How to improve your rifle.

How to improve your rifle.
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    with what's in this bag I'm gonna make this AR better than it was before
    hey there it's the shootin guy thanks so much for joining me today I do
    appreciate it a lot if you are a subscriber thumbs up to you guys I love you all of
    you appreciate it a lot if you're just swinging by today and sing what the heck
    is going on around here thanks for stopping here you could have gone
    anywhere and you decided to come here for that I'm very grateful consider
    subscribing it came in the mail guys Midway USA I ordered it it was only
    about 15 dollars a little less than that actually I'll put a link down below
    where you can pick yourself up one but many of you know that I'm originally
    from California and I had a California compliant firearm I had three of them
    actually because we built a couple you know from the ground up and we had one
    that we purchased a number of years ago and I had to be California compliant
    well I don't live in California anymore so I said what am I waiting for I'm just
    gonna go get myself the AR stoner mag release that's supposed to go with my AR
    and replace that stupid bullet button that's been on there for how many years
    and I finally pulled the trigger so to speak and got myself the the the mag
    release button that should be on here and I'm gonna put it on today and by the
    way if you're from California keep in mind and you may want to check your
    local laws it's now I think illegal to have a bullet button in California so
    this folks is kind of for you if you're gonna do whatever it is you got to do to
    get that bullet button off you can do it now that's kind of up to you how you
    want to do it make sure you read the laws make sure you understand what you
    got to do but you can take it off and I'm just going to give you a little
    demonstration on how to do that and we're gonna go out to the workshop and
    stick this AR out there and do it okay folks I've taken the upper off of my
    trusty MP 15 so that you know I don't miss any of that up and I'm just gonna
    go straight into that bullet button and get that sucker out
    now I've I'm using a custom tool here that I took to the grinder
    and figured out that I needed to have some space and have it be really thin
    right in here let me get close up there needs to be kind of thin writing this
    area so that it can get past the the button apparatus and also be able to
    engage in those two little slots and I'll do even a bigger close up there so
    you can see those two little slots but now if you have Loctite inside of there
    which you probably do you'll probably want to get a like a craft heater or you
    know a shrink tube shrinker you know heater up thing basically a hairdryer
    that gets super super hot so a crafty hot gun thing and stick it on here for a
    few seconds so you can soften up that blue loctite otherwise you might break
    your tool or cause some other damage and you don't want to do that
    I've already heated this baby up and I soften things up so now I'm just going
    to go at it basically put this guy down in here hopefully you could see this and
    get in there I'm gonna hold on to the that mag release from the other side so
    it doesn't poke through because every time you push on this it comes out and
    then I'm just gonna turn and then as I turn this guy it's kind of hard to put
    there you go get that baby in there and it turns and after a few swigs of
    turning and I know I'm getting in the way and I'm real sorry about that and
    the light so I'll kind of beep it you know it's there you go it's coming out
    keep in mind had some blue loctite in there this came from the factory that
    way and there you go once I get that then I can kind of just take my fingers
    and spin that baby out of there
    and there you go bada-bing bada-boom get that little collar out of there throw
    that away pull this guy out here that's the bullet button
    I'm liberating my MP 15 from being restricted to a bullet button to a full
    full big boy style mag release I got big boy Pathan now I'm gonna take the mag
    release lever off and I'm gonna use the replacement one that I have so I'll be
    right back in off the bed there you go I got it right there it's the AR stoner
    magazine release and in the mail the other days you suck I'm gonna pull this
    baby out this is just an honor of Eugene stoner who passed away uh I think it was
    1997 that would have been 21 years ago and it's taking me almost that long to
    liberate this gun you know I haven't had that gun before this gun that one but
    say I'm gonna unscrew this that maybe just comes right out this is how simple
    this is folks now I bought a sequence precision mag release button which
    doesn't go all the way through I'll show you that on the other two ARS that we
    have I've already replaced those but I'm gonna show you on this one how simple it
    is to do there's the new arm or the the mag release catch I'm going to slip this
    in let's turn this around it goes like that this back around just
    like that I don't want to scratch it my rifle put that down in there now keep in
    mind see I'm wheeling around because I get my finger in on the other side and
    I'm gonna put this over the top and push down fairly tough and on the other side
    I am basically turning and I'll show you that in just a second do a little
    cutaway you can probably see that I'm turning the mag release around and now
    I'm gonna take the the other mag release lever and push in on the on the button
    just kind of do this here a little bit I'll use it as a tool can't do that on
    the sequins because it doesn't have the hole now I'll turn this baby around I'll
    swing that around and now I'm just tightening that down until it goes a
    little further and you go pull that out don't need that
    voila there it is I've liberated my ar-15 huh it's only
    taken how many years now you guys in California if you're going to take off
    your bullet button because as we know in California now bullet buttons are
    illegal you can't have them on there because it's defeating the fact that
    it's supposed to be the way it is isn't it funny how all these rules and laws so
    I'm in Texas now I'm gonna hang on to this as a souvenir and let me know if
    any of you maybe I'll have a drawing where's my spring floor I got the spring
    around your snow where maybe I'll have a drawing for a giveaway I'll give you my
    ar-15 bullet button no just kidding I can't do that I be making you a criminal
    in that silly okay let's wrap this up here real quick and we'll put the upper
    on and we'll slap the magazine in and show you how the thing works but guys it
    is as simple as that okay there you go that was easy wasn't
    it there it is folks the bullet button is removed and I've got the AR stoner
    mag release the way Eugene designed it to be and that's an honor of him and I'm
    very grateful as a matter of fact but I told you I was going to show you the
    sequence precision I'll put a link down below where you can pick yourself up one
    of those but here's the on this particular siz my 300 blackout and
    shooting kid has a lower that has a two to three on there as well but this is
    what it looks like I'll do a little close-up I don't know if you can see
    that but yeah it has no hole all the way through but it's kind of cool it's got
    some nice grip eNOS and it was just a few dollars extra so I put it on the
    custom bill that I had I decided that I wanted to put on the MMB 15 the actual
    milspec version rather than this here just because well just because I wanted
    to because I can so there you go okay you guys check the laws in California
    find out what you need to do you got a little tutorial there on how to remove
    your bullet button and put a regular mag release button on and and all that stuff
    if you need links there down below to where you can get all this stuff do it
    yourself it's pretty simple now if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself
    find yourself a gunsmith in your area to help you out I'm sure you can find some
    around your area and they'll be happy to help you or maybe another gun buddy
    who's done it before can help you if you have questions of me leave a comment
    down in the comment section down below leave some questions I'll do what I can
    to answer them and help you through if you need some help but if something goes
    sideways it ain't my fault okay but you take that risk on yourself but make sure
    I'm more concerned about the laws and we're in the state that you're at
    whether or not you can take that bullet button off there or not and what are the
    conditions are for doing that but at least you know how to when you've done
    all your other homework alright so I got for you today thanks for joining me do
    appreciate it check us out on Facebook and Instagram and on our web page and
    all that and we got a merchandise page you can click there you can buy stuff we
    got blade HQ got a whole bunch of stuff that you can do take a look and just you
    know if you're going shopping for outdoor stuff bleh HQ and the other
    links that I have will help you do that and you're helping me when you do that
    do appreciate that alright that's all I got god bless you
    god bless america may america bless god gotta go shoot them now
    some bill that I had but I decided I wanted to put the on the M&P 15 the the
    the Ananse put on the nut and I decided that I want to put on
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