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How to Be RELEVANT to Your Market - - At the Right Time + the Right Place

How to Be RELEVANT to Your Market - - At the Right Time + the Right Place
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    I want to talk to you about relevancy.
    I want to talk to you about being relevant
    at the right time and place.
    I mean, I've talked about this
    on every major publication.
    Doesn't matter if it's Forbes, Business Insider,
    Entrepreneur, Inc.
    You know, doesn't matter.
    I've talked about relevancy.
    I've talked about being at the right time
    in the right place.
    But I want to talk about something even deeper.
    I'm passionate about this, guys.
    I'm passionate about this, cause this is like,
    this is the next level.
    This is the pinnacle point of marketing.
    This is going back 20 years so that we can
    come into the future and we can actually,
    as small business owners, as entrepreneurs,
    be able to utilize marketing effectively.
    So when we get past all the Facebook ads,
    all the funnels, all the scarcity, all the manipulation.
    Listen, at the end of the day,
    if you have the problem today of with us.
    If you get somebody on the phone
    and they don't really know what you're all about.
    If you get somebody on the phone or on your webinar
    and they just really, their attention span's gone, right?
    If you're in a place where you cannot attract
    those right people, the perfect clients
    that really allow you to transform their business,
    transform their life, their relationship, whatever it is.
    Three things are wrong.
    You have the problem inside of your messaging,
    your positioning, and your offer.
    See relevancy is about being able to be,
    and have, sorry, relevant positioning.
    So how you're positioned in the market place.
    Relevant messaging, so how you talk to different people
    based upon their buyer journey and where they're to,
    and a relevant offer.
    The relevant offer, of course, allowing somebody
    to actually solve their pain and solve their problem
    and kind of be into the road of redemption.
    What is the elixir, the magic pill, right?
    So I see so many entrepreneurs go and try
    to develop marketing funnels, develop lead magnets,
    develop all these different types of pieces
    without really realizing that the fundamentals of business,
    perhaps, is what they really need to be looking at.
    And so I want to invite you to understand
    and dive a little deeper.
    Perhaps, look a little behind the scenes.
    So then I call the ROI method.
    Relevancy, omnipresence, and intimacy.
    Now relevancy is the R, omnipresence is the O,
    and intimacy is the, the I is intimacy.
    And what I want you to realize is that
    when those three pieces are put together,
    when relevancy, what I just spoke about.
    When omnipresence and intimacy all three go together,
    in between right here in the middle,
    there's this beautiful part that will allow you
    to generate an unlimited amount of the three currencies
    that are in business.
    Oh, appealing isn't it?
    If you're listening to this right now you probably want
    to click the link above or below.
    This might just change the entire game of business for you.
    It may make it so that you no longer dread marketing
    and you actually find it fun, ethical,
    and none of the manipulation that's out there.
    Alright, I'll see you inside.
    (lighthearted music)
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