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Bicep Blast Workout 💪💪 | How To Build Your Biceps In The Gym 💪💪 | Gym Workout

Bicep Blast Workout 💪💪 | How To Build Your Biceps In The Gym 💪💪 | Gym Workout
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    - What's up, gentlemen? I'm Ollie. It's Make Me That Guy.
    And today we are going to be showing you the bicep blast.
    So a lot of guys at home and by the various mediums
    we put our content have been asking,
    "How do you build up your arms?"
    First things first, right?
    The triceps are more important than your biceps.
    60% of the arms.
    So watch our tricep video in the description box,
    ping it out now. All right, cool.
    That's gonna help you through the triceps.
    Today the name of the game is biceps and bicep block.
    All right, so, first things first, right?
    So, biceps, like some of the other videos I'll show
    some sort of special techniques.
    And I'm gonna try to chuck in a little couple
    of things you might not be doing right now,
    however, really, with biceps you gotta just growth it out,
    stick with it, and the growth comes over gradual,
    gradual time, smashin' away at them.
    What I can say, right, is stop mixing biceps
    with something like back, right?
    Do biceps and triceps on one day,
    or totally isolate biceps or triceps and do them
    with abs or cardio.
    If you hit the gym like six times a week, you can do that.
    You can do biceps one day, triceps one day.
    I know, for one, I love to do triceps mixed
    with a heavy ab work out and some cardio.
    All right? So, you can really really blast them.
    But, anyway, I'm waffling.
    Let's give you some techniques which are gonna help that.
    All right? So, come over here.
    The first exercise you have to do biceps is the most
    obvious, and there's really no surprises, straight
    bicep curls, right, with dumbbells.
    Keep your elbows pinned, nice bend in the knees,
    about 10 inches in between your legs, and curl up.
    One, and down, two, and down, three, and down.
    What you wanna do is come up in one second.
    So, one second up, and then nice and slow negative.
    The negative is when you go down.
    So two, three seconds down, one second up.
    So, it'll be one second up, and one, two, three down.
    You can do a nice stretch, it's gonna work the negative
    more, and do 16 reps, so eight on each arm.
    One, two, three, four, you get the progress, right?
    This is a very obvious technique.
    I'm not gonna be changing the world with this one.
    Everyone knows about bicep curls, right?
    But you gotta put it in there because it is one of the best
    mass builders, and one of my favorite exercises.`
    Technique number two is also very conventional.
    We're gonna jump into the easy bar,
    and we're gonna go to the wide grip,
    one, nice slow negative. Look at that.
    Three seconds. Two, slow negative.
    Three, slow negative, right? Now you're gonna do
    eight reps from as high a weight as you can.
    Three sets. And that's the same with your the bicep curls.
    Eight reps on each arm, 16 reps in all per set,
    three sets. They are the obvious bicep exercises,
    and you should always start with them because they're
    really gonna destroy your biceps.
    But now let's go and show you ones
    just a bit less obvious which always helped my workout
    and which I really like to chuck in
    when I'm giving myself my weekly bicep blast.
    Okay, guys, so of course we told you to start off
    with bicep curls and the easy bar, right?
    Super obvious, right? Then I really love this machine.
    It's our arm curl machine. Okay, if you haven't got
    one of these in your gym then your gym's shit, mate.
    Tell 'em to get one, or change gyms.
    Or just slap yourself in the face.
    I don't know. Do something 'cause this is a good machine.
    All right so, let's get this in a height I like it.
    What you can do with this, right, you can really,
    really smash different angles on this that which
    no one thinks about.
    So, I'm gonna show you a few which I like to do.
    And, also, you get to sit down here, and chill out.
    And if you're in my gym, there's a T.V.up here
    playing the same shitty music constantly all the time.
    So, I love that; I get to watch shows I've never
    heard of, which are really shit and do my head in.
    So, that's great for me as well.
    All right. Let's sit here. All right.
    Okay, so we got our obvious grip, okay.
    And I will usually whack in three sets of each of the
    grips I'm gonna show you. So, one, nice and slow
    negative, as always with everything. Nice.
    Watch that negative. Everybody so doing the gym
    are doing this, right, and loads of exercises.
    The negative is just as important as the positive.
    This is the positive comin' up,
    and then the nice slow negative.
    Look at my bicep, extending the full length, ripping up.
    Two. Three. All right that's pretty obvious, mate.
    You're doin' what it says on the machine, okay?
    But there are other bits and bobs you can do here.
    So, I've done three sets like that.
    I will jump into this one arm grip, all right?
    One, right, two, okay. You're actually doing more or
    less the same exercises with both hands,
    but it's isolating each bicep and workin' it harder
    on it's own, and you're gonna take the weight right
    down on this one, and punish your biceps.
    What you can actually do to give it a different angle again
    is change your legs to here, like this.
    And then, it really is changing the exercise up.
    So, you're changin' the body, the angle of your back,
    and your leg, thus your spine, and you gettin'
    a kind of different pull on it.
    So, I suggest changing your legs, and then the first
    conventional movement like that, becomes this,
    and suddenly you've got a different exercise.
    So, let's go. One, and you've got that side curl.
    Two, three, four. All right, let's flip up the arm.
    And remember the legs, I'm riding it like a pony.
    And here we go. So again, one, two, three.
    And another little technique I like here, gentlemen,
    all right, is to spot myself a little bit.
    So, when I start to get really tired using this machine,
    I'm comin' up. I might just give myself a little spot,
    and down again. And even there, or there, or here,
    anywhere, if it's gettin' tough you can just help yourself
    rip out without failing it like here.
    See, put it up. So, literally, it's like
    someone is spottin' you in any other way
    in the gym, except you're spottin' yourself, right?
    So, from there, we're gonna jump back again,
    three sets of every different group, all right?
    And I'm gonna jump in to this grip.
    So, we've got this grip, which is more work
    and a bit of the forearm as well.
    It's more like a hammer curl, okay?
    Holding it here, one, and you're trying to keep
    your elbows kind of in line with the
    top of the bar there; You don't wanna be doing this,
    like this, one, two, and I love this machine.
    Three, again, three sets of eight, so just watch
    that grip there; here we go, four, five,
    remember nice, slow negative; I'm just showing you
    the technique now, I'm not actually workin' out right now.
    Then we have even one more grip you can do, right?
    You've now been hoggin' this machine for a good 10
    minutes, everyone's gettin' pissed off,
    but you don't care, and you do one more exercise
    to rub it in their face.
    All right, so, this a weird little one, but
    for some reason it just destroys my biceps.
    I feel a lot of pressure and tension there.
    We're gonna go here; everyone's gonna look at you
    like you're a bit strange, but it works, right?
    And we're gonna come here, and we're gonna go
    slowly, this is really slowly.
    It gets a weird tension on the peak of your bicep.
    And drop it right down, two, three.
    I'm really watch how I'm flipping in at the top.
    Because you're not meant to do it like this,
    but it gives a weird, different angle,
    and it hits it from a different sort of area,
    and hits it from that different angle,
    and it really, again, really
    So, obviously, you're not really meant to be holding
    the machine in this way, but it works.
    And it definitely hits the biceps from a different angle.
    And it's a nice way just to round off,
    having smashed this machine, all right?
    So, one, pull it in, and two, don't go to the bottom
    like that; you keep it about here so the pressure's on
    constantly 'cause see my arm's still tense.
    Down there, you can see it's not.
    So, you keep it there, the pressure's still on.
    Two, really, really curl your fists in the top.
    Three, four, and trust me, when you've done
    all the different grips in a row,
    that's gonna be real tough, and a nice finisher.
    And you can really, really smash your biceps quickly and
    effectively without having to look for weights
    all over the place.
    That counts for about three different exercises, all right?
    This machine has more to it than it looks.
    Okay, gentlemen, so that was our hidden techniques
    for biceps, part one.
    As I've said, always start with the conventional
    movements 'cause they're gonna really get mass,
    but stuff like this, stuff which a lot of people don't do
    which really work, is a lot of fun, and you can mix into
    your bicep work out.
    We're gonna be havin' another bicep blast workout
    coming very soon with some more less conventional
    techniques that you guys can mix in to get some
    super bicep gains ready for the summer.
    Anyway, gentlemen, it's been a lot of fun.
    I'm exhausted; I'm just gonna eat a whole chicken,
    'cause gym guys do that.
    It's Make Me That Guy. I'm Ollie.
    Be sure to subscribe, like, leave us a comment.
    Plenty more videos coming soon.
    As I said, be sure to check out our tricep video
    in the description box,
    and all the other gym stuff we're doing.
    It's all golden; it all works.
    Peace and love.
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