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How To Get Gaana Plus Free For Lifetime

How To Get Gaana Plus Free For Lifetime
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    hey what's up guys Hazet here back with another video so in this video I will be
    showing you guys how to get the gana plus free for lifetime so if you don't
    know what is the gana then let me tell you a little bit about it so Ghana is an
    android application for streaming any songs for free they have a huge
    collection of pretty much any language songs but with the free version you
    can't download any songs so that's why in this video I will show you guys how
    to get it ok so at the first all you gonna do just go to the Play Store and
    download the gun app and now if you got that done make sure to sing in I am
    already singing so now go back to the Play Store and now download another app
    called parallel space link will be also in the description
    okay after install the app open it up and make sure to make a clone for the
    gun app
    okay do after you've done that just exit it and now open any browser from your
    phone and now search for temp mail on Google and open up the first link and
    now copy the email and open the app parallel space and open up Ghana and now
    all you gonna do just create a fake account using the email
    okay now it has sent a OTP into the email all you have to do just go to the
    mail and now copy the OTP and now open Ghana app and paste the OTP and submit
    and continue then now your fake accounts will be ready so now click on this
    option refer to win and scroll down and click on get referred and now exit this
    app here and open your real gun app and also go to the refer to win option then
    just copy your invite code and now go to the clone gun app and paste your refered
    code and continue now exit the Ghana clone app and wait for an email on your
    real account okay so as you guys can see I just get a mail so open it up and as
    you guys can see Ghana had sent me coupon code for 30 days for joining a
    friend with my invite code so now all I gonna do copy the code and now open your
    real gun app go to coupons and now paste the coupon code and continue and as you
    guys can't see my subscription has changed that's mean I get gone a premium
    for 30 days now I can download any songs from here and also can streaming in the
    best quality but forgetting it for lifetime you need to do this step one
    time in every month and then you will be able to get the Ghana plus for lifetime
    ok guys so thanks for watching this video if you like this video give this
    video a big thumbs up share with your friends and please subscribe must
    because that's what I need right now these guys
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