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    What's happening yo less poverty bruh what's poppin we got a thousand subscribers
    What's poppin? We got a thousand subscribers? Hey, we're gonna building y'all the crazy you see we back at the homeland
    You know we back go home chillin always where we at man. You know we got some good information for you guys today
    We want to let you guys know
    How we got to a thousand subscribers because as you see for all those who saw the last video if you're subscribed already
    Just like it. Go ahead. Just like just hit the like button right and if you're watching you and you have not subscribed
    need to
    Subscribe like right now and with that being said let's roll this intro then we can get things going
    Tell us some of the stuff you already know who it is if you don't know
    It's your boy, AJ, and I'm DJ and we're here today to tell you guys how we got to a thousand subscribers, man
    So that's money into it well. We're gonna hit you with a couple key points
    Go through a real quick for you guys alright
    So a thousand subscribers for us this process was definitely very hard and we understand
    For you guys as well this process is very hard
    What we want to do is kind of lay the lay of the land and let you guys know
    Kind of our process was like so then you can avoid the things that we messed up one you see that
    Just slap me in the face all right. Let's get it
    Alright, so the first thing is gonna be make sure
    That you get all your social media
    platforms in line alright and so this is important because
    All those are gonna be able to funnel all of your subscribers
    to your youtube channel
    Yes, very very
    Important social media is key the Internet is key if you are not active on social media
    What is the point John blow up on YouTube like it doesn't make any?
    Since you're trying to type the YouTube and the internet market you have to get on every single platform
    Like it or not you got to do it
    It's unfortunate if you don't like it, but the thing is you're gonna have to get used to it. This is why it's important so
    Let's say we have personal Instagram pages. We also have an Instagram page for the DNA show we'll have those links down below, so
    What you want to do is you want to engage an audience?
    From every way possible because not everybody has Instagram not everybody has snapchat right not everybody has a Facebook
    You can get all those individuals, and you can say hey
    This is what I have whatever it is that you like to showcase tell them hey I like dogs
    I make dog videos come to my YouTube page because right here
    here's the link and you can draw traffic that way you can let them know and keep them updated with all all the
    information that you have on your YouTube page through these platforms for sure whatever your strongest
    Platform is make sure you beat that one into the ground and take full advantage of that
    Platform where we have the most following the most interactions with people take advantage of that
    but also remind yourself that you need to really focus on the
    Platforms that you're not strong at you need to get better on those because those are what's gonna
    Help you out like you said there's different people on different platforms. They're not all following you everywhere
    Let's get into the second one right so we want to make sure that you guys understand that
    Sometimes things don't go as planned right and we are not experts at this
    We're giving you our best advice right now off of what we learned so just remember that
    So one thing that we have learned is that you have to go with your bread and your butter
    Yep, so for us what that means is we've seen a lot of YouTube pages
    And there's a lot of things that we would like to do in there although we would love to be
    Lifestyle vloggers right now which we do check on our videos
    Link we have a lot of vlogs that we enjoy to make and those are probably the funnest ones to make
    Because those are for the most part our natural selves and our natural element
    And it gives people
    Opportunity to see what it is that we're seeing you know out in this world so that's super dope and we're watching Casey
    We're watching all these vloggers. Do dope stuff sure we would love to do that as well but
    Unfortunately, that is not our bread and butter it's not so for us our bread and butter are sneaky reviews
    That's what the majority of the market would like to see from this most of our subscribers
    Enjoy that material from us because we have the knowledge for it, and then we present it in a way
    That's unique to our subscribers
    We want to make sure that because we know this we hit that over the head
    And we make sure that we get better and better and better at our
    Sneakers and while you're doing that make sure you continue to try new things
    Continue to step out of your box when you're editing
    Things that you're talking about everything that you love I feel like you should first. This is your platform
    Don't forget that so you can talk about whatever you want on your platform
    But then also remind yourself you do have to take advantage of your bread and butter what is
    Your bread and butter you ask yourself the third is gonna be
    Consistency yes, and then we're gonna we're gonna throw another we're gonna slash it guess
    This is C
    making good content first off if
    You're gonna do any type of YouTube and you want to make sure that you have all of the materials you need right?
    Yep, so a camera one and we have a links below links below for anything
    That's how we use the stuff that we use so you need a camera you need good audio
    You need good lighting, and if you have access to a laptop or computer
    You know that all works is for sure that works as well as far as consistency goes
    he does all of our editing, so it's it's you know I feel like you would probably speak best to
    Consistency between video versus video, so I'm gonna do a little bit editing right now
    I'm talking to this camera and that camera in this camera in that camera and this one in that one
    I would keep you guys active because that's what I love to do with the cameras and my
    consistency is always trying to switch it up for you guys like this make sure you find your bread and butter in your
    Film editing and then your style as well so when it comes to how you deliver yourself to the people
    Continue to do the same thing we always say yo, what's up i'm DJ. Poye
    Aj and we're the DNA shoe
    So this is stuff that we like to do so find your bread and run during that and be consistent in those type of things
    When you're posting with our
    Schedules what we can do is we can get sneakers early we can review them about a week to two weeks
    Early, and we want to make sure that we get at least two to three videos in a week
    Yeah, that keeps your audience or tensive
    And you know it's always good to have fresh material out there for sure we're gonna do a slash
    Make good content because we want you to understand that although you may be posting a lot if that material is not good those
    subscribers will not press subscribe
    Period right there's been plenty of times where people are like okay
    So how many subscribers do you have right? We're like uh we haven't hit a thousand yet, and they're like okay?
    Well, I'll watch this that and the third and they have a couple hundred subscribers
    So I don't know if I want to subscribe to you, and then they check out the video, and they're like whoa
    Your video is actually really cool
    and I'm gonna make sure that I subscribe and I stay to watch your - one thing that we've experimented with and
    That we've been lucky enough to kind of have the courage to do that kind of comes with age
    We've been able to get live subscribers
    And so for us live subscribers if you don't know are people that you meet in person
    That you tell about your page
    And you give them a short little elevator speech or whatever it is that you do to get them to subscribe
    And then press that button and you build a relationship
    That's so much more authentic per game if you were to meet them over social media. Let's reference
    Let's just referenced our last video. Let's roll some of the clips and show you guys some actual
    - Teresa's lives of the subscribers, it's kidding
    DNA shows get
    Live subscribers on each other any searches. Yeah sure
    Yeah, subscribes here. We go. Yep. Hey as they say came gay
    Are just so that is exactly how you get live subscribers what you want to do is make sure
    That you understand your target market yep
    What is it that you like if you're a food blogger vlogger?
    And you want to go out and you wanna you want to you know you have a restaurant that you want to open go to
    Those food conventions hit the food carts hit all the different places and look at it look at who is buying what?
    Look at what they're wearing look at how old they are learn your target market and understand who you're targeting
    That's very important. I mean yes, you want to get everybody to follow, but if you can really focus on your niche
    It's a wrap for us
    We understand that again sneakers that
    Is our bread and butter?
    So if we see anybody with some kicks on we already know they're gonna like our material purchases approaching them off fast so the last
    One is gonna. Be most people don't want to hear this, and it is what it is, and this is literally
    What takes you here to the next step is getting comfortable with the uncomfortable yeah, right?
    So I'm an introverted person myself
    I'm not the one that's gonna stand in front of the class and just want to give a speech
    But it is what it is
    It's one of those things where you're gonna have to get used to talking in front of the camera you're gonna have to get used
    to talking in front of people and put yourself in positions where you're not so comfortable and
    Right just be yourself be normal and everything will be great. That's all I'm saying
    so I
    Mean these are these are I feel like these are dope steps. You know I feel like these are pretty applicable
    You know I feel like they're pretty easy for the most part
    And I think these are also steps that people kind of jump over and kind of rush into
    getting their channels set up and start to make videos and don't really take advantage of
    Some of these small things and some of these are just gonna take for you to say you know what?
    This is something that I want to dedicate myself to and this is something that I really want to be good at so
    What that being said we appreciate you guys subscribing and rocking with your boys it's gonna be a long journey
    And you're gonna enjoy every single second we appreciate you guys and what that B is say
    When we got for the folks were yo we hit a thousand subscribers
    And we gotta keep our promise we tell them who's gonna give us some shoes. We said we have some gear
    Yeah, we got some shoe cleaners. We got some stuff going the Raffles getting ready to get set up right now
    Well what you got for me?
    One box
    So I was thinking shadow ones that sounds good to me. This is coming awesome. Yeah, okay?
    What oh
    We're trying to get y'all this define it, but it's the same thing right
    I want these
    So what we really got from you guys is the opportunity for?
    The shadow one I don't want to say the real shot. It was because if you got the flight is those are amazing as well
    But these are the shadow ones
    2015 release we will be giving away a pair so
    To lock down your pair how can you do so they need to?
    click on the link below
    Hit all the buttons on there subscribe comment do whatever it says down below, and that will enter you into the raffle
    Please share this with your friends, so yeah
    We're gonna make sure that everybody has an opportunity so this will be available for we're gonna give them
    What a couple weeks up right in couple weeks
    So we'll give you guys a couple weeks to enter the raffle and then from there
    We will see who wins and hopefully is you and if you haven't subscribed subscribe
    Already what have you guys been waiting for know what this whole video would also subscribe. I'm in I
    Yeah, man. Yes, that's it. That's all we have for you guys today again. We appreciate you guys and
    These shoes is crazy Bravo I have to
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