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How to take house trim off to reuse it How to take out a door D.I.Y

How to take house trim off to reuse it How to take out a door D.I.Y
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    How to take house trim off to reuse it How to take out a door D.I.Y
    House fixer upper boring demolition day needed a energy rockstar to get motivated
    Some days when doing construction or home repairs or working at home on house weekend
    projects and more they just don't go as well as like or the day is spent running around
    cleaning and trips to lumberyard hardware stores.
    more than getting what you wanted to get done.
    going to have those days.
    Power tools and hand tools in my tool box and tool bags love to use when do demolition
    hey what's up everybody it's the MNbeast picture it build it what I'm doing now
    I'm gonna be making this video it's gonna be a continuous one trying to put it
    all together and but I don't know about you but when I'm doing anything I like
    to listen to my music regardless what it is from rap to rock to Christian music
    it's a heavy metal country I pretty much listen to everything too bad that
    there's so many copyrights out there I would just play my music do my work
    and hearing their stop but anyhow I can't think when I'm not listening to my music
    so I cut off the power if you didn't see that video I showed a little safety
    tutorial a little bit of advice on what you should do and check in this and
    that go check that out off of the safety toolbox it's on the playlist
    and it's about the electrical safety on electrical basically but anyhow
    um got that all unhooked now I'm going to take this door out and if you've
    noticed when they framed it up and install the door they didn't really install
    it the right way unless they just had to do it the way they did it to make
    ends meet I'm not sure so I got my DeWalt saw I got
    my six inch putty knife and these are really handy when you come down to taking
    off trim let's just move on over here real quick I did find my tripod ah I'm
    not gonna sit here and do the whole thing and talk the whole time cuz I want to
    get back to work but you slowly take this stuff off and that's
    if you want to save your house trim I'm not a waster I don't like to waste unless
    I have no choice but to throw it away and they may glued this it looks like
    so that's just great it's not even nailed on or it's nail on
    it really well so and another nice thing to have is either a little flat bar the
    same working or a sheetrock drywall hammer if you have one hatchet now of course I'm
    not gonna be saving a lot of this stuff I have so much of it but yeah they uh
    they did this one really well hey I took up almost 90% of trim throughout the
    house and I haven't found one like this yet this is well this is a good one
    anyhow that's not a good way to show ya but normally yeah I imagine that just
    like a lot of things in this house just can't do it that's kind of tough you run
    into i fixer-upper you never know how someone else is gonna do their work
    myself if you finish nails make it nice and tight and call it good but gosh I can't I
    want to cuss it's already how I guess I ain't gonna happen see that's it's fun having
    a YouTube channel I'm making videos because you never
    know what you're gonna run into and I don't wanna waste you guys it's time
    while I'm doing that so I'm going to put this on just mute and I'll have some
    background talk or some YouTube music whatever I'm off get to work woo you
    I guess my tools or camera-shy my tools were kind of a shy it was just really
    good on there but yes we've got a little bit of a ding right there nothing some
    sandpaper can't take out all right what's up everybody my battery
    is needed a charge all I was doing is basically tracing my wire that ran from the
    bathroom that and one of my videos I was talking about to the bedroom light ah I
    always like to double check just to be on the safe side I re had but I want to
    double check I always like to wear my safety glasses just in case I've had
    stuff on my eyes and it ain't fun washing your eyes out it takes away from
    the time that I want to do stuff and it slows me down the reason why I just
    cleaned this area up a little bit um it's not really cleaned up yet but I'm
    gonna get off of here and clean up my mess I'm probably just gonna put a
    little board over this hole up going into the bathroom or I'll tape it just
    for the temporarily because of course you know I'm gonna be demoing that area
    too and for no reason just to make them as happy that I'll just put an old full
    place outlet plate over it for now but I might on my mess and I'm gonna get back to
    work and charge us camera woo reached outta have yourselves a
    great day that is the start of my little demolition on back of house back here and uh that's what
    it is beast beast beast remember we may not have
    it all together but together we can have it all must love home remodeling and
    house renovation
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