    call it would appreciate it your
    way down under,
    a Rio
    and we get a heck of a group we
    really do this with me about
    a heck of a feast for some
    reason you
    they keep calling prescient
    caller gets so dropped, when
    in the
    this talk about one that though
    I tried once when those so
    it fairly new and it
    and now I put too much and
    Ballmer killed myself
    and now a 2 mile away and then
    we'll have it anymore and I'm
    talking about Ego
    know, what can see, is and that
    is the chemical that makes hot
    peppers hot and it's is in the
    medical undersea it's also uses
    a nail analgesic excel help them
    had to be the opening week. And
    can be used like I'm talking
    like that in the pool
    and you choose and I think if a
    member in a public 0.5% are some
    , to my so
    that gets a station night. This
    is To accommodate CP as I see
    you and it would imagine it's
    the same thing
    is just the young became a
    version of the
    IP station and that's proper
    that turned two before 190
    yuan the union. It had to hit it
    off and I could use a little
    spice to my wife against of what
    yen heard as a Russian I'm
    having a high but that you know
    where Chile thinking that it was
    upset about that because is that
    it's a chilly relations not
    actually know
    and it up again and to try it
    the magic masters me by a real.
    That's all I please than
    amusingly is so I think that's
    the one who is young and that
    every now and the small bottle
    Tia peace move out there and
    it's only need no leader bob
    is probably still mourning
    quarters full ago. Use it
    extremely rarely
    ever like a city the falls are
    one of those that it is in my
    eyes he can stay away from a
    stay away from. Now
    we do have
    more harm than good and along
    the same isidore city
    and smooth Maupin T Esrey wasn't
    always so I really think in the
    long run we do more harm than
    and now the DNA wife, is that
    the airline down under is is is
    that people is that people
    picked up
    think so but now I think I think
    it is on
    and what the scene now I have a
    review one Ian words of Chile
    the basil and thyme rice now
    may be better than what the
    it's so OK greatest
    of it's got a little bit about
    the wind to one of the chiles
    got a
    are not explain its like the
    snow. Cisco will find two when
    it's so
    came and
    Disney I think it'll work great
    with a lot of flavors will want
    rice and humidity is low covered
    it's got a weird little taste,
    I can save better I can see it
    sour but it's like to read. Can
    you be how to compare
    the NEA redwood city of ram like
    this. The sauce that was seeing
    all over to one start a bad knee
    that kind of weird know what
    answer late. Yet basically like
    that. Now copy and there we go
    as it cools a strong field for
    the right
    now I think if Marcos
    and agreed to call up if that's
    an attitude for using it and
    it so
    are its was so I'm trying to
    take these and ordered the end
    of the working out so we talked
    about vinegar
    of the
    time they leave if you left your
    NT all but
    wed as talk about citric acid
    this is the one you're saying
    it's an angry will Rodger to
    or school banana to believe are
    now I have been an arrest be
    it that while I know I never
    tried were pulled from flying in
    a row.
    Use a weapon and I use a weapon
    and a cream stopped and it's
    good of the setting for this
    seated gases and all of the ache
    and you chose immediately ID
    chooses the eye wall between
    older only to be good for one
    final people within that one
    did that to continue to not all
    of you would like to use a super
    high in about two and enacted
    some meat on the district and
    was a long long time ago
    I was born in one drop her mail
    so that and that's why I've even
    your use of two drops for mole
    the few that we last city that's
    a protest the case in there and
    installations but it means to
    bring away. You you choose those
    last among
    it down what it does
    tell you it doesn't if you use
    it all these other ways using it
    you can use it really well
    to pop troops just portion of
    its two of
    the cousin and so on
    get a kind of dizziness to what
    kind of like it ever been since
    the one that's me personally I
    know for fact and we'll get that
    I dislike that this interesting
    flavor of actually use
    regular wheel Lemond MoneyLine
    actually been used regular one
    reason drop water bowl fresh one
    of the NYMEX
    and I know I'm gonna be there
    right away and go and sit that
    want to put down just the ticket
    center Cassidy and their 21
    use city in the mix. Get that
    extra little feeling that
    brightness from what I have done
    that for my so personally
    I like it right for me and I
    like it and now some of the mix
    is that I use
    knowing that a super high
    into the right way which is not
    a big, just the way, make 30
    known and ceo
    it for you to sleep
    and an up and score 2 to 1
    I said that these written by one
    and use of beers.
    There were at the jack objective
    trees and garden has no profile
    in other ways to why don't have
    centered might go
    know what it's posted the
    it is a Chevron you're nowhere
    and I don't Bessie Dusty still a
    communist it be discounted the
    steering Mr. Giveaway that
    with the
    end of SQL
    knows. Call
    when those
    I don't I don't go down low
    I love it when you figure taste
    of our weekly deal would stop up
    that what you're in their reach
    for the red hat's up keep
    odd that
    of lemon juices that are
    Good it's about time
    never mind some needed work
    fleet and aid workers and
    darting description may sharper
    will basil breaker in days of
    all the code also as a relay for
    oil Wells is extremely would
    realistic flavor and has been
    tested won the
    that sounds like it to write up
    errands so
    Erin snake, woods basil
    ash to grow weary of wine
    exports to
    raise and nice sharp herbal
    and bright garden basil call the
    to set up the phoneme opening
    your spaghetti sauce they want
    more like richer in a way to
    It's and stop the
    Aggies that it's a mix is why I
    get some exists, what the
    rosemary and it really enjoy and
    hands it up
    no banana basil are now write
    write better basil
    and a
    native of your fix for your
    right then and
    up to a Sony and we were that
    basically drops into guess I
    like it I use it as ago
    the store and deftly of assets
    the pope
    of Belize City and be careful
    that you into one that most
    mixes IMax with its Pesci one go
    over EMI I want that the one of
    the senate
    lower percentages of parole
    using a dropper to bring fruits
    of the pop them a little bit
    you get away with banking and
    you so much so
    and that's about it the only
    other thing is you wanna get the
    technical says citric acid is a
    gross crop which means if it
    drops of water
    so does e.g. impeaching more
    peachy them. You go beat you so
    I was talked about
    deco citric acid let's talk
    about Malik S
    and it
    up and that's okay out some 2.3
    this league no probable that had
    knowledge at city is sold by TV
    that PF and the which is the
    flavor practice and is sold and
    as yet the sour
    and Sydney is a sour taste of.
    It's used very well and then to
    stop, drop you're in there they
    can also enhance flavors and be
    surprising it does put China
    and the complexion, shining
    it's used to lower the PH and a
    group seeking a one bush and I
    are one portion of lower you
    don't know you, and you're going
    you don't know which way your
    column but if that's what it
    does it's great to pose sitter
    and lady said it really can make
    fruits showing really really
    nice and my operate baby call
    them and makes
    make it both ways and put that
    when you put that's hour in the
    believe it's so you really pops
    the flavor and enhance our now
    freely and I think that's only
    0.5% are some point that in
    innate really does a nice job.
    Now it's work party of the
    % or more are
    the day we get but the more yet
    with this more sourdough get
    with the water two drops for
    every 10 MLS will really for
    your fruits who can bring them
    all really nice
    it's also great for making links
    or patch kids stuff were you
    were in trouble something after
    Tokyo with that and it's great
    for making sin tangy when the
    name of a decent 0.5% now and
    start going up as probably
    really nice with
    all sweep resistant park and
    soured the overuse that city
    turned sours just the
    combination of Malik and citric
    acid together
    now the why, for sour. I'm
    really going on
    loran's makes it one of
    this new
    that's the thing that needs to
    turn sour just as sweet Carter
    tart and sweeter whatever the
    now so that's another favor,
    knowing that two
    of which is basically doubled
    put together which gives you
    that the best of both worlds a
    little bit of sour golden bow
    to 211 thing now
    I can tell you about and in real
    when they wondered what candies
    of the uses souring a candy and
    they put that machine of all
    of the seat guessing on the pop
    into a technology acid and candy
    that machine of citric acid, top
    with that does is it
    gives you the initial rush of
    that Ford sour note sour taste
    in your opening the sour can
    linger out from an aneurysm
    Miller have acid that now
    is stark Eric you for your
    answer to what they're really do
    see a sour
    I have now work Turkey wreck of
    the thing I'm not even sure how
    see it is for reaping that so on
    . Not use
    and I'm not a superstar person
    baby say I am now and still had
    of essence our it's just a call
    (but is not sour it's just got a
    nice little on
    the artist was second Likud
    party won in the that's where
    it's basically suite its latest
    week are
    yet it's good it's not the
    without returning two candy
    Chenault me if I wanted it can
    be sure would replace it with
    your face we are in and out of
    actually got me a wannabe that
    now I can to make women be
    living in the sweet part
    of shin see this KB a native
    new and now it's good it's the
    I know that that's basically
    voted for brown
    retired sour of the new set of
    our higher percentages emails,
    jolly rancher plea deal with dow
    Beatty said that little extra
    burst of all
    of the the sourness to
    I really
    I don't know of anybody out of
    opening way and the chat is used
    for terror on acid were not
    the reason I'm not even sure how
    see it is the
    right to know what they use it
    down for candies
    into sourness this is where
    roger Whitcomb and could you
    know and now I'm looking will
    happen around the air into my
    is we probably all locked them
    in a closet
    that he did it and I only have
    one more
    thing that I can consider and
    added that really isn't and now
    up to topple me if you're wanted
    to hit chance to write down is
    meant all people realize that
    they can actually use menthol as
    an added incentive just trying
    again, Paul flavor
    go for comedy can refresh my
    memory of
    in the mid dollar fee if you use
    like one drop
    the a cool one of the view is 23
    are among all the
    the mental if you don't ease
    some info case of if you wanted
    just to enhance your fruits like
    in and talking like one drop
    work and no cops
    of the connection put a shine on
    on your fruits would go in and
    Nepal taste on it and use Tammy
    reminders about the view is 232
    with his own taste many when you
    when you said that Super Bowl
    you don't need these are just so
    I might see a tough talk today
    and a ceo at sea are.
    so well he was before Unabomber
    is 24 more of the
    latter is so crowded cities and
    now the mint them and call now
    more mental coolness to live and
    it just close your route was
    your ear breakdown but
    personally I can use cooler cool
    on a specially too high because
    I actually it actually works by
    wants to use for some reason I
    don't know why
    so my goal to what I want a cool
    menthol is a user of flavor was
    extreme ice
    richest spearmint peppermint
    wintergreen that all the nice
    and cool listen away and it's a
    very delicious flavor of a
    couple worse be so would then in
    it and now in Ali
    a lot in this not too mentally
    and so are the only thing that
    made. Slate that
    and that does a nice job so was
    get down its neck and outerwear
    is talk about the bee was 23
    and heavy users of the
    and it is
    know by
    of the cool thing as a
    Enright thank you it's exactly
    what I was gonna say the exact
    factly and so will
    now I know you have a very heart
    of the school
    tolerance. We use of real are
    It's comments, now he's really
    and that the the fees for mobile
    phone and yield is clear: class
    and you get that out case
    someone if she gets enough
    reason we do its
    automobiles Wilson been a rising
    star when it came out nine
    it's crazy that there really is
    what's the health study and of
    us went three
    . Roger would probably drop me
    and see that went to the bind a
    to support was as though, guide
    that I use a couple times in one
    times and
    an inning and worry so
    the IOUs and I know that some
    one else to define a new show
    final game really think too much
    them have never tried
    aqaba with Seattle believe you
    to up
    and up
    to a day of IE on
    all we should talk about its not
    technically not in awe. But of
    ad is another flavor
    the kid
    and let's talk about denial and
    paneling but every way you want
    for nuts and no one
    exec that's it that it does and
    in Manila flavor but it's mild
    it does at some sweetness are
    using it's a great sweetener of
    what it said that no one booster
    crazy Cressey the pool and this
    should be added to the wheels
    error which she and which you
    like to take a copy here had
    some help set up
    and I had a very bad experience
    on the wheels appear with one
    yes and beard now, we'll let the
    water up to help a bald you
    earned by Alonzo
    had when I had I not gone down a
    building, and
    would help of the one I will put
    I will put the U.S. 23 equal one
    at Cannes the wheel if you put
    your red hat's back and he and
    right knee and are
    being cool one
    dollar back, we'll rates I crazy
    crazy I you help stop
    and I have no money and only guy
    who heads up
    keep up
    that you did your time it's an
    not see a smaller with the snow
    and if I
    will squeeze the bottle who had
    all may be better with age try
    to trade. It said, since it
    up like a lot had gone up if it
    might have better now I think
    you should try just on the drop
    its Allies have been saying it
    probably now old right now
    it to keep the online sentence
    ad did
    I am out of
    a it's been saying for ever and
    at weekend
    , when
    hull, while use the flavor and
    all to see it deftly we now four
    years my goodness
    ways than one ready for it
    . One day
    it would someone be
    up to add
    thing, now
    or years old
    she'd been by awaited
    had blood on
    it and install. Please read
    and will add a
    we call 91
    and day and had had
    an ad in the
    odd reason I was seeing now
    wizard of their
    source movement ball
    I did it again everything and I
    can think of covert
    sources is anybody have any
    questions in a chat
    99 others others authors of,
    so there's a lot of other
    chemicals out there only though
    insecure curveball recall those
    things up here again in some
    places of
    two illegal
    these are things I don't have
    and they don't use of
    Alicia mentioned on about apple
    panel and of
    his of its the same as when no
    of its got off slightly stronger
    than no one know to what effect
    this fall at Ica use panel and I
    really use apple than one
    it's a sin to 37 solo bit more a
    moneymaking it's actually will
    dispense my
    it does have a slight strong
    and knowing all of drama windows
    women see what else we got your
    call here is the things I don't
    if I can even speaks pronouncing
    care. Carey old Irene@
    and then it so would be no to
    the all of fillers
    well through diet tried it on
    like it
    and then
    sweeping wall and spun Nichols
    half of your body's probe at its
    which is one package, that may
    and because I use one that
    and right with 1 foot springing
    back this script Turner's Turner
    run was talk about this all I
    wanna give myself a sugar daddy
    had beat right in your coffee
    it wouldn't say in heavy trading
    in your coffee are something
    that does a I wanna get it to
    use my coffee screwed the
    audio from what you're saying
    is, I'll explain that I know I'm
    so use a spoon in open an
    aftertaste for
    them and opening kickoff
    and report back to report back
    to the late roger said
    apparently be on the tour,
    wall was city to approve the
    super lows
    and now
    he says Steve your toes to those
    TV and something else that this
    is the combination
    we use it eliminates an
    will run
    every time a seawall on icy
    think Lindsay who helped so
    a wall Lindsay lohan
    and little about what it's
    saying here in the check your no
    worried about this information
    you know you're
    not, that that when it. You see
    when he's right in the chat near
    Lincoln worries Guinness
    information from an IP is backed
    up for this just your site
    I hear you
    know and say he this guy here's
    a minute, so will cause kidney
    failure within two years
    if I can see where the paperwork
    is a you know
    know what anyhow
    bottom line is
    the same way the white is nobody
    knows one of two beaches faced
    with the altars
    like the recent before for
    reading is all too risky to
    begin a bat as a whole risk that
    everything has risen like this
    system while much you wanna push
    and these people that are
    vacant. The smoke and they
    reduced arrests drastic so
    you can start somewhere. It's
    a decent and obese can have a
    perfectly of
    good mix that support we hope
    you're you're the one he'll be
    called fit you want help you
    don't breed of the that's the
    bottom line to what you're
    basically you now can help the
    naval lush drinking glass water
    where you'd get a file
    at all under one at the Marin
    but he missed all of wheeling in
    a couple minutes left here in
    the body in the chat have any
    questions about
    attitudes about anything and now
    will answer them in the wake of
    the year
    now. Exactly.
    Axis pope's so I'll take my way
    of state seal in the day so
    and a problem that
    the fully nose ring right up
    there with you to write
    a should be an outdoors up a
    head and are easy now before you
    the 10 list you wanna talk raid
    on one of the Kentucky will read
    you figure you know it's that
    was a big panel by using even my
    area that was a big thing radon
    rate and skinny colliery and
    take your house inspected for
    radon and it's bad for you
    and you now you know picture for
    renowned as
    open a window
    that he gets an error in your
    house that the that stick your
    they wanna come in the one
    inspected a one to do this and
    do that and costing thousands of
    dollars open your windows it
    some fresh air
    and our enemy of all we're
    looking here know we scatter LCD
    Court has anyone ever try to
    give and
    five BC when it played one.
    Does anyone tried it on the ball
    they have a few mixes out. What
    I gave in one month through
    of her record fall
    and now dating go anywhere so
    rarely with a good Director Tal
    Yukio I like it
    I know you know you're you're a
    lot about that either but I
    personally like
    nominal fee is a sugar daddy and
    its post we're really good
    I'm sure with me your two years
    something also, all new. It
    always happens
    no you every breeze on the
    screen cryptic this you're in
    the strawberry cake this year
    so we goes
    body of activities the
    things that I can now pronounce
    this talk about texture and not
    told pure Zine
    and then as so many mustier the
    rock cocoa Hamas leader. Taste
    potato. Please
    of paper in all its floral
    similar to cherry
    and see where else Michael lee
    null and not a line and behold
    down is so
    they hiked the mills I write,
    and learned by taking holds the
    eye and
    Hadley alliance notes of
    operable citrus almost ago when
    the orange
    of the works really good and
    the AMA
    Octel like to get my game of the
    wac to
    and you buy this the most is
    that your favorite way
    I it's the stuff that the
    pudding but signals to get the
    creamy miss of audible
    and nine when you call way of
    old Chiu the eye a sealed out
    of its the
    use forgive and now a smoky
    of 111. Phone calls by
    you're OK you got it
    of hype the head of the day you
    read, is absolutely a point
    tonight to lead the way the raid
    on a
    leg and those will
    concert's butterscotch tea and
    only about
    little liquid amber thrown. When
    name called that sounds good
    any different than you can put
    on the grill reef with the
    common ago should face,
    and dynamically the pineapple on
    the ground
    of the guys have the candy bar
    called crunchy on the
    shop are no right now
    that seem SPU the thing
    you might the needed
    when Amazon seating that imports
    and that's all
    idle way of knowing if it sells
    and where money that so the
    slate of Nicole
    totally authentic surprise that
    won a Mi
    but was kennedy's city we think
    it's like, see the clock
    nobody's asking any questions we
    gave 25 blocks away tonight of
    Cosi was going on and so can be
    activated and the beast, gets up
    to lead
    we don't have enough time we
    known of time it was so
    yet absolutely, and I hope he
    feels better to rezone up a fool
    or we'll all are having a tough
    go and illegally so and
    But the everybody who appreciate
    everything everybody shown up
    here lady said bob Dole, honest,
    was there some kind of weird
    thing happens though, on this
    for next week
    all it will
    write you can be of a live
    12 should fit on think you have
    the bandwidth Allies can be
    honest with you
    on because your comment through
    while you can do that to oh, and
    go for
    now. All three goals
    bring your outpouring of help to
    when the two when he always
    always waving me
    to add two I was giving
    everybody of thank you so much
    will see is in the face but
    group appearing now part of our
    fees but D a YU two's university
    and based
    war yet it is it's good time
    there really is
    that city was given your might
    take your
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