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    Have you recently arrived in a new country and want to know how to settle as quickly
    as possible so you can savour every moment, experience and new friendship that lie just
    around the corner?
    Well these 10 tips will help you to do just that and avoid potentially exasperating distractions
    and administrative problems and just focus on the good stuff.
    Ahoj from Prague, I'm Paul Colto.
    There were 23 people on my TEFL course in 2013 but within one year only 3 of us were
    It wasn't because Prague sucks, it doesn't, it's amazing, but many of my classmates were
    really ground down by administrative processes, homesickness, the language barrier and not
    really being able to make new friends especially with the locals.
    So I hope these simple, practical tips born of my 5 years experience in this beautiful
    city will help you to settle as quickly as possible into your new life.
    I dismissed my first tip as a no-brainer in another video but in this one it's absolutely
    imperative for me to tell you that you must research job opportunities and visa situations
    in the country where you're going to before you leave.
    If you don't you can expect untold stress, extra expenses, trips to embassies, and all
    manner of depressing crap.
    Because my second piece of advice is to buy a file and dividers as soon as you can and
    put every bit of paper work that you receive inside.
    Rental agreements, visas, work permits, new bank account documentation, rental contracts
    (again!!), utilties bills, there will be a lot of paper work and it will make your life
    so much easier if you have it all in one place I promise you.
    My third tip is about money and currencies and relative living costs between two countries.
    So if the currency in your home country is stronger than the one in the country where
    you're going to don't be tempted to overspend when you first arrive.
    Learn about and adjust to new living costs as quickly as possible.
    If everything is relatively cheaper in your new country then its likely that your salary
    will also be a lot less.
    Almost everyone I know including myself made this mistake.
    For my fourth tip if you're moving to a country that has a different language to your own
    do the courtesy of learning seven or eight basic phrases that will ingratiate you to
    the locals.
    So learn hello, goodbye, yes, no, please, thank you, I don't understand and do you speak
    If someone does make the effort to speak English with you then speak slowly and clearly and
    maybe say thank you for speaking English at the end of the conversation.
    My fifth tip is to smile and make eye contact with everyone you meet.
    Take an active interest and really listen to people, remember you're a guest in their
    country, so let your best behaviour bring out the best in you.
    My seventh tip for how to settle quickly into a new country is to take care of yourself.
    By that I mean being street wise, and also eating well and doing exercise, maybe even
    try yoga and meditation because getting pick-pocketed or getting ill is gonna slow that settling
    in process considerably.
    My eighth tip is to get a good night's sleep.
    Sleeping well is vital when you move to a new country because you're going to be very
    tired at the end of most days so be sure to take a pair of ear plugs on the off chance
    that you might need them.
    My ninth tip is to do something related to your passion every day as it'll help you relax
    and if its a creative passion then maybe you'll start to create things inspired by your adventure.
    And my tenth and final tip is no matter how busy a day has been try to switch off after
    7pm with a cold glass of beer or a good glass of wine and reflect on everything that you've
    learned during that day.
    Moving to a new country isn't easy, it's bloody hard and there are ups and there are downs
    but you're constantly learning, growing and experiencing life in a completely new culture.
    And most wonderfully of all you slowly start to discover how much you actually have in
    common with the local people and how we all share the same hopes, fears and dreams.
    And its those connections that make the experience as enriching as any other out there.
    Have you recently moved to a new country?
    How are you settling in?
    What extra tips do you have to make that settling in process as smooth and as quick as possible?
    Please share and discuss them in the comments below.
    Thank you very much for watching I hope you found this video useful, if you did please
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    So until next time, toot toot!
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