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How to make the wonderful Egg Foo Young (Seven important tips)

How to make the wonderful Egg Foo Young (Seven important tips)
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    Egg Foo Young 芙蓉蛋 is an authentic Cantonese egg cuisine.
    Since it looks like a western style omelet, those who are unfamiliar with it will mistakenly
    cook it the way of making an omelet.
    This video will highlight all the important aspects of making Egg Foo Young and provide
    a classic recipe on how to prepare it at home.
    What is the difference between Egg Foo Young and the western style omelet?
    I will mentioned seven differences in this video.
    Once you have complete watching this video, you will have a clear understanding how to
    prepare a classic Egg Foo Young.
    Let's get started.
    Egg Foo Young has a different set of ingredients in the whisk eggs.
    The most apparent difference between Egg Foo Young and western style omelet is the ingredients
    used apart from the egg itself.
    Take a look at the following ingredients, and you will understand why it tastes so different
    from the omelet.
    Barbecue pork (Cha Siu), bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, shitake mushrooms and scallion.
    And the seasonings are light soy sauce and sesame oil.
    Use Onl Vegetable oil to fry Egg Foo Young.
    The Chinese use vegetable oil (peanut oil, corn oil, palm oil) to cook Egg Foo Young.
    Butter and olive oil are rarely used.
    In my opinion, the choice of oil may not be as crucial as the ingredients, as this is
    due to the culinary cultural difference between the west and the Chinese.
    Pan-fried the surface until golden brown Omelet is always cooked until the eggs are
    just set, or slightly brown on the surface.
    On the contrary, the surface of the Egg Foo Young is pan-fried until golden brown, which
    is considered overcooked by the standard of any other omelets.
    The golden brown egg pancakes are aromatic, and the inner part of the egg pancake is still
    soft and tender.
    Use more oil than the standard pan-frying for Egg Foo Young.
    There is much more oil needed to make Egg Foo Young than an omelet.
    The reason?
    The eggs should be partially deep-fried in oil, which will make the egg puff up and makes
    the texture very light.
    The puff-up state is one of the most significant differences between Egg Foo Yong and omelet.
    Purist of omelet may think this is a disastrous as you overcook it, and the healthy cooking
    proponent will frown and disapproved.
    However, we are looking for an authentic recipe, and we all know that any deep frying food
    like fish and chips or fried chicken will absorb even more oil than this Egg Foo Young.
    You may need to pre-cook some ingredients
    There are a few methods to prepare the egg mixture:
    Mix all the ingredients with the egg liquid and pour the required amount into the wok.
    This method works best if all the chosen ingredients are vegetables and pre-cooked items such as
    barbecue pork.
    If you use raw ingredients like raw meat and shrimps, stir-fry it before adding to the
    whisked eggs.
    This technique is useful since the meat and shrimps require much longer time to cook.
    Do not pan-fry the Egg Foo Young like the ordinary omelet
    Fill up the wok will the amount of oil that is more than required.
    Heat up the oil.
    Pour the excess oil back into the storage container.
    You will leave a glossy layer of hot oil on the wok, like painting a coat of shellac on
    your furniture, which prevents the egg from sticking on it.
    Pour the egg liquid into the wok with hot oil.
    Add a generous ladle of oil to the side of the wok.
    The edge of the egg pancake will start to bubble and immediately puff up to form a beautiful
    halo of crispy tendrils.
    Keep your spatula off from the pancake.
    Let the eggs mixture cook undisturbed over medium to low heat until the bottom side turned
    golden brown.
    The making of Egg Foo Young is unquestionably different from omelet.
    Flip over and do the same for the other side.
    Place it on a chopping board.
    Remove the excess oil with a kitchen towel before serving.
    Lastly, Serve the Egg Foo Young with or without the brown gravy.
    We do not serve Egg Foo Young with the brown gravy in China and South-East Asia.
    Some people prefer to drizzle some light soy sauce on it before serving, and that is it.
    The American Chinese version comes with brown gravy.
    The gravy is made with soy sauce, chicken stock and thicken with cornstarch.
    I prefer the original version since it is tasty enough without the need of the gravy.
    Drizzle some brown gravy on the egg before serving if you are inclined to the American
    I have just show you the differences between egg foo young and the western style omelet.
    You can download the recipe at my blog
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    You will find many other similar Asian dishes out there.
    Thanks for joining me today.
    I'll see you in the next video.
    My name is KP Kwan . Thanks for watching, and bye for now.
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