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Find Your Soulmate - How To Attract A Soulmate

Find Your Soulmate - How To Attract A Soulmate
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    Hello and welcome to SHE TV the place to become powerfully feminine from the
    inside out. I'm Candice Oneida. today I'm going to
    talk to you about how to attract your soulmate so today's video is in response
    to a subscribers question "Maya Gamal" asks "thank you so much Candice you are my
    favorite youtuber (my pleasure) can you please do a video about how to
    attract your soulmate and true love into our lives thanking you in advance?"
    so I often get asked that kind of question like how do you find your
    soulmate or you know what do I have to do to find a soulmate and of course you
    know true through from the perspective of feminine power feminine energy and
    feminine polarity how do you find your soulmate is exactly the wrong question
    the question is how do they find you and it's not just a play on words this is an
    important distinction when you're looking to be in your feminine power so
    before I can even go down that track around finding a lover or finding a
    partner the truth is you have to fall in love with yourself first you know with
    my current partner Thomas the truth is on reflection we were both in exactly
    the same dating pool for the entirety of my time in San Francisco Bay Area so for
    three ideas before we even met we were actually dating in the same arena and in
    that time we were both kind of serial dating and just having lots of fun and
    lots of sex and we weren't visible to each other and you know we were both
    working through stuff we were both actually going through things that we
    needed to work out inside of ourselves before truthfully we were ready for each
    other and I know for me and I know it was for him too that it was really a
    process of falling in love with myself I remember the year before I returned to
    dating I literally had a year where I realized that year was the year for me
    to fall in love with myself it was really sweet you know it was like okay
    it was this huge experience of self-care and what do I need and what's my value
    and of course you know in this world of the feminine which I was implementing
    into my life work and dating at the time not so much relationships that what does
    it mean to be really feminine such that by the time I started dating again and
    met Thomas I was really really clear on myself my value who I am and what I
    wanted and so was he if you like this sort of perfect collision happened of
    two people that were very clear on themselves very aware of themselves you
    know we both done 20 30 years of self-transformation work we were ready
    and in line with what I teach here which is about feminine power from the inside
    out your future partner will find you but if you're wanting to be in the
    feminine polarity it's the masculine person that needs to do the hunting and
    needs to do the leading and needs to do the finding and it's our job to be ready
    and it doesn't mean you sit at home watching Netflix marathons are not going
    out and not putting yourself out there way to the contrary the next thing I
    really want to speak about is where are you hiding where are you not making
    yourself seen and visible we largely lost so many of us is huge statistics
    around people meeting and marrying and lifelong relationships in the online
    dating world now and when you put your images up there and whatever your blurb
    is or whatever you're doing in that dating site you are making yourself
    visible and I really encourage you to be real in that visibility experience you
    don't want to turn off in the early dating arena hiding yourself I don't
    mean exposing your body I mean hiding who you are I think when
    we had our first couple of dates on the phone Thomas and I which is by the way
    one of my dating rules he was really straight you know very gently but very
    straight and clear about some things in his life and what he wanted what he was
    looking for and it was done in just a very charming delightful way and frankly
    huge relief to me we were both kind of jaded but we're also very real and
    charged about the process and so we could be very real as a person this is
    who I am this is what I want the last thing you want to do is you start dating
    and you're kind of putting on a whole lot of personality and you're totally
    hiding yourself and then things come out later on now of course when they mean
    hiding I don't mean you verbal diarrhea on to them about every single piece
    about your life and your story what I'm referring to is a hiding of your essence
    a hiding of your radiance in fact you want to turn up to the world if you're
    ready really shining yourself from the inside out like really shine through
    your eyes your ability to love and care showing through your heart who you are
    and that you are incredibly valuable in just who you are and what you shine this
    is the essence of the feminine that is so adored and valuable by a deeply
    masculine man so I know this might have been a different response than you were
    sort of thinking of because I'm not big on dating tips and sequences sort of
    things so much or writing shopping lists of a man or it's really about you
    seating yourself strongly in your queen which in my work is called the true
    feminine and you being the most radiant shining beautiful loving soft caring
    wild passionate whatever it is that you are version of yourself be real be you
    so if you liked the video today give me a thumbs up and I'd love you to share
    below some of your experiences or your vulnerabilities around this very topic
    today and remember when you have the courage to go out there and shine you
    give others permission to do the same so let's go out there and shine this week
    bye bye for now
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