How to Use Picmonkey Design to Insert Animals into YouTube Thumbnail Change: Picmonkey Tutorials

How to Use Picmonkey Design to Insert Animals into YouTube Thumbnail Change: Picmonkey Tutorials
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    Hi everyone my name is David this is Juna who's with me say hello Juna
    Hello, and we're doingHow to use picmonkey design for yout Youtube Thumbnail change as part of Picmonkey tutorials We're going to show you how we get these pictures of animals on our youtube
    Thumbnail I want you to give me any animal
    Giraffe giraffe
    Okay, so we're going to type in giraffe, and I'm going to type in
    Okay, because that can give it a transparent background, and we're going to go
    Transparent backdrops
    Perfect okay, and we're going to click on the Google search so what do you see here Juna granny Joe rathas? That's right?
    Okay, now if we go to the images up here. It's just gonna. Give us pictures lots and lots of pictures
    That's the thing
    That is a fake one so what we need to do is we need to find one that has when we click on it like
    this one
    That's a saxophone how did he get in there?
    That's crazy, but you see this one is a good one this one here. You see has all the checks behind it
    Yeah, that's a good one. This is a good one so which one with the checkers behind it. Do you like the best I?
    See one two a saxophone
    Which one do you prefer good?
    This one here or this one up top
    Family why do you like that one because because it tolling um. I'm a pretty plant
    Okay, so now we have a giraffe pre-plan right yeah, so now if we go back to pick monkey here see this lion
    Was saying get it now before right so what we can do is just click on
    Go back to the yeah better cancel
    So we're gonna click on the lion, and we're gonna say give her the light so Jenna click on delete free right here
    Very good, and now let's say we want the giraffe instead. Okay, so you put a little butterfly here, and it says hand your own
    Click on add your own from my computer. Yep and
    If we go to the desktop
    We see mr. Giraffe
    And pretty me know and how droll best is a fake PNG is not
    Just a pretend PNG
    Okay, so that's okay these things happen. Let's go back to Google. I'm more fertile
    Some of them see that is a PNG even though you can't see it
    I like this one because it's got the dander up here, and then the little Juna giraffe here. Yeah like that one
    yeah, let's pick that one instead I
    Like him to editor, and we'll add our own of my computer. I'm getting this one
    Okay now it is too big a little bit right, but what can we do to fix that we can shrink it?
    Shrink at Miller shrink anymore yeah
    How small she is
    Right sighs I'm a little down here
    You're sad, too. They're so
    cute and we can actually do is we can click on this bubble now because now it's not in the right spot and
    actually, it's the text bubble and
    I can put Mimi
    Yeah, that's way better
    Okay, so now we can do is we can push this button here. It's these two arrows. Yeah watch the comic bubble
    boom, okay
    No, it's not just remove it a little bit this way now. It really looks like the giraffe is saying it. Yeah
    And get it now and there we go all right pretty cool
    Get rid of this click a little bit. What is it back? Yeah cool?
    Uh is really cool right so should we save this and we're gonna put it on one of our videos
    Okay, it's going to export it
    Yes dear
    This is a video I'm going to show you after we make it, so I'm just gonna say I'm gonna download it here
    Download it's good. I'm go to YouTube. So we had this one with the lion
    What a change image, and we're going to change it to
    Downloads should be right here
    And you'll see it come up here alright you say
    Yeah, I deleted it, but now we got this one you see on there. There's the giraffe and
    This thing now, there's a giraffe. Okay? I'm gonna save the changes
    Okay, and now that will be our image all right, and that's it. That's how we do it, okay?
    It's now you say please subscribe to my channel
    Okay, so please subscribe to our Channel and
    stay tuned because we're gonna make lots more videos about SEO and using YouTube and how to make money on the internet and
    You and I will see you next time have a great day. Thanks a lot
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